Extreme Thrills – 42 Ways to Live Dangerously

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Sometimes you need to laugh in the face of danger and live life to the max (although cowering on the sofa and ordering take-aways is perfectly acceptable too, we’re not here to judge). But if you’re in need of new challenges here’s StagWeb’s 42 Ways to Live Dangerously… Go get ‘em tiger!

Say “Hold my pint and watch this…”

Anything that follows those words has a 50/50 chance of ending in A&E.

Answer the question “Have I put on Weight?”

Abort! Abort! Abort! Whatever answer just came into your head is wrong. There is NO correct answer, whatever you say will be turned and used against you. Just pack your bags and leave town for a few days until her latest image crisis has passed.

Medieval Jousting

You can come to blows with your best mates and learn armed combat/stunt fighting under the watchful eyes of trained experts to finally get revenge and closure. “You Sir broke my Big Track when we were 10… and now you shall pay!!!”

medieval jousting

Forget To Meet Your Girlfriend

Sitting on the couch, hearing the rain outside and watching the end credits roll on the triple box set marathon you’ve just enjoyed, life feels good. It isn’t until you hear the door slam and survey the beer bottles, Pringle cans, and empty pizza box that you suddenly remember you were supposed to pick your girlfriend up and you’re now a dead man…

SWAT Training

“You’re either SWAT or you’re not.” How would you measure up as a member of a special combat unit? Close quarter combat, weapons and explosive training, tactical planning… Gather your mates and get ready for action. Are you tough enough? Read more…

swat experience

Swim With Sharks

Definitely one of life’s great bucket list days out. But just how strong is that shark cage and how hungry are those sharks today? See more at Deep Sea World.

Crazy Golf

Camp Bonifas is perhaps the most deadly golf course in the world. Completely surrounded by barbed wire, gun emplacements, and minefields on three sides. It consists of just one hole and is situated in no man’s land between friendly neighbours North and South Korea.

Wrestling School

Fancy a little man on man action…? Er, we’ll rephrase that. Want to get up close and personal with your mates…? Still not working. If you’re think you’re king of the ring you can now relieve your childhood WWF dreams at a wrestling school. Get ready to rumble…

wrestling school

Jelly Wrestling

If beating your mates up seems a little too “Easy! Easy! Easy!” then this wrestling challenge takes it to the next level as you’ll be fighting two incredibly hot, semi-naked stunners in a ring willed with jelly. The danger part comes from your girlfriend finding out. See more…

Motor Racing

£300 worth of rusty old Corsa, a suped-up engine, racing tires, roll cage and you can be dicing with death in no time. There are racing clubs, track days and many banger races allow people to take their own cars onto the track, so you can create your own “Herbie Goes Postal”. Or check out how the pros do it; Barwell Motorsport.

motor racing

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