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Extreme stag activities

Get ready for some adrenaline pumping madness!

"Look out, look out there's a mad stag about." So gents you fancy something a little extreme ... good for you. There are some real adrenaline pumping, lung bursting, boxer testing activities to pursue in the name of fun and adventure. These extreme sports will get the senses burning, your inners moving and your outers glowing.

As you would expect these cannot be taken lightly and you'll only get the best out of them if you're up to the challenge and, importantly, fit enough. What seems like a good idea at the time could turn into an asthmatic and or house of pain nightmare if you (and or anyone in the group) is not prepared for extreme application. That said, if you're ready for this kind of action, many of the best, most rewarding, memorable and fulfilling extreme stag weekend experiences await, choose from:

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Extreme activities are ideal for those fearless stags whose nerves know no bounds. If you and your mates are gym buffs, adrenaline junkies or hardcore sports nuts, a spot of white water rafting or bungee jumping should suit you all down to the ground (see what we did there?). Get on your finest trainers, focus in and grip on tight for a whirlwind stag weekend of incredible activities which will seriously get that adrenaline pumping.

Taking everyone out for a healthy measure of drinks is one thing, but getting stag groups from different families and circles of friends together for a rousing physical outdoor activity is great for getting the conversation flowing and breaking the ice. As long as each guest is physically fit enough to take on these challenges, there’s nothing better than a good rush of adrenaline to get the whole group in a lively party spirit!

Sure, there are plenty of activity options and companies out there but it can be difficult to know who really is the best of the bunch. Because we have a wealth of experience having been trading since 2002, not only do we know exactly who really are the finest activity providers out there, we also have great deals on offer because of our great relationships with the companies - which means we can pass savings on to you! Leaving it all to chance is never a good idea when your best mate’s all important last night of freedom hangs in the balance, so if you’re into extreme activities, make sure that you get the best! There are so many different options to try that whatever he’s interested in, we have an adrenaline pumping extreme stag activity to suit!

Take your stag weekend out of the pub and into the open air with a bracing outdoor activity out on the breezy coast. Feeling a bit hungover? A swift drop into the freezing cold Cornish waters should wake everyone up nicely. Coasteering is really popular with our UK stags and it’s not difficult to see why! Scrambling, climbing and swimming out on beautiful rugged coastlines is an utterly thrilling experience, even for those feeling brave. Hydrospeeding is one of the most fast and furious ways to feel the power of churning white water beneath you, propelled forwards only by a tiny float and chances are, none of your friends will have tried this one before!

Although dancing the night away in a club wearing your very finest Hawaiian shirts is very much a part of just about every stag weekend, thrilling it is not. Whilst some are perfectly happy to enjoy a chilled out weekend, we know that plenty of you just love to feel the massive rush of adrenaline which can only be satisfied by steep drops, high speeds and massive waves. Keep any adventurous groom-to-be happy with speedy and action packed experiences during the daytime before hitting the clubs with gusto at night. The only real question is are the stags up to the ultimate challenges?