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A Guide To Your Bratislava Stag Weekend

Bratislava Activities
Action icon

Action Stations!

Bubble Football - Crazier than Luis Suarez at an all you can eat buffet, this is the maddest and the baddest footballing experience known to stag-kind.
Target Shooting - Go ahead stags, make my day... Our shooting range has one of the most exciting selections of guns available anywhere in Europe.
Indoor Go Karting - 300m track, top speeds of 50kmph and 220cc Honda karts. This is the ultimate test of your racing skills, but who will walk away with the bragging rights?

Best bars in Bratislava
Best bars icon

Best Bars in Bratislava

Nu Spirit - This bar is the perfect starting point for a big night out. Relaxed tunes, a huge drinks selection and a party loving crowd... What more could a stag party need?
Sky Bar - Luxury surrounds and amazing views of the city skyline are complimented by some of the best cocktails that Bratislava has to offer.
The Rum Club - And on the ground floor of the same building you can find out where all the rum's gone in this laid back, cabana style basement bar.

Bratislava event calendar
Event calendar icon

Event Calendar

January - Knights at Devin. Go back in time (and maybe pack some popcorn) as warriors of old do battle for your entertainment.
March - International Festival of Spectres & Ghosts. Perhaps the perfect time to do your Thriller dance routine?
June - Junifest. Inspired by Oktoberfest, this is Bratislava's beery celebration of every man's beverage of choice.
July - Medieval Castle Festival. Game of Thrones fans will love this epic festival of all things medieval in Lubovna Castle.
July - Pohoda. Bratislava's huge summer festival with top rock, hip hop, pop and dance music acts.

"Barter like a gypsy but pay like a gentleman."
- Slovak proverb

Bratislava districts
Where icon

Where to Head...


You'll find a good range of bars and restaurants to keep the lads refreshed and refuelled around Obchodna street. Most of the best bars and clubs can be found around The Old Town, it's not a huge area so you can easily bar hop on foot. In general the bars and pubs don't really tend to get busy until 9-10pm and clubs keep going until the wee small hours.

Must see...

Sad Janka Krala - If you're looking for a quiet, wide open space to let any tender stag heads recover the Sad Janke Krala park is an oasis of calm greenery to lie back and think of England until you're feeling human again.
Bunkre B-S-4 - If you've got an history or military buffs in your ranks then head to this amazing bunker which gives a real insight into life before and during the cold war.


Stefan Banic the inventor of the parachute was born in Bratislava.
Slovakia was formerly part of Czechoslovakia until 1989.
The city contains a statue of a man lying in a manhole, touching his hat is supposed to bring good luck, but it's also a favourite spot for local dogs to mark their territory. We'll let you decide if touching it is lucky or not.

A taste of Bratislava
Taste icon

A Taste of Bratislava

Eats - Beneath the foundations of Bratislava's castle you'll find Modra Hviezda where you can try traditional Slovakian cuisine and the best steak the city has to offer in a totally unique location.
Drinks – If you're looking for a drink that'll put hairs on your chest then the local brew of Borovicka will certainly do the job. Although it's not all that kind on the taste buds, it's similar to gin and at 40% it'll most certainly put the lead in your pencil. Or you can head to Zámocký Pivovar's brilliant microbrewery to sample the best local beers.

Getting around Bratislava
Getting around icon

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Bratislava

There are plenty of handy ways to get about the Slovak capital, trams, trolleybuses, trains and buses. The cheapest way to make the most of the public transport is with a City Card giving you unlimited travel over a set period. Currently you can pick up a two day pass for just €12. (Correct at time of publication).


"Ahoj" - Hello
"Prosim" - Please
"Ďakujem" - Thank you
"Na zdravie!" - Cheers!
"Pivo prosím." - A beer please.
"Dve pivá, prosím." - Two beers please.
"Veľa piva, prosím." - Lots of beer please.
"Tento pán všetko zaplatí" - This gentleman will pay for everything.
"Zatancovali by ste si so mnou?" - Would you like to dance with me?
"Nie." - No.

34 Reasons Why Bratislava Is Epic!

Pull Your Own Pint - Queuing at the bar? Not for you guys when you can pull your own pints at your table. Beer pouring genius! See more...

Le Senik Craft Beer Café - Sample the best independent beers in the city while enjoying plenty of banter in metropolitan surroundings. Find out more...

Quad Biking - What better to witness the beauty of the Slovak countryside than on the back of a four-wheeled 120cc beast of a quad bike? See more...

