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Stag do stats 2023

Stag Do Statistics – 2023-2024 Industry Report


Feel free to use any stats and quotes that appear in the report, but please credit StagWeb.co.uk with a link.

It’s time to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the legendary world of stag weekends.

Here at StagWeb.co.uk, one of the UK’s leading stag planners since 2002, we’ve done some number crunching to bring you all the stag do statistics you need to know for 2023 and 2024.

From average cost to where they’re heading, you can find out everything you need to know about the stag industry below.

The Highlights…

Looking Back… 2023 Stats

  • Most Popular UK Destination 2023Bristol
  • Most Popular European Destination 2023Benidorm
  • UK/Europe Split – 52% UK / 48% Europe
  • Average Cost of a Stag Do 2023 – £193
  • Average Cost of a Stag Do UK 2023 – £185
  • Average Cost of Stag Do Abroad – £206
  • Average Stag Party Size 2023 – 13
  • How Far in Advance Do Stags Book – 122 Days (4 Months)

Looking Ahead… 2024 Stats


  • Most Popular UK Destination 2024 – Bristol
  • Most Popular European Destination 2024 – Benidorm
  • UK/Europe Split – 41% UK / 59% Europe

Most Popular Destinations

Most popular stag destinations


  1. Bristol
  2. Benidorm
  3. Liverpool
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Cardiff
  6. Barcelona
  7. Lisbon
  8. Albufeira
  9. Dublin
  10. Berlin
Most popular stag destinations 2024


  1. Benidorm
  2. Bristol
  3. Albufeira
  4. Dublin
  5. Liverpool
  6. Cardiff
  7. Edinburgh
  8. Newcastle
  9. Prague
  10. Budapest

59% of Stags are Heading Abroad in 2024

For the first time since 2019, more stags are set to jet off abroad than have their weekends in the UK.

Yes, a whopping 59% are due to party in Europe and beyond next year, whereas the majority of hens (67%) are opting for a UK celebration.

Sunny stag destinations
  • 2022 – With the hangover from the pandemic, most stags were forced to have their pre-wedding celebrations in the UK.
  • 2023 – This year was almost a 50/50 split, with European travel kicking back into gear for the first time since 2019.
  • 2024 – 2024 looks set to be massive for European travel, with over a third of stags set to head to Spain or Eastern Europe.

Bristol – Once again Bristol was the number-one choice for stags in 2023, though it looks set to be usurped by Benidorm in 2024.

“Bristol is the ultimate stag city,” said Tom Keenan, StagWeb’s Bristol specialist.

“As well as a great night out, you’ve got a range of top activities on offer, plus loads of great accommodation options.

“It’s also pretty easily accessible wherever you’re heading from, so it ticks a lot of boxes for a hassle-free weekend.”

Tom Keenan – Bristol specialist

Find out why a Bristol stag do is all the rage.

Bristol stag do

Benidorm – Benidorm has always been a popular choice for stags, but its popularity soared after the pandemic when guys were hunting the sun.

“Benidorm looks set to blitz Bristol as our most popular destination in 2024,” said Simon Old, StagWeb’s Benidorm specialist.

“It’s always been a popular choice, but since the pandemic, it’s shot through the roof.

“It’s also set to be our number one destination for hens next year, too, so the parties are going to well and truly pop off in 2024.”

Simon Old – Benidorm Specialist

See why everyone is booking a Benidorm stag do for 2024.

Benidorm stag do

Most Popular European Destination (Last 10 Years)

  • 2023 – Benidorm
  • 2022 – Benidorm
  • 2021 – N/A (COVID)
  • 2020 – N/A (COVID)
  • 2019 – Prague
  • 2018 – Prague
  • 2017 – Hamburg
  • 2016 – Barcelona
  • 2015 – Lisbon
  • 2014 – Prague

UK vs Europe 2022/2023/2024


UK vs Europe Split:  63% / 37%

  • UK – 63%
  • Spain – 12%
  • Eastern Europe – 11%
  • Portugal – 5%
  • Germany – 4%
  • Ireland – 3%
  • Other – 2%


UK vs Europe Split:  52% / 48%

  • UK – 52%
  • Spain – 17%
  • Eastern Europe – 12%
  • Portugal – 7%
  • Germany – 6%
  • Ireland – 3%
  • Other – 3%


UK vs Europe Split:  41% / 59%

Average Stag Do Cost

Average stag do cost

Average Stag Do Cost (UK & Abroad)

  • 2013 – £112
  • 2014 – £128
  • 2015 – £139
  • 2016 – £143
  • 2017 – £157
  • 2018 – £159
  • 2019 – £156
  • 2020 – COVID
  • 2021 – COVID
  • 2022 – £174
  • 2023 – £193

Average Cost of a Stag Do UK 2023 – £185

Average Cost of a Stag Do Abroad 2023 – £206

*Average cost includes accommodation, activities and nightlife.

In 2019, the average price of a stag do actually dropped to its lowest price in three years, but the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis have seen prices rise.

In 2023, the average cost of a stag do was at an all-time high, though it was significantly lower than stats released by an insurance company that were doing the rounds this year.

The insurers claimed that the cost of accommodation and activities for a UK celebration was £257 (£72 more than StagWeb’s stats) and a celebration abroad would set stags back £399 (£193 more than StagWeb’s stats).

