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So here we are gents the big one and for top nights out you’re in the right place. We've got loads of useful advice here and being massively experienced and super reliable we'll help you make sure the evening you're planning runs smoothly - you've just got to turn up! Take a quick look at these tried and tested stag night ideas then tailor make your own itinerary or add them to a ready made package, it's that easy!

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Result - we help you plan the best stag night activities

stag night ideasSo you've got great options and with the right advice it's easy to set up. As you know everyone looks forward to a fun stag night (except perhaps the other halves), the guys get excited and usually everyone's talking about what went on for a long time to come. No pressure then! At the very least things have got to be well prepared, right for your group and budget, run at a decent pace and deliver enough goodies to keep the boys on their toes. If you can throw in a surprise or two and/or some unexpected quality along the way you'll be a legend! We're here to help you get the planning right, support you with great advice and make sure the evening runs without a hitch; from experienced scheduling to making recommendations and the best available venues.

Clued up - the secret to planning a successful stag night

Dancing storm trooperHere's a sober thought - the stag night is possibly the most important part of the weekend. If this goes off with a bang then it can make the weekend, and set a standard for all future events. You as the organiser (aka hero or villain) have the opportunity to look like a pretty cool customer when you impress the boys (especially the groom), with your slick planning, clued up selections, budget management and on-the-ground nous. We'd suggest the main night itself should be planned around a timing schedule or at least with an appreciation of necessary timings. That's to say you want the evening to flow, not too rigidly but not too loosely either, you want control but you want enjoyment ... you need the appropriate pace and that gents means having a plan. You need to be clear on your locations and how they're best suited to fit with a celebratory schedule, for example ...

  • Do your preferred venues complement one another both geographically and on a theme?
  • Have you planned them in the right order?
  • Will you need transport at any stage?
  • Will you pre-arrange it?
  • Have you budgeted for contingency?

How you fit everything in and make the evening tick is the difference between kebab and fillet steak! You get the idea ... smart planning is key, and we're here to help with that plus we're fantastic at it.

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We'll make you look like an exceptional bestman who knows exactly what he's doing... whatever you're doing.

Stag night ideas - proven advice from the word go

We've got loads of ideas and experience you can benefit from and we work with you to tailor make your stag night, making it quick, easy and painless. You'll get your own expert event manager to help you with suggestions and recommendations, (98% of clients find them really useful), we've got bags of local knowledge so you're never short of options & availability! Our know-how and outright professionalism means we're ready with a quality range of useful suggestions from the word go.

  • We know the best venues
  • What works best with what
  • How near one venue is to the next
  • What you need transport for and what you don't
  • What to avoid
  • Where you can get in with fancy dress and where you can't
  • The list goes on!

When it comes to stag nights, over 10 years experience and over 300,000 clients means you get proven advice from the word go. Bottom line ... if arranging a smoothly run, group pleasing, groom satisfying, great value evening is what you need ... look no further!

More guarantees, better service & amazing reviews

With our huge experience, professionalism, financial protection, quality control, top value and fun focus, we have the UK and Europe's best options ready and waiting! We make sure that your stag night reaches the standards you deserve, we're totally committed to you having the best possible time for the budget but don't just take our word for it, have a look at our reviews, you'll find over 500 here. Once you give us the nod we'll get started on the best suggestions for your chosen location, working closely with you right up to kick off. If you want to book something today that's terrific, just brief us - we'll make it happen, hold plans and confirm details back to you quickly. Whenever you decide you can be assured that with StagWeb helping you prepare, you have an amazing night or two ahead.

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