Bratislava Castle - It looks a classic Bond villain's Baltic lair. "Ah Meeshter Bond, we've been ekshpecting you... It's your round!"

The Bridge of Chuck Norris - It's just a bike bridge, but it's worth seeing simply for the fact that the locals unanimously voted to change its name to celebrate the man behind Walker Texas Ranger.

Funus - There's nothing like a good beer garden is there? And this is Bratislava's best; the beers here are cold, smooth and they just keep coming!

Identity Crisis? - Bratislava has had various names over the years. It's the Prince/Symbol/Slave of capital cities.

Burgher Brewery - Burgers and a brewery under one roof?!? Served by cute waitresses?!? It's Bratislava stag do heaven! Find out more...

Luge - Apparently it's the most dangerous winter Olympic sport which makes it the ideal challenge! See more...

Andy Warhol - The famous American pop artist Andy Warhol's parents came from Slovakia, although that fact probably won't earn you your '15 minutes of fame'.

Masquerade - One of the city's hottest clubs where the music is as fresh as the drinks are cold. And as for the local laydeez.... Damn! See more...

Indoor Go Karting - Stage your own Bratislava Grand Prix on the city's epic Indoor Go Karting track and take on the boys in wheel to wheel action. Read more...

Subclub - This club is literally as underground as it gets...because it's actually underground. For an alternative night out, Subclub is the way to go. See more...

Stefan Banic - The inventor of the parachute was a local lad. We're not sure how many volunteers signed up for the first test flight.

Slovan Bratislava - One of two top-flight football sides in the city, Slovan Bratislava once beat Barcelona in the beautiful game. Ok so it was back in 1969 but it still counts.

FC Petržalka Akadémia - The other half of the Bratislava derby are less successful than their counterparts, they haven't beaten Barcelona at all!

Bratislavsky Rozok - This unique sweet treat makes for one tasty delicacy. It's well worth seeking out while in Bratislava.

Most SNP Bridge - One of the city's most famous landmarks, the Most Slovensheko Narodneho Povstania is truly impressive. If the groom's scared of heights it's the perfect day out!

Bobsleigh - Feel like the stag do is going downhill fast? Now it can in what is officially one of the most dangerous Olympic sports of all time. See more...

420,000 - That's the average population of Bratislava, and you can expect to see a large proportion of that figure in the city's best clubs and bars on your big weekend.

UHU Club - With a more laidback vibe and some totally banging tunes this club is a real gem that's well worth checking out. See more...

Hydrospeeding - Yep, this is as awesome as it sounds. It's like one man white water rafter... with added danger! Find out more...

RE:FRESH - During the day you can order delicious eats to fuel your squad of hungry stags and at night you can throw shapes on the dance floor of this epic bar-cum-nightclub. See more...

Target Shooting - Allow the condemned man groom to release any nearly-wed frustrations before his big day...by getting hands on with some of the most powerful weapons known to man. Read more...

Foot Golf - A brilliant mash up of two of the world's greatest sports and great addition to any Bratslava stag weekend. Find out more...

Baby Nation - It wasn't until 1993 that Slovakia became a nation in its own right, with Bratislava as its capital.

Nu Spirit - "They came, they saw, they partied!" A superb place to meet Bratislava's bright young things. Top tunes and stunning scenery if you catch our drift. See more...

HC Slovan - The biggest sports team in the city which is totally obsessed with ice hockey and treats it's player's like gods.

Zorbing - If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be placed into what resembles a giant, inflatable golf ball before being rolled down a hill, then Zorbing is the activity for you! Read more...

Slovak Pub - A traditional, rustic, Slovak boozer if you want a taste of Bratislavan Eastenders "Riiiickaay!". Find out more...

Monument of the Slovak National Uprising - Possibly the most modern monument we've ever seen, with the dullest name!

Bratislava Forest - Need some wide open spaces to rest those aching hangovers? This should do the job!

Hradna Hviezda - In the shadow of the castle you'll find this superb restaurant serving hearty traditional Slovakian dishes if you fancy going native. Find out more...

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HC Sloven Bratislava - Get the lowdown on the city's number one sports team.


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Welcome to Bratislava - More insider hints and tips on the best parties in town.

City image of Bratislava "Tonight we're going to party
like its 1929!"

Slovakia only become an official country in 1993.

Your best mate has put you in charge of arranging the biggest gig in town gentlemen. So you need to make sure the town delivers! Storming nightlife, action-packed daytime activities and plenty of bang for your bucks. A pre-nuptial bash with the boys should bring it all!

