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Which Knee Should You Propose With?

Which Knee Should You Propose With?


Proposing to your partner is stressful enough.

You’ll have enough on your plate thinking about…

  • What to say
  • Where to propose
  • Which pocket you put the ring in (panic!)

… without having to think about which knee you should propose on!

So, which knee is it? Is it the left knee? Is it the right knee?

Does anyone really care?

Scroll on for the answer, so you can concentrate on the important stuff.

What Knee Do You Propose On?🦵

Is the right knee THE right knee?

Apparently not! In fact, the left is the knee you should propose on.

Yep, as petty as it may seem, there is a right and wrong when it comes to the kneeling part of a proposal. According to medieval tradition, it should be the left knee on the ground with the ring held in your left hand.

Who knew?!

Why Do People Propose on the Left Knee?👈

Historically, the kneel symbolises respect, devotion, and commitment. Lowering yourself down is said to be an act of surrender to your partner.

Deep or what?!

Is it OK to Propose on Your Right Knee?👉

Despite what the medieval rulebook says, either knee will do the trick!

At the end of the day, who cares?

No one will judge you for using the right knee. Let’s be real, not many people are even aware that a ‘correct’ way to propose even exists.

So, you do you – we’re pretty sure your partner won’t notice.

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Do I Have to Have a Traditional Proposal?💍

Of course not.

Medieval traditions are outdated – this is 2023 and pretty much anything goes.

The moment will be just as special whether you kneel correctly or not.

But if you are one to maintain tradition, then good for you. Be their knight in shining armour!

Top Tip – Make sure you and your partner are on the same page. They might really respect the tradition and feel it’s not as legit or special without getting down on one knee.

Or alternatively, they might not give a…!

Either way, speak about this early on (just not on the first date!).

Alternative Proposal Ideas💡

There are plenty of unique ways to make your proposal a moment to remember.

Ultimately, there is no correct way to propose. The best way would be where both parties are happy and content. And a “yes!” too, of course!

Whether it’s a romantic beach proposal or you’re looking at getting engaged during the festive season, there are plenty of ideas that you can do instead of dropping down on one knee.

We’d recommend spending more time thinking about where you want to propose and what you want to say, rather than thinking about getting down on one knee or not.

Who are StagWeb?😎

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Since we started in 2002, we’ve seen and heard about every type of proposal you can imagine (the good and the ‘good god, man, what were you thinking?!!’).

So, we reckon we’re pretty well placed to give you advice.

And if they say yes, be sure to come back to book your legendary stag do when the time comes.

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