Our stats also include nightlife figures (nightclub entry, drinks packages, dinner add-ons, etc.).

“The stats in their report seem like they’re over-inflated,” said StagWeb’s Head of Sales, Jamie Birleson.

“Our stats, from tens of thousands of stags, showed that it was considerably lower than what they suggested.

“Whilst the average price has increased post-pandemic for a variety of factors, you can still easily get great value on a weekend away with the guys.”

Jamie Birleson – StagWeb’s head of sales

Average Stag Party Size  2023

  • 2013 – 12
  • 2014 – 12
  • 2015 – 12
  • 2016 – 12
  • 2017 – 13
  • 2018 – 13
  • 2019 – 13
  • 2020 – COVID
  • 2021 – COVID
  • 2022 – 13
  • 2023 – 13
  • 2024 – 18
Average stag do size

🧑 Smallest Stag Party Size 2023: 5

🧑 Biggest Stag Party Size 2023: 38

🧑 Average Stag Party Size 2023: 13

🧑 Average Stag Party Size 2024: 18

The average size of a stag party in 2023 stayed the same as it has since 2017.

Next year looks as if the average group size is set to shoot up to 18 people, but this doesn’t paint the whole picture according to StagWeb’s Head of Events, Ellie Silk.

“Although it looks as if stag parties are going to be a lot bigger next year, we find that a few people always drop out in the run-up, so the final group size is always lower than what’s originally booked. We find stags in particular are super flakey.”

The biggest group to go out with StagWeb in 2023 was made up of 38 guys hopping on a flight and heading for Dusseldorf.

There were also a few groups of five who headed out on a more low-key affair.

Most Popular Activities 2023 & 2024🎉


  1. Go Karting
  2. Bar Crawl
  3. Bubble Football
  4. Paintball
  5. Clay Shooting
  6. Lap Dancing
  7. Quad Biking
  8. Comedy Club
  9. Beer Bike
  10. Target Shooting


Most popular activities
  1. Go Karting
  2. Bar Crawl
  3. Bubble Football
  4. Paintball
  5. Lap Dancing
  6. Quad Biking
  7. Clay Shooting
  8. Beer Bike
  9. Comedy Club
  10. Target Shooting

Go karting is once again one of the most popular stag activities with things staying pretty much the same as the year before.

“Stags know what they want and that’s been pretty consistent for a few years,” said Jamie Birleson, StagWeb’s Head of Sales.

“Classics are classics for a reason. You simply can’t go wrong with some go karting followed by a bar crawl.

“Occasionally, we get a new craze come along like bubble football, but it’s pretty much the same stuff that gets booked year on year.”

Jamie Birleson – StagWeb’s head of sales

Most Popular Month for a Stag Do 2023🏆

  • January – 1%
  • February – 4%
  • March – 12%
  • April – 16%
  • May – 17%
  • June – 18%
  • July – 11%
  • August – 8%
  • September – 7%
  • October – 4%
  • November – 1%
  • December – 1%

June was the most popular month for stags to head out in 2023, with 74% of all groups going out between March and July.

“The March to June window has always been the time to go out as it gives the guys plenty of time to recover before wedding season kicks off in the summer.

“They also get the best weather towards the end of that period, particularly in the UK.”

According to stats from our hen party site, GoHen.com, stags head out slightly later than hens.

“The peak month for hens to go out is April whereas stags in June. Clearly, the hens are more sensible and want to leave a bigger gap between the weekend and the wedding, whereas stags are happy to chance their arms and have it closer to the big day.”

Who Plans the Weekend?

Planning a stag do


  • Best Man – 72%
  • Groom – 12% 
  • Groomsman – 9%
  • Other – 7%

Not really surprising, but the majority of weekends are organised by the best man.

However, according to StagWeb’s Head of Sales, more and more grooms are getting involved in the planning process.

“We’ve seen it a lot more in recent years that grooms are more involved in the planning process,” said Jamie Birleson.

“Whilst a lot of groups still keep things secret from the main man, more grooms want to know where they’re going, what they’re doing, where they’re staying, etcetera. Particularly if there’s more money involved.”

Stags are Less Organised than Hens!

Planning a stag do

How far in advance of their weekend did they book 2023

  • Stags – 122 Days (4 Months)
  • Hens – 179 Days (6 Months)

Our statistics show that hens will sort their weekends further in advance than stags.

“Whilst it seems a stereotype to say the hens are more organised than the stags, the facts are the facts,” said Ellie Silk, Head of Events.

“We often book the hen for the bride’s side and the stag do for the groom’s side, and the stags always get in touch after the hens are already booked in and ready to go.”

Trending Stag Stories in 2023

  1. Just Stop Oil Stag Prank – After all the protests at major sporting events, there was a spike in stags dressing up the groom in Just Stop Oil merch, which saw them stopped by police and questioned by airport staff en route to their weekends.
  2. 56 Stag Dos in 18 Months – A guy went viral back in June for supposedly going on 56 stag dos in 18 months, spending £50,000 in the process.
  3. Amsterdam Tells Young Brits to Stay Away –  Amsterdam’s tourist office released a campaign to try and deter Brits from heading there for their stag dos, but it had absolutely no effect on our booking numbers for 2024.

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