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Geek Chic – The Art of Intellectual Stag Weekends

Geek Chic Stag Weekends

At StagWeb we know no two stag weekends are alike and while some groups might want to spend the whole weekend drinking shots in a lap dance club, other stags prefer something a little more cerebral to let their inner nerd shine through.

So if you’re looking for a stag weekend that is an altogether more cerebral affair then put the Manga comic book down and check out the art of intellectual stag weekends.

Gamers Paradise


“They’ve been spending most their lives living in a gamer’s paradise…” Ok, so we’re paraphrasing (and audibly murdering) a Stevie Wonder classic. But there’s nothing off key with this mass LAN party stag activity. You and the guys can have complete run of this private LAN lounge where you can login and kick ass on your favourite games.

You’ll also enjoy;

  • Free shots/beers
  • Food
  • And can even surprise the groom with a stripper!

Game of Thrones


Set at the real Winterfell fans of the epic TV show will be welcomed by and become members of the Night’s Watch. Once in costume you’ll take part in an archery contest on the show’s set and also choreograph and film your own fight scene.

  • Go behind the scenes of the real Winterfell
  • Dress as members of the Nights Watch
  • Choreograph and film your own fight scene
  • Enjoy ‘Ned’s Hogroast’ a GoT inspired lunch with official GoT beer
  • Visit more filming locations from the show

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Battle Karts


Mario Karts is without doubt the greatest racing game of all time. It’s simply not up for discussion. Now you can relive those races from your teens in our battle karts which can shoot and briefly disable your opponents as you fly past like a laughing Koopa Troopa.

  • Eco friendly electric karts
  • Top speed of 50KPH
  • Shoot lasers to disable opponents” karts

Zombie Boot Camp


If Hollywood is to be believed (and surely Tinsel Town would never lie to us?) then it’s just a matter of time before we’re under attack from waves of zombies as a “Z-Day” virus spreads quicker than Star Wars spoiler rumours. In which case you’d better get equipped with training including guns, knives exploding targets and bra wearing hot zombie babes!

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Medieval Jousting


Lay down the gauntlet as you learn the true art of medieval combat. You’ll be dressed in suits of armour and handle real weapons as you’re taught the noble skills of ancient warfare. Full day sessions will include a hog roast, falconry and of course a flagon or two of ale.

  • Archery
  • Horse riding
  • Sword skills
  • Jousting
  • Long bows

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Werewolf Hunting


I see a bad moon rising… The government needs your crack stag squad to restore calm and light. You’ll undergo full weapons and tactical training before facing the werewolf threat head on armed with assault rifles, laying trip wires and explosive booby traps. You’ll be deep in the hunt before you even suspect that perhaps they’re hunting you…!?!

Escape Game


A combination of Saw, The Crystal Maze, The Cube and Grim Fandango, this is a complete chilling battle of wits. Locked in a room you’ll have just 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, riddles, clues and escape. Before it’s ‘game over… Permanently!

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Segway Games


You can keep your Porsches, Ferraris and Lambos, when it comes to the coolest mode of transport ever, in our (admittedly nerdy) opinion the winner is the Segway. This funky upright, two-wheeled gyroscopic ride is just awesome. And when you ride them during a giant nerf battle or Segway jousting tournament the world’s greatest vehicles just get even better!

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Flight Simulator


Fly the friendly skies as you take the controls in a state-of-the-art flight simulator similar to those used in training professional air liner pilots. You can choose from a huge variety of settings as you take off and land a Boeing 737 at exotic destinations. To really hone your skills you’ll be competing against your fellow stags to see who can pull of the best landing.

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Zero Gravity Flight


A flight behind the controls of a simulated passenger jet liner might be cool, but even that doesn’t quite hit the dizzying heights of a zero gravity flight whose previous passengers have included Professor Stephen Hawking. You’ll experience complete weightlessness 34,000 feet in the air while feeling the full effects of 1.8G’s. A small step for man but a giant leap for your stag weekend.

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James Bond


“The name’s man… Best man.” You’ll have a license to thrill if you line up this truly awesome James Bond experience and take on some of the many challenges Bond has pulled off during his illustrious world-saving career.

  • Quadraker – Find the clues to solve the bond trivia questions while on quad bikes.
  • Swamp Crossing – Stripped of gadgets do you have the skills and nerve to cross the river and defuse the bomb?
  • License to Kill – Each stag will be armed and dangerous as you team up in a paintball battle.
  • Oddjob’s Bowler – No Mr Bond, I expect you to answer the questions against the clock, the slowest team will have a date with OJ’s headgear.

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Sexy Pub Crawl Babes


Of course there’s nothing wrong with a little eye candy during the big weekend, in fact some would even say no stag weekend is truly complete unless the blushing bridegroom has been given one last look at the sins of the flesh that he might have enjoyed as a single man but will soon be well and truly off the radar once he’s settled into his pipe and slippers.

  • Sexy Maids
  • Jelly Wrestling
  • Hooters
  • Sexy Burlesque Show
  • Naked Desert
  • And more…

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