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The Ultimate Six Nations Drinking Game for 2023

The Ultimate Six Nations Drinking Game for 2023


Now that Dry January is well and truly behind us, it’s time to don your drinking caps and get back to business.

After a month on the wagon, we’d be Eddie Jonesing for a few beers, too, and StagWeb’s Six Nations Drinking Game is the perfect opportunity to get the guys together for a big old booze-up.


✅Get the guys round
✅Lay on a feast
✅And let the chaos commence!

Remember to Drink Responsibly

Please tailor the drinking amounts to your limits

The 2023 Six Nations Drinking Game


Obviously, if the team you’re supporting is playing, choose them.

However, if you’re neutral, split the guys up as follows…

  1. Put everyone’s names in a bowl
  2. Pick everyone out one-by-one
  3. The 1st player will support the home team
  4. The 2nd the away team
  5. The 3rd the home team
  6. Etc.

The National Anthems…

🏉 Please stand for the respective national anthems
🤝🏻 Remember to shake hands before the carnage gets underway
🍺 On kick-off, each player must drink half a drink

In-Play Rules

Drink if Your Team…

  • Concede a Knock-On – 1 Swig
  • Concede Possession – 1 Swig
  • Concede a Foul – 1 Swig
  • Concede a Penalty – 1 Swig
  • Concede a Drop Goal – Half a Drink
  • Concede a Try – Half a Drink
  • Concede a Conversion – 1 Swig
  • Yellow Card – Half a Drink
  • Red Card – Down Your Drink
  • The Other Team Gets a Bonus Point – Half a Drink
  • A Decision is Overturned by the TMO – Half a Drink
  • Scrum Collapses – 1 Swig

All-Play Rules…

Bonus Rugby Clichés

Drink if You Hear the Phrase…

  1. Do the simple things well
  2. The hard yards
  3. Going through the phases
  4. It depends which French team turns up
  5. The referee is going upstairs
  6. They wanted it more
  7. He loves to run with the ball
  8. They just wanted it more
  9. All credit to them
  10. Forwards win games, backs decide by how much
  11. This could be Scotland’s year
  12. Play the percentages
  13. We’re taking things one game at a time
  14. We left everything out on the field today
  15. We need to work harder
  16. The crowd will tell you if this one goes over
  17. Lovely little offload
  18. Do the simple things well
  19. Make the hairs on the back of your neck tingle
  20. That ball came down with snow on it
rugby players after the match celebrating

Please Remember…

Our Six Nations Drinking Game is meant to be fun.

Don’t overdo it.

Please amend the amounts above to your own limits.

And don’t force people to drink if they don’t want to.

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