21 Effortlessly Cool Man Hacks


Being cool doesn’t happen by accident, sometimes you need to be a little bit prepared in order to make true cool-ness look totally effortless (no one need ever know the preparation you’ve put into it). From mixing perfect cocktails to fixing damaged furniture, we’ve packed 21 cool man hacks for all occasions into one man-sized guide. So ‘get your cool on’ with man hacks to turn you into an urban Bear Grylls.

Paper Bottle Opener

• Fold a piece of paper in half vertically, repeat three times
• Fold this remaining paper in half vertically to create a tight ‘V’ shape
• Put the ‘V’ of the paper against the underside of the bottle cap and lever upwards
• Drink the contents in celebration of your man-skills

Fuller Flavour

Make yourself look, smell and taste like a bloke who knows what he’s doing simply by throwing a few sprigs of rosemary on the BBQ once the coals go white.


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Keep it Cool

A wheelbarrow can make a funky way to serve chilled drinks at an outdoor party. Plus you can roll it over to anyone too drunk or lazy to get their own or use it to get them out of your garden at the end of the night.


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Funky Glasses

Create your own cool DIY upcycled glasses:

• Get a bottle of beer
• Drink the beer
• Soak a piece of string in lighter fluid or alcohol (pure alcohol or similar, don’t just soak it in beer)
• Wrap the string around the now empty beer bottle at the desired height of your glass
• Light the piece of string on fire
• When it’s burned dip the bottle straight into a sink full of ice water
• Once submerged the bottle should break at string level, if not gently tap the bottle against the bottom of the sink (make sure you’re wearing gloves)
• Sand off any sharp edges with regular sandpaper
• Get another bottle of beer
• Open the beer and pour it into your new glass
• Drink the beer
• Repeat the last three steps until the world goes all fluffy


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Take your BBQ hot dogs to the next level by wrapping the sausages in bacon!!!


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How To Whistle

Order A Beer on Every Continent

AsiaJapanese“Bee-ru ip-pon, ku-da-sai?”
South AmericaSpanish“Puedo tomar una cerveza?”
EuropeFrench“Une bière, s’il vous plait?”
AfricaSwahili“Moja pombe, tafadhali?”
AustraliaAustralian“I’ll have a pint of liquid gold please mate?”
North AmericaSioux Indian“Wan-jee m’nee-pee-gah, ee-yo-kee-pee?”
AntarcticaRussian“Mozhno mne pivo?”

Build a Proper Campfire

1. Start by finding tinder (no, not the app!) – this could be dry heather, moss, or even small twigs (no thicker than a pencil lead). Your pile of tinder should be just smaller than a football.
2. Next locate some kindling. Kindling should be roughly the length of your forearm and the thickness of your thumb.
3. Add fuel to your fire with some decent branches. These should be roughly the length of your arm and the thickness of your wrist.
4. Place the tinder on an area of dry, flat ground and set it alight.
5. Now stack the kindling over the top in a basic wigwam formation (Google if you’re unfamiliar).
6. And place the fuel over the top, again in a wigwam formation, but not leaning on or touching the kindling.
7. Crack open a cold beer and bask in the warm glow of your handiwork.

Eat Pizza Like a Pro

Shower Beer

In a rush to get ready to go out, but want to grab a quick beer? Simply take your beer into the shower with you! Beer-bathing will soon become one of your favourite pastimes (beware of taking glass bottles in the shower – this is a Health & Safety Policy Statement).


If you lose an important screw, nut, bolt, piece of Lego on the floor and can’t find it, get a pair of tights and secure them over the end of the vacuum cleaner. The missing piece should stick to the hosiery without disappearing into the vacuum. We won’t ask why you own a pair of tights.

Hidden Charges

If you get caught short charging your phone while away, you can charge it using the USB socket on the back of the TV.

Outdoor Mood Lighting

Switch your phone to torch mode, place a bottle of water on top and hey presto! Instant funky ambient lighting.


Copyright: Wonder How To

Amp It Up

Cut a slot into an empty crisp tube and insert your smartphone to create a speaker to amplify your phone.

Cook on Tea Lights

Those things your partner is so keen on and you’ve never really seen the point of, can actually make a good way of toasting marshmallows at a BBQ.

Serve Funky Ice

Freeze chunks/slices of fruit to add to drinks at your next BBQ. This fruity variation of the boring ice cube instantly makes drinks look cooler and taste better.

Play Lawn Twister

Get a cool/retro party game going by using an old cardboard box, scissors and spray paint to bring this classic back to life.


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Repair the Damage

If you’ve managed to scratch your girlfriend’s favourite piece of wooden furniture and need a quick, lasting repair before she sees it and goes ‘radio rental’, simply run a warm finger over the scratch – your skin’s oils will soak into the wood. Now rub a walnut into the scratch (the nut itself, not the shell). Finally, give it a quick buff with a cloth and voila! You’re in the clear.

Make a Good Mojito

It’s one of the coolest summer cocktails ever and a basic man-skill every guy should have in his mental liquor cabinet.

You’ll need:
– White Rum
– Soda Water
– Sugar
– Lime
– Mint Leaves
– Ice

  1. Roll mint the mint leaves in between the palms of your hands and slap them to release the fragrances
  2. Put them at the bottom of the glass along with the lime juice and fill to the top with ice
  3. Cover with a napkin (to minimise splashing) and muddle
  4. Add rum, fill up with ice, and muddle again
  5. Top up with soda water and garnish with mint to finish
  6. Drink, Repeat, Drink, Repeat, Drink, Repeat, Fall Over.

Shower Shave

Save time on your morning routine by shaving while in the shower. The hot water opens your skin’s pores and makes your skin softer, ensuring a smoother shave.

DIY Photo Booth

Photo booths have become really popular, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to hire one in. Hang an old picture frame with a box full of props and costumes nearby and people will soon create their own photo fun.

Have you got any cool man hacks you think every guy should know? Post your ideas to our social channels!

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