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2023 Rugby World Cup Drinking Game

The 2023 Rugby World Cup Drinking Game


It’s time to say ‘Au Revoir’ to boring, dead-rubber group games and a big ‘Bonjour’ to StagWeb’s 2023 Rugby World Cup Drinking Game.

Guaranteed to keep the laughter and the beers in full flow, it’s time to take your rugby-watching experience to the next level.

So, get those beers in, get the gang round, and have at it!

Please remember the fun is in the game, not the drink. Please drink responsibly and tailor the amounts to your limits.

How to Play the Rugby World Cup Drinking Game

How to play the rugby world cup drinking game

Pick Your Style: All Play vs. Team Play

All Play: One for all, and all for one! Everyone follows the same rules.

Team Play: Divide and conquer! Split into teams and challenge each other.

All Play Rules

Everyone follows the rules below.

Drink if…

  • Drop Goal – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Conversion – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Try – ½ a Drink 🥃
  • Yellow card – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Red card – ½ a Drink 🥃
  • Scrum Collapse – 1 Swig  🍺

Team Play Rules

For this, half the lads need to be allocated the home team and the other half the away team (pull names out of hats to save any arguments).

Drink if your team…

  • Drop a catch – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Knock the ball on – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Lose possession – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Concede a foul – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Give away a penalty – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Concede a drop goal – ½ a Drink  🥃
  • Concede a try – ½ a Drink 🥃
  • Concede a conversion – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Your player gets a yellow – 1 Swig 🍺
  • Your player gets a red – 1 Swig 🍺

Bonus Rugby World Cup Drinking Game Rules

Rugby World Cup Drinking Game

1. Swear Jar Alert

Rugby is a game played by gentlemen, so swearing should be off the table for the duration of the game. Swear and you sip.

Swearing Penalty – 1 Swig

2. Anthem Appreciation

This one is about respect. You must stand for each national anthem, shake hands with the opposition, and sink half a drink as a toast.

  • Stand for each team’s national anthem
  • Shake hands at the end of the second anthem
  • Each player must then have ½ a drink to signal the start of the game

National Anthems – ½ a Drink

3. Cliché Catcher

Anytime you hear a rugby cliché, that’s a sip for everyone.

We’ll let you guys listen out for yourselves, but here are some examples to get you thinking:

  • Going through the phases
  • The referee is going upstairs
  • Playing the percentages
  • Earning the right to go wide
  • Play in the right areas

Rugby Cliché – 1 Swig

Stag Do Drinking Game

What Makes StagWeb the Drinking Game Experts?

Well, this ain’t our first drinking game rodeo, pal!

We’ve been planning legendary stag weekends since way back in 2002, and we’ve seen every drinking game you could shake a stick at (the good, the bad, and the very very ugly).

What we do know is that they’re best when played in the right spirits. No peer pressure. Knowing when to call it a day.

Make sure you follow those golden rules and you’ll have a blast.

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