21 Best BBQ Must Haves for Men

21 best bbq must haves

Did you know some people cook indoors in a special room? Yeah, imagine that, an entire room just for cooking!?! Not for us thanks, we’ll stick to cooking outdoors, we reckon if we can’t smoke it, grill it or stick a can of beer up it’s a*** (to add moisture and flavour) then we don’t want to eat it.

To be survivors like us, you need to be properly tooled up, so here are the 21 ultimate BBQ must haves that no man should be forced to live without.

21 Best BBQ Must Haves for Men

Mini Fridge

Now before we get started, lets take care of the important stuff, thanks to you can keep your beers cold pretty much anywhere. From funky, retro looking 4-litre shed fridges to 48-litre (lockable) man cave coolers. You can even get it custom wrapped, unless you’re an Arsenal fan with really bad taste in interior design. Or Piers Morgan.

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mini fridge

Brick BBQ Kit

Now that you have the means to keep your beer cold, you can set about building your own BBQ. Few things in life feel quite so manly as grilling burgers on a brick-built BBQ you made with your own clumsy hands. Sunshine BBQs have the complete kit and step by step idiot proof guides to do it yourself (well, depending on the size of the idiot). And it doesn’t have to cost the earth to create your own outdoor kitchen.

brick bbq


Novelty aprons should be put in the same bracket as novelty socks. Much like Gareth in accounts who wears his Simpsons Christmas sock all year round, they should be avoided. But is it possible to wear an apron and look cool? Yes, the Black Sheep Skateboard Store have made it so, check out this Dickies apron if you want to be seen as a man who means business.

dickies apron

Burger Press

You don’t have to buy burgers, just like the BBQ, you can DIY it and construct your own burgers from scratch. Add chilli, beer, cheese, etc to mince, a pinch of seasoning and you’re on your way to your own signature pattie. It’s ridiculously easy, can throw up some amazing results and will make your mates think you actually know what you’re doing. All you need is a chopping board and one of these excellent burger presses available from the gadget boffins at Oxo.


Farmdrop – BBQ Bundles

If you don’t fancy rolling your own then the next best thing is Farmdrop, you don’t even need to go shopping, they’ll send you a BBQ bundle packed with steak, burgers, chicken wings, you just decide what you want and they send it. But there’s even more good news, all the produce is supplied by local farmers (who receive a minimum of 75% of the money, unlike supermarket produce) and everything will arrive in a 100% electric vehicle. Making you an eco warrior, saving the planet one BBQ at a time.

Visit their website…

bbq meat bundle


You can stay away from the mainstream burgers that Derek and Dierdre cook up next door and serve up some real talking points with Kezie meats. Ostrich, kangaroo, wild boar, buffalo are just some of the amazingly delicious meats most of which are much lower in fat. Alpaca, zebra, crocodile can all be on the menu. You can order direct online or you can now find Kezie in Iceland. And if you’ve got young relatives coming around how about horse or reindeer?


Marinade Injector

Add a little ‘mad scientist’ to your BBQ look with a giant hypodermic. This isn’t for conducting experiments on your guests but for adding even more flavour to your meat. There are two different sizes of needles you can fit to the stainless steal injector that comes with a handy case. You can add all kinds of liquid sauces, butters and marinades and if nothing else it’ll make it look like you really mean business.

marinade injector

Chilli Sauce

“Ole, ole, ole, oleeeey, feeling hot, hot hot… Me mouth on fire, me ass on fire feeling hot hot hot…” If you want your burgers or wings to deliver a squinty-eyed-purple-lipped-can’t-feel-my-legs kind of kick then check out Chilli Wizards. They have a huge range of fiery sauces and other flaming goodies. We’re big fans of Blair’s Jalapeno Tequila Death Sauce which does exactly what it says on the bottle.

Visit their website…

chilli wizard


You can rub your meet up the wrong way or the right way, Firefly BBQ’s rubs are all about adding flavour first and foremost then following that up with a kick of heat. Using real chilis and never extract they have a great selection of flavours you can work your way through one crazy summer. There’s also wood chips, spices and more for the true connoisseur.

