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Stag do ideas for small groups

The 10 Greatest Stag Do Ideas for Small Groups


Managing a big group can be exhausting.

Getting the lads to respond in the group chat. Getting the lads to agree on something. Getting the lads to actually pay you back…


So, a smaller stag do can be a lot easier to manage, but that doesn’t mean you should be complacent.

No, if anything, there’s even more pressure on you to get it right because you have fewer people to deal with so expectations will be higher.

But don’t fret!

Here at StagWeb, we’ve helped thousands of groups party since 2002 – here are the 10 greatest stag do ideas for small groups to help you deliver a legendary celebration.

  1. Go Karting
  2. Go Stomping
  3. Paintball
  4. Sightseeing City Break
  5. Clay Shooting
  6. Pub Crawl
  7. Footgolf
  8. Sporting Events
  9. Escape Room
  10. Comedy Club

Go Karting

A stag classic for groups big and small, go karting is the ultimate action-driven activity that ticks all the boxes. Available all year round, seven days a week, and in almost every town and city across the UK and Europe, you can’t go wrong if you just go karting! 🏎️

StagWeb Minimum Group Size: 6

Go Karting

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Go Stomping

Ditch the pubs (or at least just save them for later) and get out in the fresh air for a big stomp with the guys. Whether there are two of you or 10 of you, a big walk up a mountain or across a ridge is a great alternative to your average stag activity. 🥾


Not only will you chase and shoot down your best mates, but you’ll also get an unmissable opening to give the groom a paint-splattering makeover ahead of the big day. It’s a win/win from every angle, but make sure to catch their best side! 🎨

StagWeb Minimum Group Size: 6


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Sightseeing City Break

With fewer people to manage and fewer people to try to get to commit, a sightseeing city break in Europe will be a whole lot easier to organise. A stag do is a great excuse to jet off abroad no matter your group size. 🏙️

Check out the best stag do location in Europe and get inspired.

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Clay Shooting

If paintball involves too much motion for your liking, then let the targets move while you stand tall and take turns aiming at the “flying” clays. Having a smaller group comes with the benefit of having your turn come again sooner and getting to play around with a variety of shotguns (not so fortunate news for the clay pigeons). 🔫

StagWeb Minimum Group Size: 6

Clay Shooting

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Pub Crawl

“Sorry, lads, no stags” is a line heard every weekend by a big group of stags. The beauty of a smaller group is the ability to slip in and out of the best boozers without the hassle. It’s also easier to keep track of those tight-fisted round dodgers. 🍻


When only one half of your gang wants to play football, and the other’s feeling golf, but it’s up to you to make the final call… footgolf comes into play! Following the rules of golf, but with a football and your trainers – it’s the ultimate sport. ⚽

StagWeb Minimum Group Size: 6


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Sporting Events

Trying to score tickets for a major sporting event can be tricky enough, let alone trying to get 16 seats next to one another. Smaller stag groups have it a lot easier, so why not try to get seats at Wimbledon, The Ashes, or even a local football team or a bucket list stadium?! 🎾

Escape Rooms

Live-action gameplay; horror-movie suspense; and terrifying twists, turns, and puzzles await any stag group that dares to enter. Will you manage to solve the challenges and escape in time, or will you sleep with the lights on for the rest of your lives? Only one way to find out! 🔐

StagWeb Minimum Group Size: 6

Escape Room

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Comedy Club

How often do you and the guys go to a comedy club? Probably not often enough. Sit back and enjoy the comedy club show while some of the UK’s top comedic talents crack you up until you can’t take a breath between sets! 🎙️

StagWeb Minimum Group Size: 6

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Want More Ideas?

For more stag do ideas for small groups, head to our stag do activities page for everything and anything on offer at StagWeb. 💡

The minimum group size will be shown on each activity, but if you need more advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01225 474200.

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