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crazy european stag do ideas

14 Crazy European Stag Ideas


If somebody says ‘Brexit’ one more time…! While the messiest divorce in history drags on, let’s never lose sight of one thing, we are, and forever will be, united with our European cousins in a joint love of craziness.

So, while the politicians and media squabble over borders and exit bills (can’t we just go Dutch?), we can relax, secure in the knowledge that no matter how it turns out, Europe will always be the place to go for total stag madness.

14 of our favourite crazy European stag ideas

Spain Games | Barcelona

The pain in Spain stays mainly off the plane. In fact, you won’t feel the crunch until you arrive at what is a spectacularly weird sporting event. Most of that pain will be humiliation as you go head to head in hilarious sporting contests. It’s bulls, balls and battles all the way.

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Hydrospeeding | Bratislava

Take this on and you’ll be heading up stag creek without a paddle. No, seriously, no paddle, not even a boat. You’ll head out into the foaming white water armed with just a fibreglass board you steer with your body (hopefully) around rocks boulders to the finish point down-river.

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High Ropes | Lisbon

Quiet possibly the most extreme hangover cure known to stag-kind. This is one crazy challenge that really will separate the boys from the stags. The 13-metre high course is nestled in the treetops of a forest with stunning views. Just don’t look down!

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Beer Spa | Prague

You’ve drunk it, you’ve spilled it, you’ve cried into it, but did you ever bathe in it? An absolute must for true beer lovers, you get to literally soak in the stuff. It’s perhaps the best way to treat any stag hangovers, fighting fire with fire so to speak.

Trabant Rally | Budapest

Prepare for your own outrageous Top Gear style challenge in possibly the worst cars ever made. Unreliable, cheap and infamously slow, it’s like these cars were made for the groom, there’s even a pretty pink one just for him. The true essence of ‘joy riding’.

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CARnage | Cologne

Remember all the times an old shed of a car has let you down? Or some A-hole in a rep mobile has cut you up? Well now you can truly unleash that road rage and simply smash a car to pieces using hand tools and anger. “Pass me my sledgehammer and stand well back!”

Adrenalin Day | Ljubljana

High ropes course, climbing tower, archery, tube sliding and three totally ridonculous downhill races. This seemingly endless event packs it all in to one non-stop day of stag daring do and YouTube busting faceplants. And the downhill scooters are immense!

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Hotrods | Hamburg

A crazy cross between Mad Max and Noddy, these are the funkiest little cars ever! You’ll take to the (not very) mean streets of Hamburg in your own mini convoy. They’re just brilliant fun to drive and really will turn heads. The most fun you can have with a helmet on.

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Seabobs | Ibiza

A genuine Bond moment, these babies are cooler than a Martini in an icebox. Ride up, over, through and under the clear blue waters off Ibiza’s golden beaches. Utilising Porsche technology the jet powered Seabobs are unbelievably manoeuvrable and totally amazing fun.

Snowmobiles | Reykjavik

“Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads.” You’ll get off-road and personal with glaciers and volcanoes on this unforgettable ride in these awesome high-powered machines. Without doubt the best way to explore the land of ice and fire.

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Drift trikes | Riga

All other track going vehicles are put into the shade by these bad boys. The craziest racing event we’ve ever seen, it’s essentially go karting for lunatics and just so much more fun than conventional track activities. Who needs 4-wheel drive when you can race 3-wheel drift trikes.

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Motor Paintball | Tallinn

Because paintball isn’t crazy enough, our friends in Tallinn have added moving cars to the mix. Looking like something straight out of Mad Max’s man shed, horsepower and firepower combine in a no guts, no glory fight to the death/pub.

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Water Assault Course | Marbella

The groom hasn’t got married, so officially he hasn’t actually grown-up yet which means acting like big kids on a giant inflatable, floating assault course is exactly what your stag do needs. It’s everything you ever wanted as a kid, but even better as an adult!

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Roly Poly Show | Krakow

“My eyes, MY EYES!” Once seen it can never be unseen. While the groom might want lap dancing and pretty barmaids, what he’ll get is one humongous stripper. When this ‘stunner’ enters the room he won’t know whether she’s going to strip for him, or eat him. He’ll be praying for the latter!

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If you’re ready to sample some of our crazy European stag ideas, you can contact our team today. Whether you want madness in Marbella, to lose the plot in Lisbon or bend it like Berlin we have hundreds of activities across 40 European destinations.

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