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18 New Extreme Sports – Sporting Mash-ups


At one point in every man’s life (usually during those really boring teenage Sunday afternoons) he will invent a new sport by using the equipment of one sport to play another. How many happy hours have we spent playing flaming volleyball or dodge-dart?

While some sporting mash-ups go on to become ratified and even Olympic sporting disciplines such as Biathlon (a combination of skiing and shooting) and Snowboarding (skiing meets skateboarding) others are still absolutely brilliant and really should be celebrated more.

So here’s our salute to some of the greatest sporting hybrids of all time.

Laser Go Karting

This four wheeled sporting combination takes target shooting and substitutes shooting targets with shooting your opponents while driving high speed go karts. And for those of you already thinking it sounds like a real-life Super Mario Karts you are absolutely spot on! It really is that good and the most fun you can have behind the wheel without seeing flashing blue lights behind in the rear view mirror.

Chess Boxing

Two perfectly gentlemanly forms of combat combining the power of both the fist and the head, in particular the fist striking the head, repeatedly in between chess moves. So will we finally get to see a match-up between Chris Eubank and Piers Morgan?!?

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Foot Golf

Two of the greatest sports ever invented come together in one amazing sporting hybrid. Budding Christiano McIlroys and Tiger Beckhams can now combine their two main sporting passions in this brilliant sport, it’s all the fun of football without actually having to break into a jog.

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Golf Cross

If you prefer your balls egg shaped (stop giggling at the back!) then GolfCross might be more your thing. A mash up of golf and rugby, each shot is played off a tee with the aim of the hole is to hit a netted rugby style goal/target. Unsurprisingly the game was invented in New Zealand, home of the golfing All Blacks.

Bubble Football

What do you get when you take the crazy extreme sport of zorbing and mix it with one of the most loved sports in the world? Well, you get what is without doubt the funniest hybrid sports mash-up of them all! Bubble football involves playing ‘the beautiful game’ while wearing inflatable rubber balls and then bumping barging and bullying your opponents into submission. It’s like a Man Utd vs Arsenal, game but with even more violence.

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Yep, some smart Alec saw the potential wordplay and simply couldn’t resist putting juggling and jogging together. Since then there are been a spate of ‘joggling’ world records at 100m, 400m all the way up to marathons. However no one appears to have combined jogging with swimming yet, in fact we don’t know of a single ‘swiggling’ attempt.

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Segway Polo

Fancy trying a really posh sport but can’t afford the tens of thousands of pounds to keep a team of thoroughbred polo ponies? No problem, just try Segway Polo instead! Fast, furious and utterly ridiculous. It’s also bordering on genius and quite simply brilliant fun. “Tally ho!”

Frisbee Golf

Another golf hybrid sport, Frisbee Golf has been around since the 1970’s and at one point there were cries from some for it to become an Olympic sport (by the dozen or so people who were actually playing it back then). Still really popular in American universities despite its nerdy origins Frisbee Golf is actually really good fun and frustratingly addictive.

Foot Pool

Sometimes you fancy a game of football but don’t really want to leave the pub. Now you don’t have to with a game so good you barely need to put down your pint. Played on a giant table (so you need a big boozer) Foot Pool is the game of pool played by kicking the white ball rather than bothering with anything as mundane as a pool cue.

Swamp Soccer

Football is definitely one of the most popular sports to hijack. Some whacky chaps even decided that rather than playing on a conventional pitch, what the game really needed was a swamp. We’re guessing Swamp Soccer was invented before the days of the internet, TV or perhaps even electricity. However there is a current world championships if you have some similarly filthy minded mates.

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Archery Tag

If paintball just isn’t hardcore enough for you then why not up the ante by shooting your mates with arrows instead? If that still isn’t mad enough for you, in the hybrid sport of archery tag you don’t merely dodge your opponents’ arrows, you can actually score points by plucking them out of mid-air and firing them back at your panicking foes.

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Still not deadly enough? Then how about…

Exploding Archery

Boom! “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” This time the targets are static but highly explosive, get your shot on target and you’ll be rewarded not just by points but by a satisfyingly loud explosion. If you think darts is exciting just wait until you get a load of these arrows. “Let’s. Play. Darts.”

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You want more? Seriously?

Paintball Tanks

Ok, then put away the Robin Hood toys and go full metal jacket. While once again the missiles are paint based, this time you’ll be firing them out of a full-sized ex-military tank! Yeah… Boom baby! These duelling tanks will see you work in teams to out-manoeuvre and out-gun your rivals. It’s kind of like Brad Pitt’s Fury except you don’t get to go home and snog Angelina Jolie afterwards.

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Beer Keg Racing

At StagWeb we’d never advise anyone to drink and drive but we do think there was possibly a bit of boozy inspiration behind the motorsport that is beer keg racing. As motorsports go it isn’t exactly fast and furious but it’s definitely utterly hilarious and should always be staged near a pub for important reasons of protecting the integrity of the sport and quenching the thirst of the drivers.

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Mountain Boarding

Someone, somewhere decided it was time to get their skateboard off road. In fact it makes sense, hitting concrete can be hard on the knees and elbows, so rolling down a mountainside where any falls will be delicately broken by grass, goats or tree trunks has got to be safer hasn’t it?

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Bath Tubbing

Not to be outdone, the humble bath tub has also gotten in on the act. But dry land? That’s for wimps! If you’re going to really do a sports mash-up justice then you need to take to the water and row, row, row your bath gently down the stream. You can even take part in the World Bath Tubbing Championships.

Bath Tub Racing

If getting wet isn’t your thing then strap on a bit of horsepower and you can get your bathtub round the track. Get away quickly from the lights and you can show your competitors a clean pair of wheels (see what we did there… Bathtub…? Clean wheels…? OK, we’ll stop).

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And finally…

Rocker BMX

What happens when you take a perfectly good BMX and shrink it in the wash?
You get a completely awesome Rocker BMX!

See our interview with BMX Rocker Ryan RT Taylor

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