Visit their website…

bbq rub


Smoking is a great way of adding flavour to your bog average chicken for extra zing. But you don’t have to just give your smoker the bird, you can smoke all kinds of meats and fish. Using a smoker is a simple way of making you look like a true BBQ master while adding bags of flavour. Find yours from, you’ll soon be wondering how you’ve managed to live without one all these years.

bbq smoker


We’ve all done it, lit the BBQ and three hours later your angry looking girlfriend is phoning Dominoes while you’re in the garden trying to craft makeshift bellows to wheeze some heat into the charcoal. Well now you can thank the experts at BBQ World for putting you on the path to grilling perfection. A BBQ lighter is like a mini chimney, you pack it with coals and in 20-minutes you’ll have them at the optimum temperature to get your cook on. Like a boss!

bbq charcoal lighter

Branding Iron

Yeehaw! You can sling those burgers like a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy, you can even brand your own’ cattle/burgers with a fun message for your guests. This brilliant little gizmo from allows you to create your own brand or message you can then seal onto your meat while cooking. A great way to send out a message to one of your mates.

bbq branding iron

ProQ Smoker

If you’re really determined to take your BBQing to the next level then this is what you need. Looking like the love child of Darth Vader and R2D2 they’re actually one of the finest cooking gadgets the world has ever seen. Top of the “I want one of these” wish lists for men the world over you, this bad boy really will take your garden chef-ery to the next level. There’s also a chance it came from a galaxy far, far away.

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ProQ Smokers


As stated above, novelty aprons are a real ‘no-no’ but James Bond themed personalised aprons, now that friends is cooler than Roger Moore, sipping martinis in an ice bath while raising an eyebrow. We’ve always been fans of GettingPersonal but now they’ve actually given us a “License to Grill” (Badam bah, badam bah, badadada bah!).

Visit their website…

personalised apron

BBQ Sword

If you have a friend who doesn’t own a BBQ sword or says he doesn’t need/want a BBQ sword then you need to get a new friend. The coolest BBQ gadget ever, this sausage slayer instantly transforms you into the Zorro of the BBQ. Go ahead, put on a mask, spin your apron around to wear it like a cape and talk in a Mexican accent. You can get armed by The Fowndry, they also have a ton of other brilliant gadgets we love. Bear claws? Yes please!

bbq sword

Grill Slinger

The Grillslinger is what separates the BBQ men from the BBQ boys. If you want to look like a BBQ daddy then you simply have to have one of these in your life. Over the top? Hell no, when it comes to flipping the perfect burgers there is no ‘over the top’. A tong and spatula holder that sets you apart from lesser chefs and will make you the envy of all the neighbourhood garden grillers. Available from Garden Oasis who also have a ton of cool garden games.

grill slinger

Stormtrooper Cheeseboard

If you don’t want to spend days marinating your steaks or walking through a forest to pick wild garlic and herbs for your salad dressing then you can still save face simply by serving your cheese on a Stormtrooper Cheeseboard. Geek out! Weird, cool, kitsch, call it what you will, but now you’ve seen it you want one too. Available from the Joy Store, a website that genuinely does spread joy as our growing army of desk toys can prove.

stormtrooper cheese board

Beer Bucket

Because man cannot live on bread (and burgers) alone. No one wants to have to walk all the way to the fridge for their next drink, set up a couple of ice cold beverage stations using well filled beer buckets so guests can help themselves. You can make it a socialist gathering by providing the ice and asking guests to bring bottles for the BBQ party to share. These funky buckets from Drink Stuff are just the ticket, other sizes are available if you and the guys are feeling really thirsty.

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beer bucket


Now comes the really important bit, what do you fill your beer bucket with? Well it’s summer and that means cider (we’re Somerset boys so it’s our go to BBQ beverage, it’s in our DNA). The first drink in the bucket is Hogfather from the brilliant crew at Orchard Pig. There are ciders and then there’s Hogfather. What “Capeesh” sounds like in a Somerset accent we’re not quite sure, but this amazing drink really does deliver a flavour you can’t refuse.

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orchard pig cider


If you ask everyone to bring their own bottles you can be pretty sure that some amateurs will get it wrong and turn up with beer that isn’t Brew Dog. Try not to hold it against them, perhaps they don’t know any better but it’s your duty to educate them. Put a burger in one hand and a bottle of Dead Pony Club in the other and watch the happiness wash over them. People have been sainted for lesser good deeds.

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brewdog beer

Cook Book

Can’t cook, won’t cook don’t know what the f*** you’re doing? No worries, Thug Kitchen have got you covered with their brilliant recipe books. No, this isn’t one of those smug books that assumes you happen to have capers passed through the anus of wild porcupine in your larder, then makes you feel like an idiot for not knowing what a yangmei berry is. These are books even the most basic chef can master. Brilliant recipes leading to brilliant results. Pick of the bunch is “Thug Kitchen Party Grub – For Social Mother-f***ers”.

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thug kitchen cook book

Got a BBQ gadget we might have missed? Drop us a line below and if we’re suitably swayed will plaster it all over our social media channels to make amends.

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