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London stag do

You wot mate? A London stag do? Lovely jubbly!

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London stag do ideas

London stag do ideas

Action, adventure, outdoor, indoor, we've got the greatest range of activities in London!


...We all had a great time, lots of fun and laughs! Would be happy to recommend StagWeb for their organisation of the event....

London stag weekend -
02/08/2014 -
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City image of London London - Bight lights, big city!

Victorian clerics warned building the underground would "Disturb the Devil".

A guide to a London stag do

The following guide is to help you plan an incredible London stag do – in probably the greatest city in the world! We’ve got loads of great ideas, advice & recommendations for you ... ‘ang about ... it might even put the wedding in the shade!

Talk about popular, London stag weekends are always up there both for us Brits and visitors from overseas because they're set in one of the world's greatest cities! The city’s like a magnet for fun and adventure, you're definitely going to have a night or two to remember! It's a huge destination with incredible options, thousands of accommodation and entertainment venues, plus we've got the very best London stag do activities ready for you. StagWeb was actually born slap bang in the heart of the city and knowing “the smoke” like we do, we'll put you and the boys in the position to get so much more from this amazing location! Two tips from the off are don't leave it too late or take short cuts, either of those will mean you’ll likely end up with less but shell out more. But here’s the good news ... We can help you start planning straightaway, so take advantage of us and easily get hold of the Capital’s greatest options!

Your London stag do, simply put better choices = better value

The Capital covers a huge area and that means massive options, thousands of venues and bucket loads of potential activities, but apart from being spread out not all venues are the same and getting value in what can be an expensive city is crucial. As the organiser you want to make choices that really get to the best of what’s on offer and make the itinerary flow from one thing to the next with a minimum of fuss – and we can genuinely help you with that, putting the London stag do in a better position and pinned to better value from the word go.

Until 1916 Harrods sold pure cocaine to the public.

When should we go? Planning when to visit ...

That bit’s easy – year round. It’s a 24-7, 365 days a year kind of place! Plan a smart itinerary and it’s always a top time to visit, there’s always so much going on. Spring and summer are top times for travelling to the Capital when the better weather means lots of extra alfresco entertainment, whether it’s a few beers on the Thames or spilling out into the streets of Soho, Covent Garden and the West End. Even a boys trip in the dead of winter’s a blast because “the party don’t stop” for a little chill or a dash of rain, besides which there are hundreds of weatherproof venues and undercover activities.

Where should we stay? Getting the best out of staying, playing & partying!

London image 2 Legendary London Nights

Unless you’ve got particular requirements we’d advise you want accommodation to be central, in the heart of the action or at least close enough to get to it quickly. With big nights in mind you’ll want to be in or within striking distance of the West End which doesn’t always make for the cheapest accommodation but on the upside we’ve got plenty of deals and preferred hotels for you to take advantage of. And if you need to keep it tight we’ve got cost effective solutions to fit most budgets, it’s all about planning. If activities are going to play a big part in your London stag weekend consider the logistics of getting where you need to go, that means transfers, traffic and time. We can talk you through all of this and get you comfortable with local knowledge and considerations. When it comes to where you want to be the earlier you get started the better ideas, options and prices you’ll get. Our accommodation and nightlife pages have more good advice.

What should we do? Recommendations & ideas

There are loads of group events for you and the boys to take on but with the centre being so busy and built up, you’ll find activities that require more space (like motorsports and watersports) are on the outskirts of town or a little further afield – so if they’re in the mix allow for some transfer time. Transport solutions are generally no problem because access is easy, as the organiser it’s definitely worth thinking about all activity options so you get the right fit for the group. You’ll want to have a decent daytime event to mark the occasion and your best mate’s send-off and we can help with expert recommendations here. Sport’s obviously a very big deal with all the majors well represented from football and rugby to cricket and golf, and of course horse racing. We’ve got all the bachelors’ bankers covered from karting and paintball to clay shooting and even chess boxing! Check out the activities page or simply call in to get started.

Buckingham Palace was built on the site of a notorious brothel.

What will it cost? The old ‘spondoolics’

So you’re probably thinking it’s going to be a whack ... you might be surprised, we build most weekends bespoke to suit client needs (and that includes working towards budgets) and we’ve got a fantastic reputation for great value. However for ready-made cost effective solutions we’ve got 1 night 4* hotel packages starting from as little as £139 and a 2 night package that starts at an unbelievable £99 per person, there’s even a 2 night 5* package for well under £300! What’s the catch ... there isn’t one, StagWeb was originally based in London and we’re well connected with very strong links, plus we’ve been running group events for 12 years! Have a look at our packages. What you’ve got to allow for on any stag is the entertainment budget, drinks, clubs, taxis, etc – that’s where the costs add up and why building a smart itinerary with the right venues and getting a lot sorted in advance really pays off. It’s easier as a group and much easier still if you know what you’re doing and where you’re going, gentlemen in the case of the Capital – it definitely pays to be prepared.

How can I get there? Travelling into the Smoke for the weekend!

Rush hour aside, (avoid it if you can), arriving into London for a boys weekend is a doddle, whether you travel by plane, train or automobile. And of course there’s the coach aswell. Just remember to allow enough time to get across town to where you need to be. If you want to take a bit more time on this head over to guide page where there’s a lot more info.

Cor’ blimey guv': what you should do next

Hopefully the above gives you a good idea of how to get started, the easiest thing to do from here is to either call in, pick a package or send us a brief of what you need, the plan it page is a great place to start. And if you’re worried don’t be, there’s no hard sell, the service is the best in the business, you get your own expert contact and you can make all the changes you need to get what you want, that’s why we’re here. Once you’ve sent a brief in we’ll be back to you quickly with a range of London stag do ideas and suggestions to fit your budget! You’ll get your own London expert account manager and event team backing you up every step of the way. Why not get started today!

The last word ... thousands of reasons why London sets a rare standard

Gents it’s a megacity, a fun, fashionable, historic, gold plated, award winning Capital that’s without doubt one of the world’s greatest destinations for a stag, which should fill even the most well travelled in your group with healthy anticipation. Going out for a couple of legendary lads nights is a certainty – only a few places in Europe can match the range you get here; plus the activities are either central or within reasonably easy reach. In cooking terms, London’s ingredients add up to a very tasty stag weekend.

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