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Some people say the most important invention of all time was the wheel, others say it was the internet, yet clearly these people have beards, comfortable shoes and have spent far too much time at university studying and not nearly enough time in the student union.
Man’s finest gift to mankind? Beer of course! And as true men it is our desire… no, our duty to ensure the fine work of the world’s greatest brewers doesn’t go to waste. And some brews really do stand out, so here’s a look at the beers that every man should drink at least once in his life.

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Beer Bucket List!

Chili Beer – Abv 4.2%

chili beerBeer and chili, two of the world’s finest foodstuffs come together in this fantastic brew that begs the question “Why has no on done this before?!?”. The chili really does give the beer a kick, while the chili itself somehow (a family brewing secret) stays crisp so you can eat it at the end. Created in the U.S. by a brewer named “Crazy Ed”, his brew might sound a little weird but tastes brilliant.

Where to buy? Available from Drinks Supermarket – Buy here

Snake’s Venom – Abv 67.5%

snakes venomIf you like your beers to pack a punch then this is the Mike Tyson of beers, no, we don’t mean it’ll bite your ear off but you might wake up on the floor looking up at the referee, wondering what happened while your beer goes off and gets its face tattooed. Brewed in Scotland by Brewmeister, it is the world’s strongest beer at 67.5% Abv.

Where to buy? Available from Drinks Supermarket – Buy here

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Twitter

Somerset Wild – Abv 5%

somerset wildWhile some might argue we’re biased as the fantastic The Wild Beer Co is based not far from our office, the truth is that we’ve actually just sampled a lot more of it (and shall continue to do so). They have managed to capture the essence of Somerset’s finest scrumpy cider and lightly infuse those acidic and biting flavours into a beer. Truly a thing of beauty.

Where to buy? Available from their online shop – Buy here

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook | Twitter

Whale Testicle Beer – 3% Abv

whale testicle beerYou’d think all those long, dark winter nights would make Icelanders dab hands in the kitchen but it seems too much time on your hands might be a bad thing. Rotten shark, ram’s testicles, and fermented whale blubber are all on the menu and you can wash it down with whale testicle lager from the Stedji Brugghus brewery. Oh but these aren’t just any whales balls, these are (as their website so delicately puts it) “sheep shit-smokedwhale balls”. This isn’t so much a beer, more of a stag party dare.

Where to buy? Specialist stockists only.

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook

A World Without Dave – 5% Abv

a world without daveThe Weird Beard Brew company really do celebrate the madness and we’d step into the padded cell to share a glass or two any day of the week (although we’d ask the guards to stay close by). Great brews such as the Sorachi Faceplant, Spreadsheet Ninja are all great drinks but for our list of “Must try’s” we recommend this mint chocolate stout which really is so smooth. It’s also vegetarian but it is a great BBQ beer, just don’t stir it with a BBQ spare rib.

Learn more about their beers…  Facebook | Twitter

Aporkalpyse Now – 5.6% Abv

aporkalpyse nowBacon beer? Why was this not a thing until now?!? A breakfast flavoured pint, it’s like all our Christmases have come at once… And brought beer and bacon! A mix of sweet caramel, malty roasts, and an infusion of high quality Canadian bacon this could possibly be the greatest thing since slice bread, in fact keep your bread, we’re putting our bacon in beer! But before you dance off to your happy place the bad news is this brew was a limited run and the Canadian Hogsback Brewery no longer have it in production. Start your own Facebook petition or to stop buying Justin Beiber records until the Canadian government is forced to step in and production restarts! [Editor’s note; If you have recently bought a Justin Beiber album you’ve already had too much beer, go have a coffee.]

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Frank – 2.5% Abv

frankWho needs fancy marketing and crazy names “Hey John, what shall we call our new beer?”, “Frank”, “Sorted”. And while Keith Brewery Ltd always seem to keep the naming process simple, the flavours of this fantastic raspberry beer are a different matter altogether. Like having a summer in a bottle this is a beer to savour and is all about the taste rather than the buzz with a small abv (2.5%) but that doesn’t detract from a beer that is definitely a worthy inclusion of our beer bucket list.

Where to buy? Available from UK outlets. – Buy here.

