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25 things to do before you are 40

25 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Hits 40


By the time I’m 25… 30… 40… I’ll have…

We all have goals/dreams we think we’ll have achieved by the time we hit a certain age but how many of us actually take the time or really commit to achieving them? So you, yes you, sat there right now reading this, are you living life to the max or worried it might be passing you by?

It’s time to take a quick soul searching stock check of your boyhood bucket list and see how you measure up to your teenage hopes.

Measure yourself against our 25 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Hits 40 and see how you score.

  • Gone on a road trip (driving to your local Tesco doesn’t count!).

gone on a road trip

  • Danced with a stranger in a foreign land.
  • Seen your favourite band play live.
  • Owned a sports car.

owned a sports car

  • Scored a goal in a penalty shoot out.
  • Stayed up to watch the sunrise.
  • Met one of your heroes.
  • Sold something you made with your hands.
  • Made a decision based on the toss of a coin.

made a decision based on the toss of a coin.

  • Partied all night and gone straight to breakfast.
  • Treated yourself to something expensive.
  • Had a flutter at a racetrack.
  • Made a piece of furniture.
  • Seen a live sports final.

sports fan

  • Played in a band.
  • Bid at an auction.
  • Cooked a romantic meal.
  • Lived in a different country.
  • High dived/jumped into water.


  • Eaten something weird.
  • Given a speech in public.
  • Danced barefoot on the sand.
  • Invented your own cocktail.

invented your own cocktail

  • Drunk a country’s national drink in that country.
  • Given a day for a worthy cause.

And a bonus entry…

  • Written a letter to your future self. Go on, do it today.

written a letter to your future self

How did you score?

20 – 25 – You’re one of life’s achievers, you’ve run marathons, tangoed in Paris, written novels and saved children from burning buildings, you should be wearing a cape!

10 – 19 – Not bad but there’s still so much still to achieve, but that’s not a problem, to you it’s an ‘opportunity’. Go get ’em tiger!

0 – 9 – Put the Xbox down, grab your passport and get living! There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to make it your playground.

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