And the great news?

Bratislava has it all! (and then some! If you're looking for the novelty factor you've found yourself in the right neck of the quite bizarre Slovak woods! Fancy a city with its own flying saucer? How about a night spent clubbing in a nuclear bunker??)

But the city famed for its subtle style and serious partying is also too cool to rant and rave of its own merits. Luckily we're not so shy at StagWeb! So...

Why should you choose Bratislava?

It's bad luck to kill spiders in Slovakia.

It's quite simple. Bratislava is an absolute blinder of a destination! The capital is a melting pot of history, culture, sport and entertainment. It boasts some of the most extreme outdoor activities in Europe, transforms into stag party heaven when the lights go down, has a city centre so compact you don't have to wander far between watering holes and it manages to occupy both banks of the mighty Danube. Which is where you'll find that UFO. 95 metres above the city's bridge, with top notch grub and retro cocktails in the impressive eatery and a ‘watch' platform to take in the awesome city skyline from the top of the flying saucer. As you do. All without breaking into a sweat, and in the shadow of the pretty spectacular backdrop of the Carpathian mountains (now that's what we call a playground!)

And did we mention that the record for longest legs ever seen on a model once belonged to a Slovak beauty? A former ‘Miss Wonderbra' no less (verified after much admiration from the bods at Guinness World Records we suspect)

The city is also home to several micro-breweries (our kind of town!), ranks 10th in the world for annual beer consumption (partyyyyy time!) and boasts around 10,000 beds for bleary-eyed stags to rest their heads. Oh, and it's also quite common to find gorgeous Slovak girls strutting their stuff in a boxing ring in the middle of the top clubs.

In fact, if we didn't know any better we'd say Bratislava was almost built entirely with stag parties in mind!

Superb! Tell us a Bratislava stag do is easy on the wallet and we're sold!

Bratislava image 2

We're only too happy to oblige gents! When it comes to getting the most bang for your bucks, Bratislava stag weekends really are great on the wallet too! With pints starting from less than a Euro and meals from around £5 a head you're set for a great night out without breaking the bank!

Great! How do we get there?

It's a cinch! Budget airlines offer regular affordable flights from across the UK, with a short journey of a little over two hours. And Bratislava's main airport is only a 15 minute trip from the city centre. A quick ride in one of our limos and you'll be sitting in the Old Town with a beer in hand, ready to sample the delights of the great city before your feet have barely touched the ground!

Where do we need to be?

Stefan Banic a Slovakian miner invented the parachute.

When the day's activities have been completed, you and the boys are likely to find yourselves spending the bulk of your time soaking up the buzzing party atmosphere in the top pubs, clubs, restaurants and live venues of the Old Town. Michalska Street, Hviezdoslavovo Square and Venturska Street offer a fantastic selection of venues, with everything from Irish pubs to cocktail lounges and courtyard bars lining the cobbled streets. The town is also the perfect spot to take in the mixed bag of culture, history and entertainment of the capital, with the Danube, Bratislava Castle, Horsky Park and the Slovak National Theatre just some of the hotspots within easy reach.

And the day's action?

A stag do in Bratislava brings action by the bucket-load! White water rafting on a top flight course, a monster 1km long go-kart track, target shooting with magnums and lugers, or how about firing off 50 rounds of a semi-automatic uzi? For the adrenaline junkies, Bratislava has some of the best winter sports around. Bobsleigh, ice hockey, the luge.... This place has them all!

And when should we go?

The great news is that a Bratislava stag weekend is golden pretty much any time of the year! The warm continental climate is perfect for taking advantage of an alfresco pint or two at the many pubs and bars that spill out onto the streets, and the icy winters bring Bratislava's snow-capped sports to the main stage. So with great weather, a spectacular natural playground, fantastically friendly locals and a bunch of live events including Bratislava Music Fest and the massive Jazz Days dotted throughout the calendar, you're on for a guaranteed winner any time of the year.

Ok, stag weekends in Bratislava bring it home! What should we do now?

Have a browse of our website and view the kind of programmes and deals available. With proven ready-made packages, bespoke weekends and exclusive group rates on offer, we're confident we can bring you the very best of Bratislava's delights at the very best prices.

What's more, StagWeb are ABTA bonded, so you know we've got your cash covered!

Unsurprisingly the city is rapidly growing in popularity with the fun-loving crowd, so it really will pay to plan ahead and book wisely. Our quotes are risk free and you're under no obligation, so be the man with the plan and put us to the test today.

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