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target shooting stag party

Add target shooting to your stag itinerary
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What's Included

  • range of handguns and automatics
  • 20 - 100 bullet packages
  • mini competition and prizes optional
  • full safety briefing and equipment provided
from £30 per person*
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This video is our superb lock, stock and two smoking barrels target shooting range in Krakow.

What They Said...

Testimonials ... "Shooting the guns was a buzz - brilliant experience. All round spot on couple of days!" ...
Richie Ashton,

Testimonials ... "The shooting range was a massive highlight; it was excellent with a lovely friendly guide. Reassuring you have someone looking after you and taking you to places. Would come back again" ...
Ben Eustice,

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The Lowdown on target shooting

If you're looking for a stag weekend with a bang then this is the real deal. While back in Blighty most shooting ranges are now banned from putting high powered semi-automatic weapons in the hands of complete strangers ("'s health and safety gone mad...") our European neighbours are far more obliging and have a host of serious firepower just waiting for your itchy trigger fingers.

  • AK47's
  • Glocks
  • .44 Magnum
  • .357 Magnum
  • Colts, Lugers
  • Pump-action Shotgun
  • Heckler & Koch
  • Uzis
Health and safety is still paramount, there will be professional instructors on hand to give you tips and make sure everyone goes home in one piece (explaining to the bride-to-be that the groom has a hole in him can be a bit tricky). However in comparison to other activities, target shooting really does give you far more bang for you buck and this really is the stuff of boyhood dreams.

A little friendly competition...

All stag dos need a little competitive edge and as well as being massively exhilarating (try firing an Uzi without wanting to say "Yippee-kai-ay motherf..." in a gravely voice as you empty the clip!) target shooting also offers the perfect opportunity for some friendly competition and even a gentlemanly wager or two. From Amsterdam to Vegas we have lined up some of the top ranges across Europe and beyond. Guns on offer at each location will vary so please check with our Destination Managers as to what is on the hardware menu at your chosen destination.

UK Target Shooting

While it is true most UK shooting ranges won't allow groups much more than pea-shooters here at StagWeb we live no shell casing unturned and can provide Assault Rifle Shooting in Bournemouth and Bristol.

So What's the plan

The Format

  • On arrival you'll be given a safety briefing, pay attention chaps, this is vitally important to stop any stags going home with holes in them.
  • Top marksmen will give you instructions on the gun mechanisms and tips to help you hit the target every time.
  • The less competent marksmen amongst you will get shown the basics like which end to point at the target (!?!).
  • After discharging and making safe one weapon you will wait your turn as fellow stags shoot their loads before moving on to the next.
  • Beers and snacks can be made available after shooting if required.
Note: all European programmes usually include a guide and transfers as part of the programme.

The Nitty Gritty

  • DURATION - Half day.
  • EQUIPMENT - No need to bring your own shooters, everything you need is provided.
  • CLOTHING - Comfortable clothing you can move freely in.
  • AVAILABILITY - All weekends and most weekdays.
  • SEASONAL - All year round.
  • GROUP SIZE - 6+.
  • RESTRICTIONS - 18 years +.

StagWeb Says

"... This is serious competition, stag style. Lock, stock, two smoking barrels and a room full of grinning stags. ..."

Package Options

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From £79 per person*
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