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Outdoor adventure stag activities

Take on the great outdoors in some of the toughest challenges known to stag-kind

Nature's bounty sets a mighty platform for many of the most amazing adventure activities you can participate in. Getting out and into it is exciting on its own, double up with good weather and best-in-class experiences and you have a formula that's going to thrill any adventurous stag party. Planned well, the day makes memories you're unlikely to repeat, it will be hugely rewarding and you'll have loads of fun doing it. Below we have a carefully prepared mix of traditional, man made and more unusual pursuits. Keep in mind the physicality of the group because as a responsible organiser you've got to take everyone into account, do that and you're onto a stag experience day that's going to please the whole crew.

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Who needs go karts and lasers? Fair enough, man has created some great stag challenges but if you really want to push yourselves then Mother Nature has provided the ultimate in potential face-planting, arse kicking, fear inducing activites you will find. But once you have conquered them… Well then you are indeed stag lords. Getting out of the city and in to the wilderness is exciting in itself, bringing you and the boys back to your most primal state and letting you and the boys battle against the highest highs and the lowest lows that the great outdoors can possibly throw at you. Throw in some world-class activities, expert tuition, and (hopefully) good weather, and you’ve got a formula that’s going to amaze even the most rugged of men.

StagWeb have some of the muddiest, toughest, and manliest outdoor stag activities to test even the hardiest of stags; ones that are really going to put you up against the best that the British landscape (and beyond) has to offer, measure yourself against some of the most extreme backdrops around and with the help of our expert instructors and premium equipment, emerge the victors. Not only that, the day and the memories you make are likely to be as rewarding as they are fun, giving you a unique experience that no other stag do will be able to replicate. There’s nothing like your first bungee jump or mountain board run.

Our outdoor stag activities are a carefully selected mix of traditional, natural, man made and unusual to give you and the lads the best possible selection for your stag weekend. Try scaling some of Europe’s most daunting peaks with mountaineering… or if you’d rather use wheels than legs, give mountain biking or mountain boarding a go. Cliff jumping and the lesser-known cousin of abseiling, rap running is also excellent if unusual choices for lads undaunted by heights. Can’t decide between cliffs and climbing, and high intensity watersports? Combine the two with coasteering or gorge walking. If you really want to put the boys through their paces (and are a bit of a sadist), an assault course is competitive, exhausting, and brilliant fun, watching as the lads scramble under nets and clamber over high walls. If you want something even more extreme than that, try Newcastle’s exclusive infantry experience, in a 24 hour battlefield scenario.

As the best man, it’s your job to keep in mind the abilities of the group; if you’ve got a few older or less able gents, you’ll need to take them in to account and find an activity that suits them and the rest of you. Something like falconry or horse riding that gives you the chance to master the beasts of the earth but doesn’t require too much physical strength is a good choice, as is hill walking or stopping by to kiss the Blarney Stone.

The great outdoors is so named for a reason – it gives you a chance to put together a truly great stag weekend. Combine these intense activities with something more laidback in the evening, before heading back out for a very energetic night and you and the lads are on to a winner. Alternatively show them no mercy and keep the weekend going full throttle from start to finish. Whatever you decide, StagWeb can help you make it happen, just give us a call and we’ll get the ball, the bike, mountain board or anything else you want, rolling!