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Ice Cool in Krakow

"Gentlemen, we're off on a Krakow stag weekend so pack your toothbrush, passport and flameproof pants
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...Had the most amazing Stag weekend in Krakow. The weekend was epic in every way, organising it was a breeze with our own events manager and payments could be made easy online. Thanks for everything, some great memories made!...

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05/02/2016 -
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A Guide To Your Krakow Stag Weekend

Krakow Activities
Action icon

Action Stations!

AK47 Shooting - Get your hands on some real firepower in this adrenaline-pumping session where you'll be able to test yourself with the most awesome piece of weaponry of all time.
Snowmobile Riding - Make like James Bond and hit the slopes on a fast and furious snowmobile. Take on Krakow's awe-inspiring winter terrain and bear in mind that this really is snow joke.
White Water Rafting - Take to Krakow's Olympic training course and some of the most extreme waters known to stag-kind in this epic white water experience.

From AK47s to napalm vodka, StagWeb spend 48hrs in Krakow. Read more here...

Best bars in Krakow
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Best Bars in Krakow

House of Beer - With a veritable treasure trove of European brews from Belgium, Germany, Poland and Lithuania this is an essential pilgrimage for any self-respecting beer fan.
Wódka Café Bar - And if you want to try some of Krakow's infamous vodka then we'd point you towards Wódka Café. This venue is completely dedicated to celebrating vodka, now that's our kind of party!
Hard Rock Café - Make like real rock stars and head to this world-famous bar with iconic guitars hanging off the walls, a head banging soundtrack and delicious American style dining.
Forum - If live music and an unbelievable selection of independent beers and vodkas wasn't enough to lure you into Forum's trendy interior then the mouth-watering temptation of Krakow's best burgers should more than do the trick.

Krakow event calendar
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Event Calendar

February - Shanty Festival. Make like pirates and sing along with the locals in celebration of an old-fashioned salt-water soaked sea shanty.
June - Dragon Parade. Enjoy the sheer spectacle of Krakow's Wawel Dragon Parade with floats, fireworks, lasers, music and a healthy amount of beer.
June - Lajkonik Parade. The city's celebration of deliverance from the Tartar invaders. If a nun hits you on the arm, don't act surprised, it's meant to bring you good luck.
August - Pierogi Festival. If you've never tried this Polish culinary staple before then you're in for a treat with this delicious festival.

"He who smokes and drinks doesn't get roundworms."
- Polish proverb

Krakow districts
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Where to Head...


Krakow claims to have the highest density of bars in the world and who are we to argue? We've certainly never wasted good drinking time in the city counting bars, we'd rather be drinking and this is a great city to enjoy a beer or three (be wary of the vodka, see below for details). In our opinion the best bars can be found in the courtyards and cellars around the Old Town and Kazimierz.

Must see...

Krakow's Main Square is well worth a visit, even if you're not mad keen on sightseeing this is still pretty impressive and gives a real taste of old Poland. Krakow Barbican is another medieval site that has more than a little of the Game of Thrones feeling about it. But for stags looking for somewhere quiet to rest their aching hangovers, Planty Park is the city's largest park with plenty of shaded areas to lie down and wait for the world to stop spinning.


While the pubs in the UK close around 11pm, in Krakow that's just when they're starting to get busy. Many pubs and bars don't close until the last person to leaves.
Local legend says there was a dragon that lived under the city. However after being tricked by a local cobbler and became really thirsty, rather than beer the dragon drank so much of the city's river it exploded.

A taste of Krakow
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A Taste of Krakow

Eats – Pod Aniolami has a brilliant menu of stag do favourites (steaks, burgers) as well as a selection of traditional Polish dishes to give your weekend diets a serious culture dose. All in rustic surrounds that closely resemble the kind of medieval ale-house seen in Game of Thrones.
Drinks – C.K. Browar is one of Krakow's best microbreweries. If a beer has come from these hallowed depths, you can guarantee that it's a pint worth pursuing and you can enjoy Browar's refreshing Austro-Hungarian brews well into the early hours in their popular pub and nightclub. 

Getting around Krakow
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On Ya Bike! Getting Around Krakow

The easiest way to get about Krakow by night is actually on foot as most of the bars and clubs are all close together.
If you're heading further afield during the day then there are buses and trams that cross the city. But make sure you punch your ticket (using the small orange boxes next to ticket kiosks and bus stands) or you'll be fined. Tickets can be bought at most newsstands. The cheapest way to get about is to buy a 24 hour pass.
If you're feeling fit you can hop on the Krakow equivalent of a "Boris Bike" which you can pick up all over the city.


