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Hawaiian Shirts for your Stag Do

The Freshest Stag Do Hawaiian Shirts


It’s time to say goodbye to your smart, stylish shirts and “Aloha!” to these outrageous Hawaiian shirts that are perfect for the stag do.

Whether you’re jetting off to somewhere sunny or heading to Carlisle for a decidedly rainy celebration, these bad boys will add a splash of awesome to your big weekend away.

Just look at them.

Why Wear Hawaiian Shirts on a Stag Do?

The questions should be… why wouldn’t you wear Hawaiian shirts on a stag?

They’re big. They’re bold. They’re flamboyant AF.

In fact, they’re the definitive party shirt.


Sidestep the Awkwardness…

These days, stag parties are made up of loads of people from all walks of the groom’s life.

Home friends. Old friends. Uni friends. Football Friends. “Ohh Friend!”

And, sometimes, it can be awkward if some of the guys don’t know each other.

Don’t fret.

Hawaiian shirts on the stag do are the perfect way to break the ice and get everyone primed and ready to party.

Nothing screams camaraderie like a range of outrageous shirts.

A Guaranteed Conversation Starter…

Let’s be real, these shirts are cool.  

That’s the real reason why they’re such a hit with stags.

And seeing a group of grown men dressed in bright, tropical prints is guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversation.

They will make sure you’re the centre of attention this weekend.

How To Choose The Perfect Hawaiian Shirt For Your Stag Do?

The Colours

The first thing to consider is the colour.

If you want to make a bold statement, go for a shirt with a loud and proud pattern.

If you’re going for a more toned-down look, stick with solid colours like blue, green, or red.

The Fit

Next, think about the fit.

Hawaiian shirts are meant to be loose and comfortable, but you still want to make sure you get the right size.

If you’re between sizes, it’s always better to size up.

This will ensure that your shirt isn’t too tight and uncomfortable, especially if you plan on wearing it all day.

The Occasion

Don’t forget to consider your stag do activities and which venues you will be going to on the big night out.

Be sure to pick a shirt that is appropriate to what you will be doing/where you’re going.

There’s nothing worse than being turned away because you’re not wearing the right attire.

Luckily for you, all our activity pages tell you if there’s a dress code to stick to, so you’ll know when the best time is to whip out your fantastic Hawaiian shirts.

Top Stag Do Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirts Not Sh*t Enough?

Check out our cracking range of truly awful shirts for the stag do and really take your shirt game to the next level.

Warning: Some of these shirts are truly hideous… you’ve been warned!!

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