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Game on! great stag do games & how to play them

"If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong." - Grouch Marx
Stag party games

No legendary stag weekend is complete without its share of hilarious games and stories. Whether its just fun between old friends or breaking new ones in, with a few well-constructed and well managed stag do games you're sure to be kicking off your night with a fair few laughs. At StagWeb HQ we know a trick or two about how to get the party started (over 12 years we've sent thousands of stags on their merry way and been on more than our fair share), we've road tested most games and the following are a selection of our favourites...

1 Down Mr President

If someone shouts “Down Mr President” the whole body guarding party protects the groom a la secret service.

2 Toy Soldiers

Stag Toy SoldiersYou'll need; A bag containing plastic toy soldiers. (see Stag Accessories)

Before the night begins the best man will put all toy soldiers in a bag, each stag then pulls out a soldier at random. That is now his pose. Between pubs or at any random moment the Best Man shouts the command "Assume the position!" and the life-size toy soldiers (stags) must hold the pose of their mini soldier. This is the slightly drunken Rambo of stag party games.

3 Posers

A slight variation on “Toy Soldiers”. Write a set of jobs, animals, objects and famous people on strips of paper and then put them in a hat or pint glass. Each player then picks a piece of paper at random which becomes his pose. Everytime the Best Man shouts “Who are ya?” everyone in the group has to strike their pose. Ideas; T-pot, Usain Bolt, robot, Elvis, Mo Farah, frog, bus driver, David Brent (The Office), Freddie Mercury, peeing dog, the laying hen, air guitar, pole dancer, Michael Jackson.

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4 Elbows (‘til Dawn)

Whenever you want to talk to someone you must engage by pointing at them with your elbow, failure to point will result in a penalty.

Accents and impressions

5 Accents & Impressions

The whole group must speak in a particular accent for a stated period of time. Anyone who fails to pull off a convincing accent will receive a penalty. Alternatively you can allocate an identity to every member of the party and they must thereafter assume that identity in conversation, should they not then they will be penalised.

sexy maids

6 Knickers

You'll need; A pair of knickers (see Stag Accessories)

A really easy game to get going. All the stag party game players put a coin in the palm of their hand. When the Best Man says the word "Knickers" all the players open their palms to show their coin. The Best Man then counts up how many are showing heads and how many are showing tails. The players with the highest number of corresponding faces showing are safe while the rest play on (so if there are 15 of you on the stag and there are 8 heads and 7 tails then those holding heads are all safe and the other 7 players go again).

This continues until you have a loser. If it comes down to just two players then the "Decision Coin" will decide the outcome.

The loser has to put the knickers on over his trousers and keep them on until the next bar when the game is played again (to make it more interesting see if you can get the bride-to-be to donate a pair of hers).

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7 Blow Out

Without being rude or offensive see how quickly you can get despatched back to your group. However you have to last a minimum of a minute to avoid a fine. The quicker you’re told to push off after a minute the higher the score.

8 The Man With No Name

This is where you're not allowed to call anyone by their first name, surname or nickname. If you do, guess what... penalty.

sports teams

9 Sports Teams

This is little known but can be very funny.  Regardless of your conversations you need to finish every sentence with the names of a sports team eg Football - Premiership, Championship, Div 1, Div 2, Conference, SPL; Rugby; Cricket; American Football; Baseball etc. To make it harder you can put guidelines to the teams eg premiership only.

try footpool

10 Categories

Simply name elements of a category until the names or items run out, if you can't name one or you stumble / stutter then you’re penalised. The game is over and or categories changed once the groom or game leader has ruled that category has been exhausted, you may agree in advance a number that needs to be reached eg 20.

Sample categories:

  • England Players
  • Authors
  • A listers

11 Celeb Spinner

You start off with someone’s name eg “Gary Lineker”, the person on the right then has to say another celebrity / sporting name that at least 2 people know that begins with an L eg "Lee Westwood", the next person then starts with a W eg "Wayne Rooney" & so on. However the order can be sent back the other way if a name with the same initials starts eg after "Wayne Rooney" the next player could say “Robert Redford” and reverse things. That player would have to then come up with a name that begins with R eg "Robert Pattison", and the game continues in reverse until it’s respun. Hesitation is penalised as is repetition. Good luck! Ps you can introduce your own rules on top and penalise contraventions eg no musicians / boy bands / Americans etc.

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12 Dare Cards

Dare cards are easily bought but making your own can be far messier and much more interesting.

13 A Word on Penalties

The group needs to allocate a judge or judges that have the last word on penalties. However it should be an appointment of one session only. And remember, penalties don’t always have to be drink related, neither do they have to be high volume and or down-in-one, eg wax attack.

14 Wax Attack

You'll need; A set of waxing strips.
These are purely random moments. Every time a member of the party fails a challenge, doesn't take a dare or loses a game get a passing girl to use a waxing strip somewhere on his body. Quick. Painful. Hilarious.

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15 Superman

You can't be a superhero without super pants. Show them off by wearing yours over the top of your jeans.

16 Foul Play

Anybody found to be covering up for someone else runs the risk of that penalty being applied to them instead and or additionally to the original transgressor.

Good deed

17 Good Deed

Do a good deed that doesn't come over as creepy and at the consideration of the group judges receive a penalty credit/s.

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18 Movie Night

The player must get 5 movie quotes into a conversation without the other party realising they are quotes. If he manages 5 in 5 minutes then buy that man a drink! If he gets rumbled, or worse still get’s a quote wrong then relieve him of his man card before issuing him with his penalty/forfeit.

19 Penalty Credits

Just as punishment should take place for transgressions so too should good work be rewarded.

20 Performance Credits

Put on an impressive performance eg singing a song, playing an instrument, dancing etc that entertains the crowd and the venue you’re in and at the consideration of the group judges receive a penalty credit/s.

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