"Czesc" - Hello
"Proszę" - Please
"Dziękuję" - Thank you
"Na zdrowie!" - Cheers!
"Proszę piwa" - A beer please
"Poproszę dwa piwa" -  Two beers please
"Wiele piw proszę" - Lots of beers please
"Ten Pan za wszystko zapłaci" - This gentleman will pay for everything
 "Czy chcesz ze mną zatańczyć?" - Would you like to dance with me?
"Nie" - No

27 Reasons Why Krakow Is Epic!

Snowmobiles - If they're good enough for Bond, then they're good enough for your Krakow stag weekend surely?!? Take on an epic 8 mile mountain trek and feel the power of your snow-destroying machine. Discover more...

Dragon Breath - It's protected by a dragon, well according to local legend anyway. Although if you want something that breathes deadly fumes check the groom the morning after the big night out.

Plaza Krakow - This brilliant artificial beach bar is something else. The best DJs in Europe take to the decks. And it's a beach... in the middle of a city! Cool.

Strip Boat - See some of Poland's most beautiful sights...and we aren't talking about the architecture! Beautiful babes, cold beers and your best mates, does it get any better? Find out more...

Bombonierka - You can't go to Krakow without going native and trying the local cuisine. The Polish really don't do half-measures when it comes to food (or drink for that matter) and Bombonierka is the perfect place to find that fact out for yourselves.

St. Mary's Basilica - One of the city's biggest and baddest landmarks, St. Mary's is steeped in a deep history; it genuinely looks like something out of an Assassin's Creed game as well, although please don't attempt to climb it to "Get a clear shot."

Last orders - Unlike back in Blighty, the pubs don't close at 11pm, in fact, that's around the time when they get going. Boozers traditionally stay open until the last gent leaves, 'Okrzyki!' (cheers!)

Alchemia - The people behind this bar understand that making great cocktails suitable for manly consumption is a precise science and judging by the results, their alcoholic formulae is spot on.

Nowa Huta - This area is generally considered to be the only district in the world built to match Stalin's vision of a communist utopia. A perfect time to remind the groom that some lads are more equal than others with a few stag pranks we think...

Old Town - The oldest part of the city is well worth a look to stop off and toast the groom with a traditional local brew.

Pop-culture - Around 760,000 people live here, but a whopping 8 million residents live within 62 miles of this epic city. This means that the clubs are always packed on a Krakow stag do and seriously rocking.

Sexy Hitch Hiker - There's no better way to stitch up a deserving groom. Pick up a mysterious but beautiful hitch hiker and then watch the main man's jaw drop as she suddenly starts removing her clothes?!? Discover more...

Ex-Capital - Krakow was the capital of Poland for well over 500 years before Warsaw came along and stole all the glory. What gives man?!?

Whisky Corner - Whisky fans will absolutely love this cavernous bar serving the best brews in the city. Jeden Jameson's proszę!

Pauza - This bar-turned-nightclub is where we imagine James Bond would go to get down and dirty on a Krakow stag do. Slick, stylish, subtle and shaken but never stirred. 

Wisla Krakow - The city's biggest football club is one of Poland's oldest and most successful, and did you know that they once beat Pogon Siedlce 21-0? Now that's a proper spanking!

Kolanko - Retro surrounds and Krakow's most delicious breakfasts makes a visit to Kolanko a must on your big weekend. Who knew that crepes were the perfect antidote for Polish vodka?

KS Cracovia - Poland's oldest football club (by a few months) and arguably the best (Wisla Krakow fans will tell you otherwise). Also, there aren't many clubs in Europe that have counted the Pope amongst their fans, but that's what Cracovia had in John Paul II...

The Holy War - When the two above teams meet on the pitch, it's possibly one of the fiercest local derbies in the world, the game has certainly lived up to its hyperbole over the years!

Bubble Football - If you love to play football but your mates have the frustrating first touch of Lionel Messi then this epic twist on the beautiful game could give you a distinct advantage...at the cost of any kind of agility/skill/control of course. Discover more...

Joseph Conrad - Without local boy Joseph Conrad, there would be no Apocalypse Now, fact. This lad was a serious literary success, and his novel Heart of Darkness makes for great travel reading.

Drukarnia - Jazz-loving stags will love this awesome club celebrating offbeat music that wouldn't sound out of place in a Blues Brothers movie. Drukarnia is properly epic!

Target Shooting - You can't get hold of real guns in the UK (for a good reason) but seeing as it's your Krakow stag weekend it doesn't seem fair to separate man from target-destroying machine. It is legal over here after all! See more...

Salt Mine - A tour around Krakow's amazing salt mines is epic, like walking through Lord of the Ring's 'Mines of Moria' without the worry of getting stabbed by orcs.

Cien Klub - This club is without a doubt one of Krakow's best. Nights here are often a wild affair and believe us, if you've never tried Polish vodka, order a single. It's for your own good!

Bar Crawl - Take on the ultimate bar crawl and enjoy all the beery good times that come with it before stepping into a luxurious lap dancing club. See more...

Pub Spolem - This pub looks like something out of a Fallout game, in a good way. The walls are plastered with newspaper clippings, and old TVs, radios and keyboards provide an unusual decorative touch.

