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world cup drinking game 2022 edition

World Cup Drinking Game – 2022 Edition


Alcohol consumption may be restricted in Qatar, but the drinks will be flowing back in the UK thanks to StagWeb’s 2022 World Cup Drinking Game.

Whether you’re looking to spice up a boring group match or add some jeopardy to a dead rubber tie, you’ll be guaranteed a laughter/booze/football-fuelled 90 minutes with our tried and tested drinking fiesta.


  1. Get your mates together
  2. Stock up on a few Ben Fosters

Remember to Drink Responsibly

The 2022 World Cup Drinking Game


Choosing Your Teams…

  • All participants must put their names into a bowl
  • The 1st name pulled will be supporting the home team
  • The 2nd the away team
  • The 3rd the home team
  • … and so on!

Now you have your teams.

The National Anthems…

  • Participants must stand in a line for both national anthems
  • Everyone must then shake hands as a mark of respect before chaos ensues
  • On the referee’s whistle, all teams must cheers and drink half a beer
three males watching football playing drinking games


In-Play Rules

Drink If Your Team…

  • Concede a throw-in – 2 fingers
  • Is offside – 3 fingers
  • Concede a corner – 3 fingers
  • Concede a free kick – 3 fingers
  • Get a yellow card – 4 fingers
  • Give away a penalty – Half your drink
  • If you have a goal disallowed – Full drink
  • Concede a goal – Full drink
  • Get a red card – Full drink
  • Your team scores but it’s overturned by VAR – Full drink

Bonus Drinks If…

  • Your team makes a substitution – 2 fingers
  • One of your players gets nutmegged – 3 fingers
  • Your team hit the woodwork (and don’t score) – Half a drink

Both Teams Drink if the Commentator Says…

  • A game of two halves
  • No easy games at this level
  • 2-0 is a dangerous lead
  • Good touch for a big man
  • They’re parking the bus
  • One game at a time
  • You can only beat what’s in front of you

Everyone Finishes a Full Beer if…

  • The crowd do a Mexican wave
  • A commentator or pundit says: “Soccer”
  • Luis Suarez bites someone
  • England lose on penalties
celebrating the world cup

Before You Play…

The World Cup Drinking Game is just a bit of fun.

Make sure you know your limits and remember to drink responsibly.

Don’t force anyone to drink if they don’t want to.

World Cup Beer Glass

world cup beer glass

Take your World Cup Drinking Game to the next level by investing in some World Cup beer glasses.

It may be the only chance we have to bring football home.

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World Cup Drinking Game

The only World Cup drinking game you need. Spice up the boring group games and get the guys together for a football fiesta!

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