24 Greatest Travel Blogs to Follow This Year

greatest travel blogs to follow

These awesome travelling heroes are living their dream. But instead of keeping it to themselves, they’re sharing their adventures on their amazing blogs to help inspire us mere mortals to get off our sofas and set out on a path less travelled. In celebration of those brave enough to ditch the daily grind in search of daily discovery, we’ve found the best travel blogs for you to follow this year.

Compass Chasers

When couple Pete and Antie met in a Geordie Shore hangout in central Newcastle, little did they know they would travel the world together and little did we know that they’d record it for all to see, that it would be this inspiring and that it would be so effortlessly readable. From Europe to the Americas, the Compass Chasers have been there, done that and provided their top tips so that you might one day join them.

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compass chasers

Global Grasshopper

Becky, the leading lady behind Global Grasshopper has flown from the UK all around the world with her team of self-confessed travel snobs to serve up a feast of inspiration for your next jaunt abroad. Whether it’s the super cool hotels in the U.S. of A or the under-the-radar European destinations you need to visit while you can, Global Grasshopper has it covered. An easy choice for our best travel blogs.

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global grasshopper

Emily Luxton Travels

Wondering how to see everything Berlin has to offer on a shoestring budget? What it’s like to travel from New York to New Orleans in 30 hours by train? How to find the best food and drink in your next holiday destination? Emily Luxton is the girl to follow. Her fantastic blog is packed with inspiration and her award-winning writing style makes her a reliable personality to have on your side when you next set off.

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emily luxton

Travels of Adam

Leading man Adam aims to show you ‘the coolest cultural things to do around the world’. We’re pleased to report he succeeds and then some. From the icy temperatures of Reykjavik to the vibrant metropolis of Berlin, Travels of Adam is loaded with advice, tips and Adam’s own experiences of the places he’s been lucky enough to visit, and you’ll feel as though you were right there with him.

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travels of adam

Bridges and Balloons

Victoria, with her husband Steve, spent 3 years living the nomadic lifestyle but instead of keeping all her best tips and advice to herself, she’s put it all online in the form of this brilliant blog that celebrates different countries, cultures and sights that you’d otherwise only see by jumping on a plane and jetting off yourself.

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bridges and balloons

Backpacks & Bunkbeds

Travelling the world on a budget, whilst holding down a 9-5. That’s the tagline of Backpacks & Bunkbeds, the brainchild of Londoner Neil who’s been sporadically traversing the globe since 2005. With his guides, you too can see some of Earth’s most incredible locations without any awkward meetings with your boss where you have to explain why you were pictured partying in Sri Lanka when you were meant to be ‘sick’.

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backpacks and bunkbeds

Jordan Bunker

Crossing borders and looking cool AF while doing it. That’s Jordan Bunker’s blog for you, a unique and incredibly trendy insight into what it’s like to see the globe without sacrificing any style. Not only will you get Jordan’s expert takes on cities like Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and more, but you’ll also get advice on what to wear and do while you’re there. Sorted.

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jordan bunker

The Travel Hack

Surely exploring the globe is an expensive thing to do? Well, not necessarily. The Travel Hack is a fantastic blog that will show you how to adventure across the world without taking an unexpected dive into your overdraft. Discover how to get the most from your dream destinations while paying less yet crucially still living it up in luxury.

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Nomadic Matt

New York Times best-selling author Matt Kepnes is here to help you “Travel anywhere, better, cheaper and longer”. His travel guides for specific destinations are a brilliant companion to take with you to destinations like Thailand or Amsterdam but there’s plenty of free advice and ideas on his brilliant blog too. In fact, if you’re planning on escaping the UK’s borders anytime soon and you haven’t already checked him out then quite frankly, you aren’t doing it right.

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nomadic matt

Hand Luggage Only

We’ve mentioned the double act of Yaya and Lloyd in past articles, but we couldn’t list the best travel blogs for 2018 without once again talking about Hand Luggage Only. This brilliant collection of stories, guides, tips, advice and travel hacks has come on leaps and bounds in the past 12 months, with the messers behind the adventures coming a long way from their humble beginnings in University. They’re just two guys, exploring the world, one country at a time.

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hand luggage only

James Clark

James Clark’s Nomadic Notes have travelled all over the world through the BBC, Metro, Lonely Planet and The New York Times. But James hasn’t let all the success get to his head, he’s still just as down to earth as ever and his relaxed approach to travel is something we could all learn from whether you’re planning a trip to Singapore or a jaunt across the channel to Paris. A true legend of the travel blogosphere.

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james clark

An Adventurous World

Sometimes, what you need to finally get off the sofa, go online and book that trip you’ve been spending your 9-5 daydreaming of is a little motivation. Luckily, Macca Sherifi is here to serve it up by the bucket load. An Adventurous World is a positive-thinking blog that can take you from the Cotswolds to Canada at the click of a button, from Copenhagen to London and the tap of your phone screen.

