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London stag activities

A guide to our favourite London stag activities

The daytime activities are a key part of any London stag, you and the boys have got to do something! Despite the appeal to go beer hunting in the Capital it’s a good idea to keep out of the pub as long as you can, let's face it the evenings are going to be huge enough! Besides which the groom is going to get more out of his send-off with a lively activity or two, it’ll keep the boys honest, give the group something to bond over and you’ll probably spend less than you would do in the boozer! Because the city is so huge event selection boils down 2 main considerations when choosing your London stag activities – stay in the city or head to the suburbs, in town the action is mostly inside and undercover but a short transfer out and you’re into plenty more adventure! Game on!


Top picks in London

London Stag Activities – how to pick the right group events

We’ve been delivering events in the Capital for well over a decade so coming up with London stag activity ideas is easy but coming up with activities that fit the group is key, especially when you’ve got to think about the budget, quality, value, reliability plus any timings you want to achieve. The stag night’s covered in detail in another section and there’s loads of great advice there, in this section we want to put you on the right road for London’s best group events. So here’s a quick 6 bullet point list when you’re choosing between activities …

  1. Consider the time of year & weather (even extra clothing)
  2. Be budget smart (cheap doesn’t always mean good especially in London)
  3. Stay local with urban options or prepare for some travel out of the centre
  4. Plan a group friendly schedule & try to work to a timetable
  5. Consider modes of transport, time, traffic & any additional travel costs
  6. Mix it up, a couple of complementary activities makes for a memorable day
  7. To avoid any oversights seek out expert advice when putting it together

Events for everybody… Opportunity knocks so don’t waste it

As far as London stag activities go you can find something for everyone, the trouble is everyone might not agree, in which case thinking of the group, best fit and preparing events for budget is the best approach - but always remember to put the groom’s preferences first. With so many options wasting a day in London is close to a criminal offence, you and the boys should do something to mark the occasion – it can really make the weekend. Throw a big night or two on top of a memorable event and bang, it’s one hell of a lads weekend.

Double bubble…

You can pick one main event or you could try a couple. For example you could split an out of town experience with a central event, like a hangover friendly Thames cruise followed by an afternoon’s horseracing or quad bikes; alternatively stay in town with a stadium tour followed by 5-a-side or a morning’s ribbing followed by some indoor paintball or gokarting! There are loads of rewarding possibilities for combining the best of what’s available. We’ve got plenty of ideas and expertise here for stag activities in London and rest assured we’ll make them work for you, we’ll even guarantee your deposit (find details on your quote).

Below you’ll find a big list of all the events we regularly arrange in and around the Capital, in the meantime here are 2 recommended lists you could find useful …

Our top ten inner city London stag activity ideas

  1. Gokarting
  2. Winetasting
  3. Spa refreshers
  4. Indoor paintball
  5. Party golf (indoor)
  6. James Bond
  7. River Ribs
  8. Football, watching a match or stadium tours
  9. Cricket, watching a match or stadium tours
  10. Golf (outdoor)

Our top ten events out of town (within easy reach)

  1. Horseracing
  2. Clay shooting
  3. Combo - Rage buggies, hovercrafts & clay shooting
  4. 4x4
  5. Quad bikes
  6. Paintball
  7. Rugby
  8. Watersports
  9. Off road karts
  10. Powerturns

Other London group events… A useful guide to loads more!

There are plenty more, we list over 60 for starters and there are variations within those, so you’re really looking at a collection of well over 100 recommended stag activities in London on offer, you can see the full listings on the itinerary planning page here.

What to do next…

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want to work towards let us know, it’s why we’re here and why we enjoy such a great reputation. And that’s before we’ve given you tips on how to get the most out of the rest of your trip. There’s plenty to be excited about - there’s loads you and the boys can enjoy and it doesn’t always have to be outrageously expensive. StagWeb was born in the city and we’ve always had our own in-house, clued up city department, so rest assured you’ll be getting the best possible guidance, advice and recommendations from day 1. Why not start planning your London stag activities and send a brief today!