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Meet the Man Who Attended 16 Stag weekends in Three Months!


will profile picWill Stevenson has made himself a stag legend and internet sensation after attending 16 stag weekends in just three months. The madness began when Will bid on an eBay auction for a stag weekend after one of the stags pulled out. Radio 1’s Scott Mills picked up the story and stag invites started flying in. “I used up my holiday allowance pretty quickly but fortunately my job is quite flexible.” Said the stag party aficionado.

He then went on another 15 stag weekends in various far flung locations, “Most of the stag dos are paid for by the group that invite me as generally someone has dropped out last minute and already paid. So I basically just pay for transferring the booking to my name and then share a room with someone. I do spend a fortune on alcohol though.”

Destinations so far include;

Munich Gran Canaria
Budapest Amsterdam (twice)
Ibiza (five times!) Tenerife
Madrid Blackpool
Barcelona (twice) Rome
Magaluf (twice) Ayia Napa

He’s clocked up an impressive 31,000 air miles along the way. At the time of writing Will still has another 3 stag weekends to go but by the end of his travels he’ll have flown the equivalent of the circumference of the globe. Not bad for a man who has a fear of flying.
But that isn’t even the craziest thing, Will travels everywhere with his pet badger Seth, who it turns out is a massive hit with the ladies.
StagWeb tracked down both Will and Seth to get some sound words and advice from one of our nation’s hardest partying stags.

How did you manage to blag your way onto so many stag parties… with complete strangers?!?

Radio 1 heard that I bought a stag do on eBay and when they heard I had a badger they wanted to get me on their show. This created a bit of fame and people started to message me on Twitter. Then the more I did the more people wanted me to go with them. I was like a minor celebrity.

stag group

Where has been your favourite stag party destination?

I have loved every single one, but the one that stands out was my first trip to Ibiza. I’d never been before and it was epic. Great bunch of guys and made some good friends that week.

You must be a legend at beer pong by now but what’s the best stag game you’ve played?

Best games include left hand drinking. Where if you drink with your right hand you have to neck that drink. Also played spin round the stick and then try to drink a pint whilst walking.

What’s the best stag do activity you’ve done?

Well apart from the numerous strippers, I’d say beer bikes are a must for any stag do.

stag group

Passport, toothbrush, flame-proof underwear… What’s the one thing you pack for every stag trip (apart from Seth the Badger of course)?

I have to carry around 3 phone battery chargers. I try to document everything and the last thing I need is my phone to die.

You’ve been to a lot of stag parties but how many weddings have you attended?

I’ve been to two weddings, such an honour to be invited.

You must have seen some grooms get truly stitched up, what’s the best stag prank you’ve seen?

The extra large strippers (see more here) and crazy fancy dress always go down well.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen/done at a stag party?

Definitely the drag queen show that I saw on the drag do.

Do you and Seth have a top tip for guys preparing to go stag?

Always book all activities before you go away. It’s always best to have a plan but don’t book events for mornings.

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What advice would you give the groom ahead of his big weekend?

Enjoy yourself, and never trust the best man!

What’s been your favourite fancy dress theme/costume (and if it was a dress its ok, we won’t judge)?

They have all mostly worn dresses, with various wigs. My worst one was being made to wear hot pants and a vest.

If any guys are looking to follow in your footsteps, how can they go about blagging a place at a random stag weekend?

They can contact me on Twitter @willhasabadger.

And finally… Anything to declare?

No my lips are sealed and staying that way… Until I write a book! lol

You can follow the adventures of Seth on Twitter or on Facebook.

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