38 Best British Beers 2017

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This is Beer Country!

While you’re sitting there thirsty, underground brewing geniuses are reinventing beer, one small batch at a time. Creating brilliant brews that don’t play by the rules, rather than churning out by-the-numbers beers in soulless, branded factories these radical breweries are doing it their way. And by God they’re good!

But it’s a (boozy) jungle out there. No one wants to face a bad pint, so here at StagWeb we put our taste buds on the line and went in search of the Best British Beers (you’re welcome Britain).

You can find your own local master brewer below and get tasting!


N1 – Hammerton Brewery

ABV – 4.1%
Tasting Notes – Fruity, aromatic and flavoursome malt ‘n’ hop combination.
Drink it when… You’re happy, sad, angry, ecstatic, moody, just “alright” etc.

Possibly one of the most drinkable beers on this list, N1 is an incomparable pale ale (which is saying a lot in the UK’s current brewing climate) as it takes a totally unique variety of fruity and aromatic hops from all over the world and pours them into one delicious and seriously refreshing beer. We’re talking *cracks open bottle* “aaaaaaaaaaaah” levels of refreshing. It’s no wonder that this thirst-quenching brew has swept up award after award since its first pint was poured, and we’re sure that the legacy of Hammerton Brewery’s N1 is set to continue far into the future.

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Never Mind the Kent Hops – London Brewing Co.

ABV – 5.5%
Tasting Notes – Malt character with American Chinook, Amarillo and Simcoe hops.
Drink it when… You’re in need of a brew you can rock out with, man!

Gentlemen, Never Mind the Kent Hops isn’t just beer. It’s bitter. And neither is this pint just bitter. This is Extra Special Bitter. What does that mean for you and your taste buds I hear you ask? It means you’ll get to enjoy all the best bits of classic bitter, with the volume cranked up to 11. London Brewing Co. have really outdone themselves here, and they even had the cajones to add American hops bringing unexpected-but-brilliant tastes to the party. You rascals, you!

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Neck Oil – Beavertown Brewery

ABV – 4.3%
Tasting Notes – Light, punchy, crisp, hops provide a hint of fruit taste.
Drink it when… You need a little “Dutch courage” … But not too much.

Awkward social occasions just became a whole lot easier. May we present to you, coming all the way from the brilliantly creative Beavertown Brewery, the Neck Oil session IPA. Specially designed to be enjoyed all day long and at a family friendly 4.3% ABV, this beer really is a go-to option no matter the situation. Meeting the in-laws? Lovely to meet you sir. Cringeworthy work do’s? You’re promoted! Grandad’s 90th birthday party? Well… Why not?

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Crate I.P.A – Crate Brewery

ABV – 5.8%
Tasting Notes – Fragrant, new world hops in a well-balanced, smooth IPA.
Drink it when… Searching for a bevvie with a little more “oomph”.

Clocking in at an eyebrow-raising 5.8%, it’s true that Crate Brewery’s “Crate I.P.A” lets you know that it’s there from the first sip. And you’ll be glad for it too, this brew is astoundingly well-balanced, offering a lasting, fragrant taste that you can really relish. Plus, the new world hops make this tasty IPA impressively more-ish at the same time as paying homage to the IPA’s colonial roots. A history lesson in a pint glass, who’d-a-thunk-it?

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Camden IHL – Camden Town Brewery

ABV – 6.2%
Tasting Notes – German malt flavours, with the twist of American hops.
Drink it when… On the lookout for your next favourite beer. *spoiler alert* You’ve found it.

The guys at Camden Town Brewery LOVE IPA. They bloody love it. If it was a woman, they’d marry it. But there’s one problem in this heart-breaking love story. This brewery brews lager. But don’t reach for your man-wipes just yet, as these Camden based brewers reinvented the IPA into the IHL lager, creating a true masterpiece that packs in all the flavour of a pale ale, without the “heavy sweetness”. Time to subscribe to Camden Town Brewery’s “Good Book of Beer”, we think.

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