39 Handy Travel Hacks

Handy Travel Hacks

Travelling just got a whole lot easier!

Learn all the best tips and tricks used by seasoned travellers to make your next adventure a doddle with these helpful travel hacks. From space and money savers to beer chilling ideas, we’ve compiled the definitive list of need-to-know hacks for your next big trip!

Don’t let travelling stress you out, hack your way to a relaxing hassle-free experience…

Top 10 Travel Hacks

  1. Watch Out for Browser Cookies
  2. Use Google Maps Offline
  3. Chill Your Beers Without a Fridge
  4. Take One Plug Adapter and an Extension Lead
  5. Roll Your Clothes – See Other Packing Hacks Below
  6. Mark Your Bag as Fragile
  7. Scan & Email Your Important Documents
  8. Ask For an Upgrade
  9. Eat Like A Local
  10. Buy Compression Cubes

19 Handy Travel Hacks

1. Watch Out for Browser Cookies

Be savvy when you’re searching for flights! Those pesky internet programmers have woven in a feature known as “dynamic pricing” which makes prices rise when you return to a website – i.e. when you’re looking for plane tickets. You can either out-sneak those dastardly internet gremlins by deleting your cookies (yeah, no idea either) or you can turn ‘incognito’ private browsing on and bypass those money-grabbing cookies!

2. Be Flexible with your Dates

We know sometimes this isn’t possible, but if you are flexible with your chosen dates, you may be able to save yourselves a nice chunk of money – Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally cheaper days to fly.


3. Authorise Your Cards

Don’t fall foul to the schoolboy error of failing to notify your bank that you’re jetting off abroad! You’ll find they’ll shut down your account down faster than you can say, “But my mummy used to sort it all for me!”, leaving you up a certain creek without a paddle. And you definitely don’t need that when you’re about to purchase your first, refreshing, holiday beverage!

4. Use Local Cash Machines

Whilst we’re on the subject of money, rather than using expensive exchange bureaus, be sure to use localised ATMs to save on the withdrawal fees. Although use your judgement, using a bank on a busy street may be a safer bet than the one under that flickering light in that dingy alleyway.

5. Use Google Maps Offline

Yes, you can now use Google Maps offline, meaning you won’t have to rinse your data and spend extortionate amounts on roaming when you’re out and about. Simply plot your routes when you have WiFi and download the maps for future use.

google maps

6. Chilling Your Beers Without A Fridge

Really this should be at the top of the list. If you’ve never faced this dilemma, you should count your lucky stars! When you’re in a warm country and don’t have access to a fridge in your room/accommodation, you used to just have to muddle through with tepid cans of lager which got hotter and hotter by the minute. But some forward-thinking pioneer had the foresight to fill up his sink with water and ice and, voila, you never have to face the dreary prospect of drinking out of a lukewarm ever again.

7. Don’t Fork Out For Multiple Plug Adapters

Simply buy one and take a UK extension lead with you. If there is a group of you, this could end up saving you a surprising amount of money, meaning you’ll have more to spend on the important things on a vacation; beers, food, beers, souvenirs, beers, etc. etc.

packing for the stag do

8. Conquer Jet Lag

Don’t go losing valuable holiday time moping about feeling sorry for yourself because you’re tired. One of the biggest contributors to the effects of jet lag is dehydration. Staying hydrated is no magic cure, but making sure you drink plenty of water will certainly lessen your effects. Going for a run is also a frequently cited remedy, but that does involve considerably more effort than lifting a glass of water to your face.

9. Buy a Bum Bag

A fashion trend we certainly didn’t foresee returning but has made a roaring comeback is the bum bag. They’re now a symbol of the cool guy rather than the pensioner or that weird kid at school who used to eat crayons. Fashionable and a great way to keep all your valuables safe and sound!

10. The Bottle Opener Keyring

The panic that sets in when you purchase a beer with a bottle cap only to realise you don’t have an opener is akin, we imagine, to what must happen if you come face to face with a Bengal tiger in the wild: panic, sweating, the fear you’re not gonna survive! Well get organised and purchase a bottle opener for your keyring for all those bottle-related emergencies! You can pick these up for around a pound if you search the interweb.

The Bottle Opener Keyring

11. Roll Your Clothes

A nifty space saver, rolling up your clothes instead of folding them gives you a surprising amount of extra room. Also, you don’t have to waste time folding which is always a winner!


12. Mark Your Bag as Fragile

Even if it isn’t! We know, sneaky, right?! This means the guys at the airport will handle it with care and also place it on the top of everyone’s luggage, so it’ll be first off the plane and you can avoid the long queues. You just have to live with the guilt of lying to the multi-billion pound aviation company… yeah, us neither.

13. Scan Your Important Docs

Unfortunately, we live in a world where sometimes people fall victim to theft. Equally, we also live in a world where people are pretty ditsy and lose stuff with worrying frequency. So it’s a good idea, before you set off, to scan a copy of your passport and screenshot your flight details etc. to alleviate some issues you might encounter if you were to misplace certain items.

14. Eat Local

Forget eating the same old slop you can buy back in Blighty, got native and search out local restaurants – they’re generally cheaper, plus you get a real insight into the local culture.

eat local

15. Bin Bag Your Bag

If you’re off out trekking and the heavens open, you don’t want all your valuables getting drenched. Pack a bin bag which you can whip it out as a luggage poncho if you get caught out by the weather!

