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Well if it's stag activities you're after you're in the right place, StagWeb will create an unbeatable programme for you with the greatest stag weekend activities available, run in the best formats in the finest locations, we have the most well prepared and exciting portfolio in the marketplace. Our activity research, stag weekend application and professional demands on your behalf are second to none - nobody does it better, so don't settle for less.

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Activity Categories

To open it up we mark quality stag weekend activities as critical. They're not an afterthought they are gentlemen without doubt one of the main elements of any successful stag. Getting the activities right is one of your main obligations as a bestman. Don't leave it to chance, read on and see why this is a section you really need to be on top of.

Want the best stag activities? Of course you do!

A quick guide to choosing the right stag do activities

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It's easy to choose but the difference between choosing something and choosing the right thing (or things) is taking a little time and appreciating some of the key considerations that make a difference between a schedule filler and a memorable, legend inspiring adventure. It's your job to take into account the groom's preferences and thereafter making it work for the assembled crew you're responsible for, yes as a quality bestman it can't be overlooked you sir are responsible for their enjoyment as well. Our advice is to not take it lightly, don't take chances and don't risk it - prepare well and the rewards of a great day are a lot, lot closer.

Below we've listed a dozen of the initial prep criteria you might want to consider, we review these and another dozen more in detail on a daily basis for thousands of clients...

  • Who's in the group
  • Age ranges
  • Any physical considerations
  • Seasonality
  • Weather
  • Event calendar
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Venue
  • On site facilities

That's even before we've got into transfers and parking, timings and scheduling, on site emergency, contingency, recommendations and added value to name a few. That gentlemen is why we're outstanding at what we do, why we set the standard and why with us you're in the most professional hands when it comes to organising your stag weekend activities. Better still we're working for you, you tell us what you want to do and we'll make it happen with the best instructors at the greatest venues in the UK and Europe! And the cherry on top is the value, just test us out and you'll see.

What do I do next?

In the first instance send a brief in for what you need and any questions you might have for your potential stag weekend activities. You'll get a quote and a call back from an expert event manager who'll work with you to come up with the very best solutions for you and the boys. Years of experience and matchless relationships with our suppliers means you'll get into pole position from the word go.

The waiting game

A strong and honest recommendation is not to wait too long, if you know you've got a do to plan and some stag weekend activities to schedule get the ball rolling as soon as you can, pretty much as soon as you have the date and an idea of where you want to go. That way you're into optimum scheduling, that's us making sure we schedule you the best most agreeable slots with our favourite instructors. If you do wait, especially in high season, you can run the risk of availability challenges. One thing that may be on your mind is number changes and not being sure of the final numbers in the group when you've rounded up the troops - don't worry. We're used to number changes, with well over 3000 groups a year going out you can bet we're used to making alterations to group numbers, timings and special requirements. As long as we know 5 weeks or more before your event date then it's no problem. Here's the other thing, we run low deposits and on top of that we guarantee deposits. We really do make it difficult for you to lose.

Final word

If you've got an event to plan and you want to look at stag do activities, talk to us, we're genuinely an outstanding service.

quoteWould highly recommend StagWeb to any best man, they took all the hassle out of finding activities and booking accommodation. quote

Alexander Wood, Newcastle - 20/06/2014