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Game of Throw-Ins – Euros 2016 Drinking Game


To get your summer ‘Vardy-gras’ in full swing, we’re kicking things off with our very own Euro 2016 drinking game and salute to “Woys Boys”. So get your team together, grab a selection of fine French beverages (and garlic snacks) and play to the final whistle.

Euros Drinking Game

bubble football

foot golf

Le Rules
Decide an order of play among your drinkers.
When the first incident on the pitch matches one from the list below Player 1 takes the required drink. On the next incident Player 2 takes that drink. Etc.

Le Pre-match warm-up
‘Woy’ Hodgeson says “Wayne Wooney” during footage of the press conference. – Have a shot of Cognac/brandy.
Pundit mentions “Our last trophy” or ’66 – All players must stand and raise their glasses to Bobby.
Gary Lineker makes a cheesy pun – Have some fromage.

Le Action

  1. Throw-in goes forwards – Take a shot of crème de something.
  2. Throw-in back to the keeper – Shout “Surrender monkeys!” then take a shot.
  3. Throw-in goes backwards – Swap your drink with the person to your left.
  4. Gratuitous shot of a hot French babe in the crowd – Take a shot of Cointreau.
  5. Penalty – Predict which side the ball will go, get it right and you don’t have to drink. Get it wrong, take a shot!
  6. Missed Penalty – Everyone downs their drink.
  7. Own goal – Have a baguette!
  8. Yellow Card– Swap your drink with the person on your left.
  9. Red Card – Switch to vodka and Redbull.
  10. Dele Alli completely loses it and head-butts the ref – Swim the channel.

Game over
Player says “you know” during the post-match interview – Everyone takes a shot (each time he says it).

If you’re feeling creative you can theme your drinks and snacks depending on the opponents.

Speaking da Lingo – A Euro 2016 Guide to Speaking French

  • Red card – Carton rouge
  • Game of two halves – Jeu de deux moitiés
  • He never touched him ref! – Il ne l’a touché Arbitre!
  • Who ate all the pies? – Qui a mangé toutes les tartes?
  • You’re not singing anymore – Vous n’êtes pas plus chanter
  • Who’s the bastard in the black? – Qui est le bâtard dans le noir?
  • Walking in a Rooney wonderland – Marcher dans un pays Rooney étonnan
  • Couldn’t hit Kim Kardashian’s arse with a bazooka. – Impossible de frapper le cul de Kim Kardashian avec un bazooka.
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