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Stag Packages - Save Money And Amp Up The Fun

Booking your stag do is all about leading the lads to the Promised Land and if you can increase the lads beer money while you're at it then you Sir will be a legend. That's where a stag party package comes in, we have created some brilliant packages and squeezed the price as tightly as we can to get you more bang for your hard earned buck. That means more money left over for other important things like beer.

Here at StagWeb we like to party too and we know how expensive a weekend away with the boys can be so we always aim to decrease the costs and increase laughs while still staying focused on quality at all times.

"...StagWeb should just be mandatory for all best men organising the final send off. Well organised events and very easy to set up and manage. Great experience!..."

Karl Wilkinson, Cardiff - 19/02/2016 5 star rating
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“Sounds Good But How Can You Save Us Cash?”

Ok chaps, pay attention because here comes the maths bit;

  • If you book a stag do on your own as an individual booking you'll have to pay the regular price, that’s standard OP.
  • At StagWeb because we book so many stag parties each year we get special rates from our preferred suppliers (activities, bars, lap dance clubs, hotels, etc), that means we can pass these savings on to you.

“Why not pocket the difference?”

Fair question, but the simple fact is if we can save you money and make sure you have a legendary weekend you'll use us in the future. It's far more satisfying knowing that we got it right so you had a total blast and if we do that we know you'll come back and use StagWeb again and again which is better economics.

Walk the Walk...

We don't just talk the talk, we work hard at cramming as much party into every stag do as we can and the fact that 96% of our users say they would book with us again shows that what we're doing is working. 96% from over 300,000 past users, that's a lot of happy stag parties. We like to think that means we're getting things right time and again but it doesn't stop us always striving to get better.

"...Just back from Prague after booking with StagWeb... best weekend ever with the lads!..."

Darren Fox, Prague - 12/02/2016 5 star rating
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Time to Freshen Up...

Our constant push to improve our service means we're always searching for new and exciting activities, once we find something we know our stags will get a real kick out of, we visit the site in person to make sure it meets our high standards. If it doesn't then it simply won't get used, if it ain't good enough for us we certainly don't consider it good enough for you. This is the groom’s last hurrah as a single man, it shouldn't be "good" it should be “EPIC!”

Giving Extra

Our packages and all our stag weekends come with extras as well as giving you protection;

  • ABTA Bonded - When you're spending all the lads’ cash MAKE SURE you book with an ABTA bonded company so should anything go wrong their cash is protected.
  • Dedicated Account Manager - One account manager will be in charge of your event so you have a point of contact for any changes.
  • Making It Up As You Go Along - Sometimes getting the lads organised is like herding drunken kittens so we stay flexible. You can make changes to your booking up to 6 weeks before the event.
  • Individual Payment System - Having to chase all the lads for their money is a pain in the a*** at times, so we've removed the hassle. With our online payment system all the lads pay individually leaving you free to relax.
  • VIP Client Area - You and the boys will all get added to our VIP client area where all the guys can stay in touch with the details so they know the when, where and what of your weekend. Plus you’ll get access to loads of other great deals from our partners.
  • Free Stag Party Downloads - We have loads of extras in our Best-Manual with downloadable stag games, pranks, hilarious “Rules of the Stag” and the “Stag Contract” you can get all the boys to sign up to for a few laughs. And it’s all completely free.

Stag Weekends of Legendary Proportions

We don't want your weekend to be fun, we want it to be the stuff of legend. We want you to have a weekend so good Morgan Freeman could narrate it!

That's why we've crammed our website so full of tips, info and extras and why we pay as much attention as we do to making sure our packages are really well thought out using tried and tested stag classics we know the lads will love and mixing it up with our top quality providers across the UK and Europe.

So get choosing and good luck chaps, we'll be waiting at the bar for your return and we look forward to hearing stories of how you left as men and return as STAG LEGENDS!

Create your epic stag weekend package.

Hassle free, stag party planning.
enquire now!

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