StagWeb’s 2019 Hot List

2019 hot list
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From manly blogs to themed bars and everything in between, we’ve been busy this year checking out the very best of, well, everything (or at least everything that truly matters). What follows is our 2019 Hot List, the best of the best to watch/visit/enjoy in 2019.

Street Food Vendors

The Bus Café – Margate

Come rain or shine, everyone likes to be beside the seaside ideally with something delicious in hand to eat. This converted double decker bus serves amazing dishes including a variety of falafels and even a few hash dishes (a potato rosti served with different toppings). Forget the bucket and spade, The Bus Cafe is why you should go to the seaside.

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the bus cafe

Cone Queen – Kingston Upon Hull

We can’t say enough good things about the Cone Queen. If you’re new in, then let us break it down. The Cone Queen takes regular pizzas and turns them into ice cream shaped cones of pure deliciousness that are not only easier to carry than a regular slice but also look and taste more delicious!

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cone queen

Craftwork’s Street Kitchen – Lemon Quay, Cornwall

Craftwork’s Street Kitchen has made Cornwall’s beaches even cooler with their awesome van (you’ll struggle to miss it!) and their even more awesome food. If you’re in the area and fancy a burger or tacos, they can hook you up. There’s also a full time restaurant in Truro made from shipping containers, worth a look as the food truck takes a break every six months.

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craftworks street kitchen

Shazia’s Street Food – Manchester

Let’s be honest, some fast food just plain sucks. That’s why Shazia’s Street Food’s motto is ‘good food, not fast food’, a motto echoed in all their amazing traditional Pakistani and Indian food. It tastes amazing and is far cleaner than most other takeaway curries you’ll eat.


shazias street food

Stam & Maria Greek street food – York

You’re out and thinking about picking up some food. We’d bet you didn’t think about Greek food as an option, but you really should! This truly excellent street food vendor is blowing up TripAdvisor thanks to their amazing gyros, pita breads jam packed with meat and veg, Greek style.

souvlaki greek street food

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