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sam-pilgrim-profileWhile the average lad might be mucking about on his bike and getting shouted at for making holes in the knees of yet another pair of jeans, extreme mountain biker Sam Pilgrim turned out to be a bit of a natural in the saddle and was soon out-pacing, out-jumping and out-smarting kids twice his size.

In Sam’s case this proved to be time well spent as he went on to be crowned World Champion in 2013. StagWeb managed to get him out the saddle long enough to fire a few questions his way.

How did you get involved in mountain biking?

I found out about it by getting a mountain biking magazine when I was about 10, I started after that.

Is mountain biking your full time profession?

Yes and its amazing.

sam in action

Who do you look up to for inspiration and why?

Travis Pastrana is amazing, he can do anything he puts his mind to and is just a good athlete to look up to.

Any pre-race superstitions or crazy rituals?

No, luckily not.

Where’s the best place you’ve ridden?

I really love California, perfect weather, loads of good places to ride as well as surfing and other fun stuff.

Where is the one place you’ve always wanted to ride?

Woodward was always my dream, I’ve been there now and it lived up to my expectations.

Any bad crashes or injuries?

I lost my front tooth.

How do you psyche yourself up before you ride?

Sometimes I don’t need anything but other times I like to watch a good bmx/mtb edit or just listen to awesome music.

What’s your scariest moment?

I’ve been to the Rampage twice and that was super scary!

What’s your proudest moment?

Becoming the 2013 world champion.

Some of your riding is just nuts and scary stuff! So what fears do you have?

Crashing a new trick or on a huge jump can be scary sometimes but the excitement out weighs the fear.

Who’s your biggest rival?

Well, it always used to be Martin Soderstrom, me and him had the best battles back in the day so for that reason I’ll say him.

Who do you most enjoy riding with?

I ride with Matt Jones a lot, if you haven’t heard of him you most likely will soon.

How do you kick back and relax away from the track?

I love surfing, skating and the cinema is awesome.

What do you do to celebrate after a big win?

There’s usually a big party after the events.

Do you have a motto for life?

YOLO hahaha.

To learn more about this incredible extreme athlete check out his Facebook page.

sam on ramp

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