16. Ask For An Upgrade

When you’re getting your flight, ask for an upgrade. They can only say “no” and you’ll be amazed how often this little charm actually works!

17. Utilise the USB

Most phones and tech gadgets charge via a simple USB cable these days, so you can charge your device from TVs, laptops and other gadgets you find around hotels and hostels. That means, in some cases, you could get away with leaving those bulky plug adapters at home.

18. WiFi Passwords

Forget paying for access to WiFi as some places are known to make you do, internet forums and websites are rife with travellers sharing the WiFi passwords of some of the most popular places from around the globe.


19. Never Carry Too Much Money

Don’t carry too much on you at one time. If you go out with all your money and end up losing it or having it pinched, you’ll be well and truly stuffed. Leave it in the bank or leave some in a safe place at your accommodation.

Flight Hacks

11 of the Best Flight Hacks for a Smooth Trip

1. Exercise Before Your Flight

If time allows, have a workout before your flight. Not only will you feel better, but it’ll also tire you out meaning you’ll be more likely to sleep or at least get a little bit of rest whilst you’re travelling.

2. Wear a Comfy Coat

In the height of summer, this won’t always be an option, but a comfy coat can also double up as a nifty travel pillow.

3. Buy a Travel Pillow

If you’re really looking to get your head down, particularly on a long haul flight, it’s definitely worth investing in a top-quality travel pillow so you can get some proper shut-eye. We’d highly recommend these which come with eye masks and earplugs, so you can block everyone else out.

Our recommendation >

4. Avoid Booze

Probably not a hugely popular suggestion as the pre-flight pint is all part of the holidaying experience, but it can make you feel lethargic.

5. Conquer Turbulence

Well… OK, you can’t quite conquer turbulence, but if it affects you badly, you can make your life slightly easier by avoiding the back of the plane where it is worse. Flying over the wings is the best place to be.

6. Bring Wet Wipes

If you’re worried about picking up a cold being crammed onto a flight with a load of other people, minimise the risk by wiping down your armrest and tray table with a wet wipe – make sure they’re disinfectant ones.

7. Book a Window Seat & Aisle Seat

If there are two of you and you’re on a flight which isn’t likely to become fully booked, it’s worth taking the gamble of booking a window seat and an aisle seat, leaving the middle one free. It is unlikely anyone will want to book this one, plus if someone does, you can just ask them to swap with one of you.

Flying Travel Hack

8. Buy a Portable Luggage Scale

Don’t get slapped with extra charges for exceeding the weight limit, buy a portable luggage scale so you can weigh your luggage for the trip there and back – extra handy when you’ve stocked up on souvenirs.

Here’s one we’d recommend >

9. Book Well In Advance

Flights are cheaper the further away from the departure date you book them. Don’t leave it late and find yourselves paying well over the odds.

10. Travel With Carry On Only

How much do you really need to take with you? Save some money by packing the bare minimum. The lighter you travel, the less there is to worry about.

11. Invest in a Portable Charger

Ideal for a long-haul flight, it means you can watch movies and listen to tunes on your mobile/tablet without worrying about them running out of juice.

This one is great >

Packing Hacks

Now we’ve already mentioned our little rolling clothes trick which is a banger, but here are some other handy suitcase packing hacks, so you can maximise your space!

8 Travel Packing Tips to Save You Space & Stress

1. Get a Suitcase with Wheels

Kicking things off with an obvious (not-so-much-a-hack) hack, but the difference is massive between lugging a heavy suitcase and rolling it leisurely behind you. You could say, they’re a wheely good idea… you don’t have to, though.

Packing Travel Hack

2. Wear Your Biggest/Bulkiest Items

Another one which may seem obvious, but the amount of people who pack a bulky coat rather than wearing it is astonishing.

3. Pack Dryer Sheets

Not a box of them, but pack a few dryer sheets in between your luggage to keep it smelling fresh.

4. Get Some Handy Travel Pouches

Particularly useful if you’re one of those people who live out of their suitcase, you can keep your laundry separate from your clean clothes, plus you can have your plugs and chargers kept together for quick and easy access.

Grab yourself some here >

5. Place Your Heaviest Items At The Bottom

It makes it a lot easier to wheel your luggage, and less likely it’ll tip over, particularly if you’re making a mad dash to the gate when you’re late.

6. Invest in a Shirt Carrier

Big meeting abroad? Romantic dinner and you want to look sharp? Dressing to impress? Well, you’re not going to impress anyone with a shirt riddled with creases. Get yourself a crease-resistant shirt carrier and look a million dollars (or fifty quid – we don’t know what the standard of your shirts are).

Get one here >

7. Write a List Before You Pack

If you rush, you’ll probably forget something. In fact, you will. Don’t pretend you won’t. OK, lists aren’t cool. Brad Pitt probably doesn’t write lists, but Brad Pitt probably forgets his toothbrush… just saying.

8. Buy Compression Cubes

Compression cubes can reduce packing size by up to 30% by squeezing out all the air meaning you can get more into less.

Here are some of our favourites.

Bonus Travel Hack – The Travel Hack Backpack

This seriously cool travel hack backpack is compartmentalised so you can section out all your gear, plus it comes fitted with an external USB port and it’s water-repellent. A solid travel investment.

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