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13 Hilarious Best Man Speech Videos


Need some inspiration for your best man toast? These outstanding best man speech videos are packed with great ideas on how to create something special, and make sure you deliver plenty of laughs at the groom’s expense. Hey, you’re not being mean, you’re being ‘traditional’.

The Stand-Up Guy

What happens when your best man/brother is a stand-up comedian?

The Original

There are many ‘lost speech’ videos, this is the original and probably still the best.

The Tearjerker

A brilliant mix of genuine sentiment and hilarious/embarrassing gags aimed at the groom.

The Rapper

Can’t sing? No worries, just rap your toast instead. Then drop mic and exit.

The Nephew’s Speech

Yeah, he’s just 11, but this guy still delivers one of the funniest best man toasts ever.

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The Action Movie

“I know what this best man toast needs… a tank!” These guys take the best man speech video to another level!

The Celebrity Guest Stars

If you don’t think your speech video is funny enough, then get some celebs to help you.

The Carjackers

Ok, so they stole someone’s car, but it’s still a funny speech.

The Heroes

You’ve got the pop star looks and a best man toast is the perfect time to put them to good use.

History of the groom

Another lost speech but these guys use it to give a neat history of the bride and groom.

The Lip Synch

You can’t sing, you can’t dance, but that’s ok, just make a pop video to the groom’s secret favourite song.

The Worst Speech

Stephen Merchant gives a masterclass in how not to give a best man’s toast.

Don’t try this at home.

The Pop Star

But when it comes to being the Mac Daddy of wedding speeches, that honour goes to McFly’s Tom Fletcher whose wedding speech has had over 19 million views. The medley of McFly hits will leave even the toughest tough guy going a bit wobbly lipped. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Feeling suitably inspired? Then it’s time to go out and start filming your own epic best man speech video. Grab your mates and start plotting that storyboard. But remember, just like a great speech, a great video takes a lot of planning.

We’d love to see your handy(cam) work, so contact our team or give us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll help you share your finished masterpiece with the world while you put up that shelf, ready for your BAFTA.

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