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Valencia's best stag hotels

Valencia  apartments

Valencia stag apartments

Cheaper, more private, and with a hugely increased independence; really, the only advantage hotels have over apartments is the room service. Unfortunately for hoteliers, our Valencia stag apartments offer that service as well, making them a perfect choice for lads looking for accommodation in Valencia. With multiple rooms based around one fully-equipped kitchen, you and the boys will all be able to bunk down together for the night, making it much easier for the lads to paint each others toenails and gossip about girls (that's how we start every lads night out, anyway). All the apartments are together in one building, so even larger parties will be able to keep everyone in close proximity. Once you've finished braiding each others hair and you want to go out and hit the clubs, the Valencia stag apartments are right in the city centre, giving you fantastic access to all the Valencia bars and clubs.

Main benefits:
City centre location
Incredible value
Fully- equipped kitchen


Fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, cable TV, magnetic key cards, WiFi internet


Free WiFi, room service, 24-hour security system, room and laundry service

Valencia 4 star hotel

Valencia stag hotel

Occasionally, you want to splash out and go for the best - and provided your budget allows it. Our 4* Valencia stag hotel is top of the line, the best accommodation for a group of lads who deserve the best. It's located extremely close to the attractions of the city, putting you in the perfect spot for taking advantage of the incredible activities possible in Valencia, and the nightlife too. Although there are plenty of restaurants and bars in the surrounding areas for when you fancy chowing down on a bit of tapas, there's also a modern, minimalist in house restaurant when you're not willing to make the journey down the street. With all the other extras that you'd expect of a 4* hotel too, it's ideal for lads who are looking for a little luxury on their stag weekend.

Main benefits:
Close to attractions
Quality restaurant
Luxury accommodation


Coffee/ tea facilities, TV, restaurant


24 hour reception, air con

Valencia 3 star hotel

Valencia stag hotel

Stylish, contemporary, and located smack bang in the middle of the middle of the Valencia nightlife. All are good, but one aspect in particular lends itself very well... the 3* Valencia stag hotel, sitting right in Nuevo Centro, one of the most popular and busy areas of the city, are in the perfect location to hit all the clubs and nightlife... not to mention ideally placed if you and the boys fancy exploring the historical centre, the fairs, or Congress Palace. 3* Valencia stag accommodation isn't top of the line (you're going to have to bring your own butler, if you want one), but does provide you with everything you need to build a decent base - namely, comfortable beds, convenient location, and the room for a lot of fun.

Main benefits:
Nuevo Centro location
Proximity to activities and attractions
Great value


Coffee/tea facilities, twin and triple rooms available.


24 hour reception.


...Flawless stag weekend. Pick your location and activities and just turn up! It really was that easy and made the best man's life a lot easier....

Valencia stag weekend -
17/06/2016 -
5/5 stars

5 star rating

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Stags rate StagWeb Star reviews Stag reviewsBased on 845 reviews.

More Valencia stag accommodation information...

Unlike pretty much every other Spanish destination ever, Valencia is actually considerably busier during the week than at weekends (it’s a big business city). If you time your stag right, then, there are already big savings to be made on your Valencia stag accommodation, as the cost of hotels comes down. With that in mind, you might be wondering exactly why there’s any use booking with StagWeb, when there’s already a good chance of saving a few pennies. Just hear us out.

Use One – saving money on your Valencia stag hotel

You might be able to save a bit of money with some careful booking. We can definitely save you more money on top of that, and we’re always careful. We’ve got long standing relationships with both independent and chain hotels in Valencia, which means we’re able to negotiate better rates and deals than you. We’re not showing off – stag parties often incur premium rates by virtue of being… well, a large group of lads out to have a good time. Because we’ve been working with the companies so long, and so frequently, we can help you avoid those.

Use Two – expert knowledge of the area

We know Valencia as well as we know the hoteliers. That means we know all the best nightlife areas, where the hotels are in relation to them, and we know how easy it is to get between them. It’s no good going staying in one fairly busy nightlife area if your casino and club is on the other side of town.

Use Three – full financial protection

StagWeb were amongst the first in our field to become ABTA protected – which means we were amongst the first in our field to comply with guidelines that keep your holiday safe and running smoothly, no matter what happens. It’s a set of rules we still follow, meaning that if things go wrong, you’ve got a company that’s got your back and can offer full and professional assistance.

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