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook | Twitter

Cubanisto – 5.9% Abv

cubanistoOk, we’ve probably already lost the purists at this point and that’s fine, we love mixing our flavours and if we’re going to add something to our beer then why not make it more alcohol. Rum, just the world makes us feel all Ernest Hemingway, and this dangerous little beer has a hint of revolucion about it. Has a light, fresh, citrus taste, perfect for a gig or BBQ but won’t actually give you natural Latino rhythm.

Where to buy? Available from most supermarkets.

Learn more about their beers… Facebook

Beard Beer – 4.8% Abv

beard beerSo if you were looking for a new kind of yeast for your beer why wouldn’t you look in someone’s beard? That’s exactly where this strain of yeast was discovered and despite it’s questionable origins, the resulting beer is actually really good and well worth hunting down. The team at Rogue Nation thrive on the unexpected and have created some really inventive sounding beers but the origins of this particular yeast are the exact reasons we won’t try their Dead Guy Ale or Yellow Snow IPA.

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook | Twitter

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout – 7.5% Abv

rocky mountain oyster stoutWe’re not sure what it is with animals most tender spots and beer but they seem a popular ingredient, ‘prairie oysters’ is actually a polite way of saying ‘cow balls’. Described by the Colorado based Wynkoop Brewery as “A meaty foreign style stout” it is only made in small batches using malts, roasted barley, hops and 25 pounds of freshly sliced bull testicles. “Down the hatch?”

Where to buy? Specialist stockists only.

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Twitter

Monty Python’s Holy Grail – 4.7% Abv

monty pythons holy grailWith “more hops than a killer rabbit” the most reverend brewers of the perfect pint at Blacksheep Brewery created this brilliant beer to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Monty Python gang. Apparently the beer is tempered over burning witches to give it a rich strong flavour. We have absolutely no idea if there were any hamsters or elderberries used in the brewing but we can confirm this is no novelty ale but a really good and rounded drink. Plus a really cool label to add to your collection.

Learn more about their beers…  Facebook | Twitter

Blue Brew – 4.2% Abv

blue brewSure cheese is great, we love the stuff, in our sarnies, on our pizza, holding together a great lasagne but in beer? As this Peter Kay (“Cheese? In a cake?”) well actually Peter yes, and by jove it works! The brewing process, created by the boffins at Belvoir Brewery, involves taking whey from blue stilton and infusing it during the fermentation process. The result is a beautifully light, creamy beer with a smooth fuller flavour.

Where to buy? Available in stockists across the UK. – Buy here…

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook | Twitter

Mikeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel – 10.9% Abv

mikeller beer geek brunch weaselAdmittedly not a catchy name but one you’re unlikely to forget once you hear the ingredients (and it might be worth putting your sandwich down before reading on). This funky beer is made using select and incredibly ripe coffee beans. The beans are collected after they have passed through civet cats. Yes, you did read that correctly, the enzymes in the civet cats digestive systems help to break down the bean and add to both the flavour and brewing process. And you thought Heston Blumenthal had some strange cooking ideas!

Where to buy?  You can buy direct online. – Buy here…

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook | Twitter

Snuffle Dog Beer – 0% Abv

snuffle dog beerFrom beer ingredients passing through cats to pints for your pooch. Snuffle Dog Beer is actually some golden refreshment for man’s best friend and comes in a variety of flavours including chicken. Yep chicken flavoured dog beer, now while that might not be one you’re dying to try, it was just too crazy not to be included in our list and also a great way to spoil your own dog.

Where to buy? Available from Pets at Home.

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Twitter

Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Ale – 5.2% Abv

voodoo doughnut chocolate peanut butter banana aleIt’s might take a few minutes to order “Can I have a pint of voodoo doughnut chocolate peanut butter and banana ale and a bag of ready salted please?” but the effort would be well worth it. This is another slightly crazy but surprisingly drinkable number from the brewing mad geniuses at Rogue Nation. If you were heading out with Elvis for a pint then this is what he’d be drinking.

Learn more about their beers…  Facebook | Twitter

Belly Button Beer – 5.2% Abv

belly button beerThe more squeamish among you might wonder why we would include beer that started its macrobiotic life in a man’s belly button but as the 7 cent Brewery says “Some say ‘Why?’, We say ‘Why not?'” And you can’t argue with that kind of Ozzie logic. Yes, the yeast used to brew this fluffy beer started life as fluff in one of the brewer’s belly buttons. Those bonzer brewer blokes have gone on to work hard at the flavours with notes of clove, light banana, orange zest and toasted coriander seeds. would argue “Strewth mate, it’s the taste that counts.” They started on their quest after trying Beard Beer and while we admire their inventiveness can everyone please now stop creating yeast in body parts. Thank you.

