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christmas stag do ideas

12 Christmas Stag Party Ideas


‘Tis the season to be jolly!’ You’ve given the Christmas shopping the old heave ho ho ho and are heading out for a weekend of festively fuelled man madness.
But just what can you plan when you need Christmas stag party ideas? Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, we’ve got the answers.

Eat Drink & Be Merry

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without too much food. Enjoy a stag-sized Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (StagWeb can have it booked and paid in advance so there’s no post-pudding effort to split the bill).

Or go one bigger with Stag vs Food. A mountain of grub and a time limit to clear your plate. No hiding the sprouts under your napkin!

Secret Santa

Set the guys a cheap limit (three quid?) and everyone has to bring a funny/cool/disgusting present to give to another member of the party. “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!”

12 Selfies of Christmas

So, the ‘pretty party boys’ think they’ve got game huh? Time for you to put them to the test. Split the guys into teams, give each team a list of photo challenges and one-hour time limit. The team to come back with the most completed photos wins (as judge you can award bonus points for the funniest photos).

1. Three wise men
2. Someone sitting on Santa’s knee
3. Rocking around the Christmas tree
4. Christmas rapping
5. Delivering gifts
6. Ten Lords a leaping
7. Four calling birds
8. Fiiiiiiiive gold rings!
9. Away in a manger
10. Decorating something
11. Carol singing
12. Jingling bells

Beach Boys

Ok, so the beach might not be everyone’s first choice of Christmas but there’s no law that says Christmas has to be cold. Go somewhere warm or just head to the seaside, it makes sitting in pubs feel even cosier.


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Wise Guys

You’ve assembled your yuletide posse of wise men but how smart are they? Write a Christmas themed quiz. Include questions on Christmas music, the best Christmas movies (Die Hard, “Now I have a machine gun, ho, ho, ho”). Split them into teams, prize for the winners, eggnog for the losers.

Christmas Carols

Set the guys a busking challenge. Find a street corner and tell them to pick teams. Each team then has ten minutes to stand on the corner busking/carol singing. The team to get the most money in ten minutes wins.

They lived in a house…

…a very big house in the country. Grab your Christmas jumpers for a winter escape to the country with a self-catering party house with pool tables, swimming pools, gardens, take your pick. You can then cook your own Christmas stag party dinner.

Snow Balls

Snowball fighting is good, but paintball fighting is even better. Lock and load for a festive battle of epic proportions. It’ll be even better if the groom is forced to wear a reindeer or Christmas fairy costume.
Read more about Paintball…

Top Stag Pranks

Winter Wonderland

Some destinations are made for winter. Bobsledding, snow mobiles, skiing, snowboarding, husking racing… Plus all those hearty winter warming drinks. It’s what winter was invented for!


Christmas Characters

If you’re thinking of Christmas fancy dress, then how about characters from their favourite Christmas movies? Bagsy John McClane!

With Bells On

Or simply tell them to arrive with bells on. They’ll look like festive Morris dancers.

Self-Elf Group

Alternatively get all the guys to dress as elves with the groom as Father Christmas. You can then make endless jokes about what he’s got in his sack (really, it never gets old).

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