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Picking the right stag weekend destination is a key decision in successful preparation, and as far as locations are concerned our job is to help you make well informed, group pleasing choices and enjoy the best experiences when you get there, wherever you decide to go. So this page is designed to help you look into potential options whether you’re at the start of the planning journey or are already someway down the road, just select from the menus for instant access to some really decent information on over 70 fantastic cities in the UK & Europe.

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Over the past ten plus years we've tried and tested the UK and Europe's finest stag destinations, regularly sending our staff (without much resistance) all over the place in order to bring you clued up, local advantages, benefit loaded information, useful advice and genuine hands-on experience that allows you to get as close to the experience as possible in the planning stages. We put enormous effort into our stag destinations so that when you get to where you're going you're not only very confident of what’s ahead but everything falls easily into place, just as it should.

There's no substitute for experience and we have plenty of that, but what sets us apart is that our experience is also market leading and has been for well over a decade. Simply by talking to our staff you should get a confidence that your potential event manager will be better informed, better placed and better able to assist you than anywhere else. When we add stag do locations to our portfolio we don't do it lightly and we don't do it without an expert event professional or reliable ground services and systems in place to back it up. We wouldn't expect you to consider us if we weren't 100% confident we could do an outstanding job for you in any of our stag do destinations, but rest assured we are - why not have a look at our always updated reviews and see what our clients have to say.

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stag destination testimonial ... Just book with StagWeb and u will definitely get an amazing experience. They have everything you need and organise it all for you. Excellent company. ... stag location testimonial

David Beech, Edinburgh - 27/06/2014

Decisions, Decisions - great advice in the planning stages makes for a better trip... everytime!

Helping you plan your event successfully is what we're here for. If you can't decide between the UK or Europe, or where to go we'd be delighted to help you with useful decision making advice and expert recommendations. And if you still struggle to pin down the ideal solution we can always quote for several locations at once so you can compare between them. We can build itineraries for you around preferred stag destinations or selected activities that you might really want to do - and this is where our advice and information can come in really handy, making a big difference to the weekend. For example in some locations you won't get certain activities (at least not at the quality we demand), if you fancy shooting a Kalashnikov you'll need to head to Central Europe, if you want extreme sports London and Ljubljana are very different propositions. You might have a large group with a costing sensitivity, no problem we can build a bespoke trip to budget and suit everybody. We're genuinely here to help you prepare the best solution that makes you look good and satisfies every single person in the group... everytime!

Remember... you're making memories... tips for a top trip

group imageAs organiser you’re the key figure in selecting between the best stag do locations and putting quality (and reliable) plans in place. You set the tone for making memories and picking the setting for potentially one of the best weekends ever, certainly it should be one of the greatest of the year. How the trip plays out will be hugely influenced by you and fair or not everybody’s expecting you to deliver on all fronts not least choosing where to go, so it makes sense to put some effort into selecting the best stag do destination and getting the preparation right. There’s no hiding if you’ve gone in lightweight, it’s there for all to see within a few hours, and you’ll be apologising and buying drinks all weekend to keep everyone happy - no organiser wants that. The right stag destination with a quality itinerary and reliable support is the solution you want, but remember better results require better preparation. Once you’ve decided on your location... look no further than StagWeb, wherever you go we’re ready to help you plan a top trip.

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stag destination testimonial ... The lads and I had an amazing weekend with memories that will last a lifetime. ... stag location testimonial

Tom Hudson, Budapest - 26/06/2014

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