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target shooting stag party

Add target shooting to your stag itinerary
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What's Included

  • range of handguns and automatics
  • 20 - 100 bullet packages
  • mini competition and prizes optional
  • full safety briefing and equipment provided
from £30 per person*
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This video is our superb lock, stock and two smoking barrels target shooting range in Krakow.

What They Said...

Testimonials ... "Shooting the guns was a buzz - brilliant experience. All round spot on couple of days!" ...
Richie Ashton,

Testimonials ... "The shooting range was a massive highlight; it was excellent with a lovely friendly guide. Reassuring you have someone looking after you and taking you to places. Would come back again" ...
Ben Eustice,

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The Lowdown on target shooting

Target shooting in Europe is one of the most epic stag weekend activities you can do; you'll get to fire weapons that aren't even legal in the UK! From Glocks to Magnums to the infamous AK47, it's certainly a top 10 event! At StagWeb we have loads of experience with helping out stags and we've checked out all the best shooting ranges. That means that you can be sure that you and the lads will have a quality time at a quality venue; the shooting ranges we use are the best in Europe! There are also two forms of target shooting, UK and non-UK and the selection of guns will differ in each destination. Target shooting is sure to make your stag do the stuff of legend!

So What's the plan

The Format

After arriving at one of the best target shooting ranges you will ever experience, you’ll be given a clear safety briefing, pay attention because this is important and failure to observe all safety codes will result in disqualification – you don’t want to miss out. Some instructors even wear guns, so bottom line do not endanger anybody! Group safety is paramount. Then after selecting your weapons, (we’ll prepare these for you in advance so they are ready at the range), you’ll be taught how to shoot! You’ll fire a number of rounds at your target (e.g. 10 shots), targets will vary at each range, at a distance usually between 10 and 25 metres. After discharging and making safe one weapon you will wait your turn as fellow stags shoot their loads. The number of instructors will vary with group size, but at all times you will be closely observed and encouraged to improve your target shooting ability! At the end of the session you will be given your hopefully peppered target for memories! Beers and snacks can be made available after shooting if required.
Note: all European programmes usually include a guide and transfers as part of the programme.

The Nitty Gritty

  • DURATION - Half day, half-day target shooting programmes can be combined with lunch / refreshments and other activities as required.
  • EQUIPMENT - All necessary equipment (eg guns, ammunition, ear protection) provided at the shooting range! Guns will vary with each range but will include for example AK47's, Glocks, .44 & .357 Magnums, Colts, Lugers, pump action shotguns, Heckler & Koch.
  • CLOTHING - You need to be comfortable and unrestricted, obviously you need to be able to aim and shoot smoothly with some very powerful weapons (i.e. so dress for comfort and please be sure to wear old shoes or trainers for decent grip). If you do shoot in winter a hat, scarf and gloves will be useful, just to keep you warm while you’re waiting for your gun toting buddies to take to the range! And if you wear them, remember your glasses!
  • AVAILABILITY - All weekends and most weekdays, throughout the year.
  • SEASONAL - No because our ranges are mostly covered, quality target shooting is available year round.
  • GROUP SIZE - 6+.
  • RESTRICTIONS - 18 years +, age restrictions may apply.
  • EXPERIENCE - None required.

StagWeb Says

"... What more can we say. ..."

A Little More ...

European target shooting

In Europe, and mostly countries that were previously shrouded under the iron curtain (though where we can assure a high quality experience we include selected additional destinations such as Amsterdam), target shooting is the ultimate stag weekend event. Our target shooting programmes are the stuff of dreams to the gun toting punter, from dirty harry style magnums to kalashnikovs, you fire live rounds from real guns at some of the greatest shooting ranges in Europe - it's a must!

Blighty shooting ranges

In our home nation's it's a testing mix of refined accuracy using air rifles and pistols, it may sound a little tame in comparison to central Europe but as an activity filler, i.e. additional to a complementary activity, it's great fun. After all for any red blooded stag there's nothing quite like getting a gun in your hands.

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