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... Just book with StagWeb and u will definitely get an amazing experience. They have everything you need and organise it all for you. Excellent company. ...

David Beech - Edinburgh - 27/06/2014

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Client testimonial

Selecting between stag weekend packages - basic questions

Stag do package selection starWhen it comes to selecting stag do packages there’s definitely a basic approach to consider. In the first instance...

  1. Does the package have the right content
  2. Does it have enough content to provide a solid platform
  3. Is it on budget

If you’re unsure one of the best recommendations is to talk it through, why not call us?

Choosing the right stag do package - going deep cover

So if you are taking it seriously and you want to get selections right and safe, then these are the kind of deeper questions you might want to be asking...

  • How am I prepared personally as the organiser?
  • Will I get my own event manager I can prepare with and change things along the way if I need to, such as numbers or schedules?
  • Is there decent event back up? Will there be cover on the weekend itself?
  • What will I get and when, is the stag do package clearly explained?
  • Is my trip financially protected (i.e. is there leading financial protection in place, think ABTA for everything excluding flights or ATOL for packages including flights - i.e. when you buy your flights as part of the package NOT separately). And remember to check if your company is actually listed, it’s not always the case.
  • Is the provider credible, do they genuinely have enough expertise, experience and professionalism to deliver?
  • What’s their reputation like?
  • Do they have genuine reviews?

StagWeb approaches stag weekend packages from your point of view

In a nutshell we’re giving you direct access to the best stag weekend packages in the business, our range of hassle free, ready-made packages are professionally prepared following detailed familiarisation trips, comments and evaluations from thousands of stags. We deliver quality events using unmatched preparation, unrivalled experience, exclusive opportunities, added extras, a reliable you can count on and incredible StagWeb value! And all our stag do packages are financially protected to the highest level! Simply put nobody, does it better!

Your flexible friend

If you need flexibility with the packages so they take the shape you want, just let us know and we'll make it happen! If you prefer we'll be happy to help you plan a totally bespoke stag weekend, building to order using our expert services - simply brief us now with whatever you need.

Picking Packages - the bottom line

You really don’t want a low quality weekend underwhelming the group and a fed up bunch of lads (especially the groom) accusing you of not giving a monkeys. You’ll be putting their hard earned money at risk and also under delivering what should be a big celebration! There are loads of questions that should be in the mix when it comes to making a choice, we’re confident we’ve got the very best answers for you and safe packages to make you look great.

Thank you, great packages = happy stags!

Thank you for looking into our packages. You’ve made a great choice with StagWeb and reviewing what we can do for you, we take all our events seriously and treat all our clients with 100% commitment, that’s even before we work wonders with the budget and get to delivering past your expectations. Our goal, and each expert event manager’s goal, is to give you fantastic, group pleasing experiences at great value and so we take all stag weekend packages very seriously.