Where to buy? Contact 7 cent to find stockists.

Learn more about their beers… Facebook | Twitter

Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale – 5.2% Abv

wells sticky toffee pudding aleFrom the brew-natics that brought us banana bread beer and double chocolate stout, the fantastic minds have now picked on one of our best childhood memories and created pudding in pint form. Brewed using Wells own mineral water and traditional English fuggles and goldings hops, the sweet flavour of sticky toffee pudding is tempered by darker malts and Wells own natural mineral water. Wells have never brewed a bad pint and this is yet another winner from a company with fine heritage.

Where to buy? To sample the brew in the best surroundings head to a Charles Wells pub. Also available from Asda.

Learn more about their beers…  Website

Marshall Beer – 8.6% Abv

marshall beerBeer is rock ‘n’ roll. Standing with a guitar round your neck, one foot on your Marshall amp as you swig from a bottle between numbers, it’s what beer was invented for. And now the makers of the greatest amps of all time and a company that is built into the very foundations of music history have licensed their own beer. You can get this cool beverage and other rock music beers from the excellent Icon Beverages who stock everything from Pogues Irish Whiskey and Motorhead Vodka to Rolling Stones Merlot. But strangely nothing from Cliff Richards’ vineyard.

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook | Twitter

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The Big Inflatable Cowboy Hat – 10.5% Abv

the big inflatable cowboy hatThere will never again be an occasion where we won’t wish we could order a bottle of Big Inflatable Cowboy Hat. One of the kookiest names of any beer ever comes from the brilliant brewers at Siren Craft Brew. This was one of their limited edition beers and sadly no longer available. Somebody really needs to start a Facebook campaign as the world is certainly a poorer place with a beverage with such an impressive moniker.

Where to buy?  Alas, gone but not forgotten…

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook

Midas Touch – 9.0% Abv

midasi touchOne for real beer devotees this sweet, dry beer is made using yeast created from traces found in 2,700 year old vessels from the tomb of King Midas. This really is a beer with royal and historic roots and should be celebrated. Dogfish Head Brewery worked with a biomolecular archaeologist (every brewery should have one) who was present when the tomb was excavated. Certainly not your average beer and a taste dating back thousands of years, definitely one of the world’s coolest beers that every man should try.

Where to buy? Check the Dogfish Brewery’s website for details.

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Twitter

Pizza Beer – 4.6% Abv

pizza beerIf it’s not illegal to eat pizza without a beer then it certainly should be. Like fish and chips, sweet and sour, Turner and Hooch some things are just meant to be together and beer and pizza are definitely one of them, but how do you make this combination even better? You order in some Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, beer that is actually made from pizza and the invention of Americans Tom and Athena Seefurth.

Where to buy? Currently not available in the UK.

Learn more about their beers…  Website | Facebook

Coconut Curry Beer – 8% Abv

coconut curry beerAnother curious sounding name but absolutely delightful beer from the New Belgium Brewery. With notes of coconut, banana, and spices (including cinnamon, coriander, fenugreek, ginger, kaffir lime, and cayenne pepper) this cheeky little number dances over the palette before delivering a nice 8% abv. Strangely it doesn’t actually work so well with a curry but definitely one to seek out and enjoy on its own or with a few poppadums.

Learn more about their beers… Facebook | Twitter

Duff – 4.7% Abv

duffJust when we thought we’d written a blog of all the world’s coolest beers someone pointed out we hadn’t included what is now perhaps the most famous beer in the world. Doh! Duff Beer is the foamy favourite of Homer Simpson and Duff Man “Oh yeah!”. The best way to enjoy it is definitely from the can a lá Simpson and carrying a crate of 24 cans of Duff would be the perfect way to turn up to any lads’ BBQ, “Steve’s bought Duff… Woohoo!”. Available from who have more funky beer gadgets than you could throw a beer pong ball at.

Where to buy? Available from

Learn more about their beer gifts and goodies… Facebook

So there we have it, the world’s coolest beers, some would say the world’s greatest beers, all we know is that it’s made us thirsty so we’re off down the pub.
If you want to get your lips around any of these fine ales click the buy now links or get in touch with the master brewers. Cheers!

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