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The Krakow Post - Get the lowdown on the city's best news and events.

Krakow IYP - Top travelling tips from Krakow experts.

City image of Krakow "Tonight we're going to party
like its 1929!"

Polish Belvedere and Chopin vodkas are distilled four times.

Your guide to a Krakow stag do

Yes, there are some great new, exotic stag do destinations (we even send guys to the Great Barrier Reef) but the classics are classics for a reason, and all of those reasons are exemplified by a Krakow stag do. It's an old, traditional city, but that doesn't mean boring... it means the absolute best of traditional stag do fun. There are over 300 bars and pubs in Old Town alone, without touching on the number in the rest of the city. Krakow also has some of the craziest and most unique activities in the whole of Europe.

If you're looking for an amazingly wild time without breaking the bank then gentlemen, Krakow is just what the Mad Doctor ordered.

Great Prices - "Bear me up zloty!"

Krakow image 2

Drinking - If you love getting a bargain as much as you enjoy a good drink then in Krakow you'll get far more zing for your zloty ('zloty' is the Polish currency). On average drinks prices are just half of those in the UK which means you can breathe easy when it comes to those big rounds as they won't drink the stag kitty dry.

Dining - It's true that a stag party marches on its stomach, you certainly won’t go hungry as the city has some amazing restaurants and dining out is much cheaper in Poland meaning you can chow down on some very happy meals.

Activities - Once again you can take advantage of the fantastic exchange rate and prices in Poland to squeeze in far more adventure.

Krakow was originally Poland's capital city.

Na Zdrowie! (Or 'Cheers!')

When you're in the country with (allegedly) the highest density of bars in the world, you’re guaranteed to find a drink to satisfy even the thirstiest of stag lads. However in Poland they like their drinks to have a healthy kick so here's a quick guide to the local brews...

  • Żubrówka - also known as Bison Grass Vodka, it's a dry, herby vodka that's distilled from rye and is slightly yellow.
  • Tatanka - Żubrówka with apple juice, and one of the few times it's acceptable to have your vodka with a mixer.
  • Wódka miodowa - a honey flavoured vodka, usually drunk as shots. Careful how much you drink - branded versions will be between 40-50%, homemade versions will use a base that's 80-100%.
  • Śliwowica - a plum brandy that should be treated like absinth - we don't mean just setting fire to it first, we mean with extreme caution... it can be anything between 40% and 70%. Generally the clearer it is, the more alcoholic.

Krakow stag do? Let’s go crazy!

Krakow is in a league of its own when it comes to activities. With more madness than you can shake a groom at, the options are as limitless as they are slightly bonkers;

Party Tram - Imagine a nightclub built in a tram that heads through the city centre with big sounds, a great lighting system, fully stocked bar, plus a strip show. That is how you start a great night out!

Target Shooting - Far more bang for your buck then you'll get back in Blighty. Get your trigger fingers around Uzis, pump action shotguns and even Kalashnikov rifles.

White Water Rafting - A classic stag activity but this is big water so won’t suit tamer stag groups. If your group are “hardcore” adrenalin junkies then this is a must.

Strip Cruise - A life on the ocean waves, enjoyed with great beer, great mates and some of Poland’s stunning performers to put a smile on the groom’s face.

Where should you stay in Krakow?

The Old Town district is really the powerhouse of Krakow, with the most restaurants and shops, and the top area for nightlife, with a massive assortment of cool, Bohemian bars, edgy cocktail lounges, ambitious and raucous nightclubs, pre-party clubs and sleek jazz bars. And it just so happens that at StagWeb we have some fantastic stag accommodation right in the heart of the action, so you can roll out of your hotel and right into the thick of the action.

Getting to Krakow

Krakow is recognised across Europe as a significant cultural centre, so plenty of airports fly to the city - and more importantly, it's recognised as a significant stag do destination too, so plenty of budget airlines offer flights too, saving you money for more important things. Between easyJet and Ryanair all London airports are covered, as are Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham, Dublin, East Midlands, and Leeds - so almost wherever you or the boys are coming from, you'll have no problem jetting off to Krakow.

Nearly 35% of the 60 million Poles live abroad.

Why StagWeb?

A stag do in Krakow has all the ingredients for a world class weekend; hundreds of bars, hundreds of people, and hundreds of opportunities for an unforgettable weekend of fun with the lads. The only limit is what you can pull together for the boys. The lads will want a night that lives up to the phenomenal location... and this is where we come in. StagWeb has been organising stag parties since 2002, so if you want a truly legendary night, there's no one better to help you. We know the area, we know the activities, and we know how to ensure you have a brilliant night without paying through the nose - in fact, we can get you accommodation, transport, half a day's worth activity and two nights of entertainment from as little as £115 per person. Give us a call on 01225 474200, and start planning a kraking weekend in Krakow. (Sorry we couldn't resist).

Looking for information and stats about Krakow? See more info here.

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