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somerset challenge stag party

Cider-fuelled stag madness!!!

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What's Included

  • Huge team competition
  • Prize for the winning team
  • A surprise stitch-up for the groom
  • 9 separate activities
  • All StagWeb's extras

from £35 per person*
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Key Details...

  • Icon durationDURATION
    2-3 hours.
  • Icon groups sizeGROUP SIZE
  • Icon groups sizeDRESS CODE
    Be prepared to get messy.
  • Icon groups sizeAVAILABILITY
    Saturdays. Sessions starting at 10.30AM or at 1.30PM.
  • Icon groups sizeSEASONAL
    7th March 2015 - 31st October 2015.

Just about the most fun you can have with your wellies on and a pint of cider in your hand

So What's the plan

The Format...

You'll take part in 9 West Country style challenges throughout the day. There's also plenty of time to get under your opponents skin with some West Country smack talk, "Oi've seen bigger muscles on scarecrow!" Boom!

CIDER RUN CHALLENGE: A glass of cider is placed at one end of an inflatable run, all you need to do is reach it first. The only problem is you're attached to the start by a bungee rope.

PITCH FORK DUEL: You and your competitor will battle it out against one another using inflatable pitch folks to topple your opponent from their podium!

MANGOLD DANGLING: Bar skittles with human targets on cider kegs!

WURZEL KNOCKOUT: Armed to the teeth with cider apples and a huge catapult, you need to take out the target in the least number of shots.

TRACTOR TYRE ROLL TRIUMPH: Speed and fitness will play a part as your team races a huge tractor tyre from one end of the field to the other.

VICKY POLLARD HANDBAGS: "Yeah but no but yeah!" Get your Burberry handbags at the ready to wallop your opposing chavy mate while dressed in big comedy suits.

WELLY WANGING: Sharp shooting Wurzel style. Take out the targets with a well aimed welly.

DRUNK PUB SKITTLES: This is real West Country pub skittles, on a grand scale and another chance to give your opponents some earache. Easy when you're not dizzy drunk, but try spinning around a pole first!

FARMER SHOWER: Strap the groom into the "Tractor Seat of Truth", then the lads will fire a series of questions at him! If his answers don't meet your approval then no amount of product will save his precious hair from the bucket of dirty ditchwater balancing above his head.

PLEASE NOTE: The site is located just outside Bristol.

Location - Approx 7 miles (15 mins) from Bristol. Under 19 miles (approx 40 mins) from Bath and 48 miles (approx 50 minutes) from Cheltenham.

Where Can I Do somerset challenge?

Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham

*Price varies by location.

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Stag Party somerset challenge:
Find out more...

"Olroight therrre moy luvverrrrr." Welcome to the West Country and the maddest sporting event since John Terry challenged the Lithuanian netball team to a game of naked paintball.

Imagine if The Wurzels were to organise the Olympic Games, purely for athletes who don't train but stick to a strict regime of pies and Mrs Miggins' Bath cakes. And rather than illegal substances the competitors were being fuelled by Somerset's finest scrumpy cider.

Welcome to the Somerset Challenge!

This activity is the ultimate hilarious sporting combat for fiercely competitive stags who like a “laff” (“Laff? I nearly dropped me cider!”).

Please Note; There's also a nice stitch-up for the groom, but keep that under your straw hats.

As well as duelling against other members of your stag party (all groups are split into teams of around 8 members), you'll also find yourselves up against other stag and hen groups. By far one of our most popular activities purely for the madness and guaranteed laughs teams have while going all out for the win!

A FREE bottle of bubbly will be rewarded to the best dressed team each session.

from £35 per person*
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Any Questions? We'd absolutely love to help!
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