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16 Weird Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World


Warning – The following list of Weird Drinks from Around the World has the potential to churn stomachs and render the drink you’re sipping undrinkable and meal you’re tucking into inedible.

Whilst our world has thrown up some strange drinks which are something you’re going to want to read about, we’d rather you didn’t throw up your current beverages in the process. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Sourtoe Cocktail

Sour Toe CocktailThe Sourtoe Cocktail is essentially any alcoholic drink you choose served with an old severed toe, the only proviso is that as you drink, the toe must touch your lips. According to the bar manager “We’ve gone through quite a few toes over the years, some are swallowed, one was chewed up… We keep an extra one in the freezer for emergencies.”

Where: Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, Canada

2. Topas & Rotting Shark

Topas is a strong Icelandic vodka shot which Quentin Tarrantino once described as ‘the worst drink on earth’, and the flavours have been described as roughly like drinking an alcoholic cough medicine. To really assault the senses, you should serve it with Hákarl which is a local delicacy of shark meat that’s buried in the ground for months, dug up and served once rotten. Would you like fries with that?

Where: Iceland

Horse Semen Shots

3. Horse Semen Shots – The Green Man, Wellington, New Zealand

First bungee jumping, now apple flavoured horse semen shots, New Zealand has gifted the world so many bountiful inventions to enjoy (?!). The cocktail apparently has a ‘custard-like taste’ as well as reputed health benefits. Unfortunately, they’re also likely to have “Why does no one invite me down the pub anymore…?” side-effects.

Where: The Green Man, Wellington, New Zealand

4. Naked Beer – Kent

If you want to truly experience the taste of nature why not sample some first-rate Kentish hops and malty beer goodness while completely in the buff. June will see the Naturist Jazz & Real Ale Festival take place in Kent with plenty of great samples on show. However, we’re not sure whether we’d want to stick around for the dancing later!

Where: Kent

5. Marmite Gold Rush

Standing opposite Broadcasting House, home to BBC Radio and a favourite watering hole of showbiz and media personalities, the exclusive Langham Hotel is not the kind of place you’d expect to find serving Marmite. But they must love it as they take the beefy goodness one step further and serve it as a cocktail.

Make your own:

  • 1/2 Bar Spoon of Marmite Gold
  • 25ml Vodka
  • 50ml Grapefruit Juice
  • 5ml Sugar Cane Syrup

Where: Langham Hotel, London

Grilled Cheese Martini

6. Grilled Cheese Martini – Manhattan, USA

There are a raft of flavoured vodkas available: orange, lemon, chocolate, coffee, popcorn, even bacon, in fact, there’s very little which hasn’t been turned into vodka. However, in Manhattan, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese have shaken things up by mixing their finest product with vodka and serving it at their trendy Manhattan bar for a truly unusual taste sensation.

Where: Manhattan, USA

7. Meatequita

Forget protein shakes, if you really want to fuel up before dinner then the Meatequita cocktail served at Shaka Zulu mixes tequila with chorizo, vegetable juice, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, port and garnishes it with biltong strips and grilled chorizo. Cocktails just got manly.

Where: Shaka Zula, London

Gun Powder Plot

8. Gunpowder Plot

When they’re not arguing over the Ashes, calling us whingers or producing more great musical talent (Kylie Minogue and Jason Donavon to name but a few), the Aussies are always looking at ways to get one over us poms. They can now even raise a glass to our nearest miss with the Gunpowder cocktail which infuses gin, Fernet-Branca, citrus, and an egg white with actual gunpowder.

Where: The Powder Keg, Sydney, Australia

9. Diamonds Are Forever

Possibly best to wait until it’s someone else’s round before ordering this one as it comes in at a cool $1,347. It’s not simply the ingredients which include 24k gold flake Champagne, but the glass it comes in. A million miles away from Rock & Rita’s vessels, this Swarovski crystal glass has diamonds in the stem.

Where: Dubai


10. The Crapper

Keeping things classy, Rock & Rita’s serve drinks in miniature ceramic toilets. ‘If it’s good enough for your dog to drink out of, it’s good enough for you’ might not be the catchiest sales pitch ever, but it’s definitely different. You can choose your poison, and they’ll fill the port-a-potty which is then yours to keep.

Where: Rock & Rita’s, Las Vegas

11. Baby Mice Wine

They have gifted the world some incredible culinary treats, indeed it’s difficult to find somewhere you can’t find a fine good Chinese food, however, baby mice wine is probably unlikely to catch on in the same way as prawn crackers. The brew is made by pouring rice moonshine over 3-day-old baby mice and fermenting for a year. It is believed by Chinese drinkers to cure a number of health problems, and it will also cure you of wanting to you tell your hosts you’re thirsty again for quite some time.

Where: China

Snake Whiskey

12. Snake Whiskey – Thailand

Possibly not available at your local bargain booze shop, snake whiskey is served in parts of Asia and is a big hit with backpackers looking for a souvenir to bring home to dad. There’s a variety of different reptiles and insects available from scorpions and giant spiders to cobras. As well as making a good dare and talking point, it’s perfect to dig out for the mother-in-law’s next visit.

Where: Thailand

13. End of History

Named after the work of philosopher Francis Fukuyama and infused with wild nettles and juniper berries, at 55% this intriguing beer was created by ‘pushing the boundaries of extreme brewing’. The bespoke packaging uses only road-killed wildlife, and no animals were harmed during the process of making this beer.

Where: Aberdeen

14. The Dog’s Bollocks – Oxfordshire

This time there isn’t an ex-animal insight. The Dog’s Bollocks purely takes its name from the slang that something is ‘very good’. And anyone that has sampled The DB’s will agree it really is the mutt’s nuts. It’s available from the Wychwood Brewery each November.

Where: Oxfordshire

Pizza Beer

15. Pizza Beer 

Tom and Athena Seeforth set out to combine two of man’s greatest needs and put them in one easy to hold bottle. And low, Mamma Mia’s Pizza Beer was born. The process involves adding a whole margarita pizza into the beer mash while brewing. The slogan claims its ‘Beer so good it deserves a wine glass.’

Where: Oxfordshire

16. White Gold Tequila

The Ley925 Platinum & White Gold Tequila drops in a round halting $225,000 a bottle and is the world’s most expensive liquor. Most of this, however, can be attributed to the bottle itself of which there are only 33 in the world. However, the slightly more ‘everyman’ Ley925 Silver & White Gold will set you back a mere $25,000. But what price can you put on taste…? $225,000, apparently.

Where: Jaisco, Mexico

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