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Urban Travel Blog

If you’re in the act of masterminding your next global adventure, then the chances are you’ll be spending some time in a city. That’s what makes Urban Travel Blog an essential visit and easily one of the best travel blogs to follow in 2018. The detailed guides on some of the world’s most popular cities can get you prepared for weekend breaks in everywhere from Amsterdam to Rome, while Editor Duncan Rhodes’ own experiences make for interesting and often hilarious reading.

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urban travel blog

Fresh & Fearless

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Fresh & Fearless on our blog and if head honcho Aftab continues with this addictive collection of inspiration then the chances are it won’t be the last. F&F is an incredibly cool blog that showcases some of the world’s most popular destinations, showing you the tourist trail as well as those off-the-beaten-track places that only the most seasoned culture vultures know about.

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fresh and fearless

Travelling Tom

Tom’s only 24 but he’s visited over 50 countries so far and it doesn’t look as though he’s slowing down any time soon. With a fresh take on all the amazing locations he’s explored, Tom is a brilliant personality for any wannabe world traveller to follow while his list of travel resources is a ready-made scrapbook of ideas for you to freely steal from.

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travelling tom

Ladies What Travel

Emma and Keri are, spoiler alert, Ladies What Travel. But you won’t find them lazing on sunbeds or sipping cocktails by the pool (okay, maybe the second but who are we to judge?), instead they’re out there taking some of the most amazing destinations on our blue planet by storm, finding the best places to eat, drink and party so you don’t have to. #ThankYouLadies.

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ladies what travel

Grown-Up Travel Guide

Yeah, you’re a little too old to be digging out your childhood atlas every time you need to remember where Panama is. What you need is the Grown-Up Travel Guide, an adult look at some of the world’s most visited locations (and the ones that sometimes fly under the radar) that doesn’t sacrifice any of the fun that comes with crossing international borders for the first time. Plus it even has a beer diary!

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grown up travel guide

Global Help Swap

It’s 2018. While we love a crazy weekend in Magaluf as much as the next man, it’s time to acknowledge that it’s a good idea to give something back to the places we visit instead of just the sight of your best friend in a neon mankini. Global Help Swap promote responsible tourism where you contribute to your dream holiday destinations in innovative and rewarding ways, meaning that not only do you get the trip of a lifetime, but you’re also left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you’ve helped out.

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global help swap

Johan Lolos

When gawping at Johan Lolos’ stunning travel photography, it’s easy to forget that this brilliant Belgian is completely self-taught. Following his instincts for finding the world’s forgotten about places as well as the big cities we’ve all dreamed of visiting, his work has been features in National Geographic, BuzzFeed and the Daily Mail. You can follow his exploits on his blog and we heartily recommend that you do.

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johan lolos


On a quick weekend break abroad, sometimes all you have is 12 waking hours in which to explore and discover somewhere completely new. That’s where this incredible blog comes into its own, with amazing guides that take you off the tourist trail to the less known corners of the world’s most storied cities. In their words, “Less sightseeing, more wandering. Cool stores instead of tourist traps”. Perfection.

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Jelly Journeys

Headed up by Joe and Elly, a couple of media professionals with a serious penchant for finding the world’s Instagram worthy places, Jelly Journeys is the perfect blog to feed your wanderlust. Instead of just showcasing the destinations they visit through predictable guides, they tell the story of their own experiences there, giving you an authentic take on locations great and small before you set off for your own border trotting adventure.

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Never Ending Voyage

At the end of a rough day at work, you might think about dropping everything and heading to some far-flung country on the other side of the world. Think about, but never actually do. But that’s just what couple Simon and Erin did in 2010, selling all their possessions to see the globe up close and personal. Through the Never Ending Voyage blog, you can witness their travels first hand and absorb all their top tips for packing light and getting the most from your own trips.

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never ending voyage

Vicky Flip Flop Travels

We can’t talk enough about how inspirational solo-traveller Vicky can be, proving to us all that not having someone to journey with isn’t an excuse to not do it at all. She’s not here to save the world, she’s not here to tell you to quit your job to ‘find yourself’, she’s here to have a good time and hopefully deliver a few laughs while giving you all the ideas, tips, advice and facts you need to start your own travels abroad.

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Simon’s JamJar

One of the UK’s award-winning best travel blogs, Simon’s JamJar is a foodie’s take on travelling the world, showing us that you can find delicious eats whether you’re hiking the Inca Trail, exploring Iceland’s Golden Circle or even ‘taking a Brexit-fuelled staycation”. As well as all this, Simon also reviews the latest travel gear so if you are planning your own journey, you can get the lowdown on all the essential loot you need.

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simons jam jar

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