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UK beer price league

The UK Beer Price League Table 2023


Forget the Premier League – this is the only league table that needs refreshing on a weekly basis.

Here at StagWeb.co.uk, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the average pint prices in the UK for 2023, so not only our stags, but every beer-thirsty person in the country can see how the cost of their beer stacks up.

From Bristol to Belfast, Edinburgh to Exeter, we’ve crunched the numbers and found the cheapest (and most expensive) destinations for a pint of beer.

It was thirsty work, but by God you’re worth it!

The Draught Lager Price Drama 🍺

Draught lager

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the average price of a draught lager as of July 2023 in the UK was £4.58.

To put that into context, that is a:

  • £0.49 increase from 2022
  • £0.93 increase from 2018
  • £1.28 increase from 2013
  • £1.82 increase from 2008
  • £3.66 increase from 1987

ONS average price of draught lager = £4.58

StagWeb average price of draught lager = £3.92

How is StagWeb’s UK Beer Price League Table Brewed? 🍻

  1. We swirled together the average pint prices from three top beer brands
  2. Our prices are fresh from a nationwide pub chain known for its budget-friendly forthy offerings, which explains the slight difference from the ONS
  3. Enter Pint-xG! By adding the price discrepancy to the price of the pint, we’ve calculated what people can expect to pay in other establishments in the area

Cheapest Pint in the UK for 2023 🥇

Cheers to you, Swansea!

The Welsh city has the best Pint-xG in the country and is flying the UK cheap beer flag loud and proud.

The Pint-xG was 61p cheaper than fierce city-rivals Cardiff and a whopping £2.29 cheaper than the most expensive destination in the UK – London.

So, if you’re looking for a city where your beer kitty will go further, Swansea is the one.

Top 10 Destinations for a Cheap Pint in the UK for 2023

  1. Swansea
  2. Chelmsford
  3. Maidstone
  4. Cheltenham
  5. Exeter
  6. Newquay
  7. Plymouth
  8. Torquay
  9. Reading
  10. Nottingham

Most Expensive Pint in the UK for 2023 🚨

Unsurprisingly, London had the most expensive Pint-xG in the country.

The English capital often comes out on top of spenny lists and beer prices is no different.

According to our Pint-xG, the average beer in London will cost you a colossal £6.32, so you can expect to pay more than that in certain establishments.

The 10 Most Expensive Destinations for a Pint in the UK for 2023

  1. London
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Cambridge
  4. Bournemouth
  5. Manchester
  6. Bristol
  7. Glasgow
  8. Belfast
  9. Blackpool
  10. Birmingham
Most expensive pints in UK 2023

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