Get him to the geek – the 10 nerdiest wedding moments ever!


There’s no shame in admitting to a little geekiness – whether it’s a dream of meeting Dr. Who, navigating with Spock or even one day finding a rare shiny Pokémon, many guys are increasingly unafraid of weaving beloved nerdy tendencies into their big day, whether their wives share the love for it or not. Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest of your life, so if your scale model of middle earth simply needs to be there when you say your vows, then so be it. Now good luck with getting your girl to agree, brave warrior…

1. Robot Vicar

This Chinese couple bonded over a love of robotics, which is pretty awesome in itself, so they decided it would be fitting to get a robot to marry them, naturally. The high-tech i-Fairy robot married the two and even sported  charming flower crown to match the theme.


2. Superheroes

At first this line-up of proud groomsmen seem unassuming… until the bridesmaids help them rip off their shirts to reveal a secret superhero identity! Awesome yet totally subtle and easy to work into a relatively normal wedding day.

superhero wedding

3. Hunger Games

This Hunger Games wedding is so well executed that it’s really, really beautiful to look at. Might be a little bit tricky to explain the theme to their grandkids when the fad has inevitably died out, though…


4. Klingon

Yep, someone had a Klingon wedding. I wonder whether they said their vows in the original language..? That detailing on the dress really sets off her forehead ridges…


5. Zelda

This wedding inspired by the cult classic game The Legend of Zelda is pretty much amazing and captures just the right amount of video game whimsy without having to scare your granny. I refer back to the forehead ridges of number 4…


6. Minecraft

The ultimate in geeky video games, this couple have got the pixelated details bang on. I kind of want an 8-bit tie really badly…


7. Star Wars

The classic – this Star Wars wedding has been pulled off perfectly. Bet those stormtrooper groomsmen were boiling though…


8. Bone Rings

Ever fancied wearing a piece of your own genetically engineered bone on your own finger? Us neither. However, this option is available for hardcore science geeks to snaffle away a little of their partner’s DNA and have real bone grown for them in a lab and then carved into a piece of wedding bling.

bone ringzzz

9. Projector Ring

This is just adorable. Carrying your favourite memories around with you everywhere is a wonderful idea and the projector feature adds a little of the geekiness you crave.


10. Pac Man cake

Pac Man looks pretty sweet here as a cake – and now there’s a Pac lady to keep him company!

pac man cake

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