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StagWeb works closely and frequently with numerous suppliers so we have a huge portfolio of hotel options at fantastic rates. We can quickly and efficiently coordinate your stag accommodation requirements and on top of that you'll benefit from outstanding value! What's also important is that because of StagWeb's trading history and relationships, the hotels we work with are used to receiving our stag weekend groups - you're expected, welcomed and always professionally handled. Furthermore you'll be well informed, we'll provide all the necessary accommodation details, directions, transport and the local area. We'll not only save you money but also time, hassle and the expense of running around.

Stag accommodation in your destination:

hostel stag accommodation


One of the most cost-effective ways to stay overnight in a city, hostel accommodation can vary in quality with some actually being quite fancy.The hostels we use are all at the better end of the hostel spectrum to ensure that you have a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

surf lodge stag accommodation

Surf lodges

If you're going for a coastal stag weekend and want to go for authentic accommodation and can put up with all the surfers then a surf lodge is for you! Surf lodges are generally low-frills accommodation, so you'll get great value for money and you'll be in a great location for the beach.

guest house stag accommodation

Guest house/bed and breakfast

Our range of stag-friendly guest houses offer relaxing and value for money group accommodation. Start each day with a good breakfast and enjoy your stay in a friendly atmosphere. Our guest houses are well-located with great facilities for a comfortable stay.

2 star hotel stag accommodation

2 star hotels

Our 2 star stag accommodation options are great for a weekend on a budget. If you're not planning on doing much sleeping or you just need somewhere to crash after a large stag night out then you're not going to need a fancy room with a mini bar and satellite TV.

3 star hotel stag accommodation

3 star hotels

Our 3 star hotel selections have a great balance of comfort and economy offering a bit more than just the bare essentials. Facilities you can expect to find in these 3 star hotels include ensuite bathrooms with a bath and shower, a hotel bar and many will have breakfast included.

4 star hotel stag accommodation

4 star hotels

4 star hotels are a great choice if you want to live it up on your stag weekend and still have some money left over to party with. Our 4 star hotels are great for space and comfort without being too extravagant. Expect to find features such as a hotel bar, included breakfast, ensuite bathrooms and leisure facilities.

5 star hotel stag accommodation

5 star hotels

It's not every day you go on a stag weekend, so why not push the boat out? Our 5 star hotels have luxuriously spacious rooms, top quality facilities onsite and all the frills you'd expect from first class accommodation. If you can afford a 5 star hotel, then you'll be very well looked after.

self-catering stag accommodation

Self catering stag accommodation

Save a bit of money on your accommodation and rent your own property for the lads to stay in for the weekend. Our self-catering properties range in available facilities and level of luxury with some having features such as swimming pools, games rooms, pool tables and home cinemas. If you fancy a country retreat for your stag weekend, then hiring out a self-catering property is a great idea.

Search our Self catering options here.

We work with a range of stag accommodation across the board, from surf lodges to apartments to self-catering to guesthouses to 2/3/4/5* hotels. If you want to book your stag night accommodation today just call in or send us a brief.

Why use us for your stag accommodation?

  • Comprehensive groups experience
  • We deliver the best stag weekend accommodation available
  • We understand what stag parties want
  • We provide tremendous value, you'll get more for your stag weekend budget with us
  • Substantial range of options, we'll work with you to satisfy your needs
  • We use our approved stag weekend accommodation, so you can be assured of quality
  • Our sites have great experience of our groups, as a StagWeb group you get the best treatment
  • We exercise the highest levels of administration
  • We coordinate optimal formats so you get more out of your experience
  • Flexibility, we'll do everything we can to make yours the best possible stag weekend
  • No surprises, you get what you pay for
  • Convenient locations, we'll make the stag weekend logistically simple
  • Total service, we're here for you, no-one works harder for you

When organising a weekend away for a large group of lads one of the hardest tasks the bestman will face is sourcing some good quality stag accommodation, this really doesn’t need to be the case. We have come up with the following 5 step guide to ensure you get the best deals.

1. Book through an ABTA bonded agent

You can spend several hours trawling the net looking for a cheap quality hotel, only to find out they don’t take single sex parties, or do but charge a ridiculous security bond. As an stag specialist we have already done the leg work for you, have the hotels set up, very low security deposits (if any) and most importantly the contracted rates we have will be far superior to anything you’ll find individually.

2. Pick your location carefully

With any weekend accommodation, location is the key. The last thing you need is to pay £10 for a taxi every time you want to get into town. Some agents will offer very cheap accommodation options, only for you to discover once you’ve booked, it’s well over 2 miles from town. As an ABTA bonded agent we have an extra commitment to our client which is why we don’t use any accommodation we have not inspected ensuring the location is perfect.

3. Choosing your standard

Many of our destinations have a wide range of accommodation options to cater for all budgets, from fantastic hostels to luxury hotels and spas. Hostels are often over looked by best men (“the boys will kill me if I put them there”), when in fact some of are classed as 5 star by the local tourist board, all kitted out with fantastic en-suite rooms, bars, café areas and are at a fraction of the price. We have also negotiated some great weekend rates with some of the best city centre 4 star spa hotels, often geared up towards the mid-week business trade, meaning we have some exceptional weekend offers often cheaper than some 3 star properties.

4. 1 or 2 nights

We appreciate that budget, flight times, work/family commitments can often determine the length of the stag weekend, but please bare in mind that it is not always possible to have a 1 night stay during popular dates like bank holidays. The majority of hotels will require a minimum of 2 nights (3 in some cases) for all bank holidays and some busy summer weekends.

5. Breakfast or not

Some hotels will only offer a B&B rate to groups, however if we can negotiate a room only rate it might be worth considering. In our 9 years experience we know that more often than not the guys will miss the breakfast serving, so why pay for it. The fantastic location of our accommodation options mean that you’re surrounded with great bars, pubs and cafés where you can pick up a nice fry-up for a fiver, and at a time that suit you.

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