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"Stag on the Tyne's all mine..."

Newcastle isn't just the party capital of the north, it's one of Europe's greatest party cities. Any Newcastle stag weekend will face legendary clubs, epic activities and bags of Geordie charm. "Gentlemen... Prepare to party!"


...Had a wicked weekend in Newcastle thanks to StagWeb. Easy to organise and make payments. Fabulous customer service throughout. Accommodation and activities were great value for money. All 19 in our party commented on how they felt they got their money's worth. We would definitely recommend....

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A Guide To Your Newcastle Stag Weekend

Action icon

Action Stations!

Rage Buggies - You're probably used to the groom's temper tantrums but now he can take out his road rage in a 998cc, 40mph buggy designed for one purpose; destruction.
North East Beast - Put yourselves to the test as you take on three stag-tastic challenges: gravity defying high ropes, archery and a bushtucker trial for the groom.
Archery Tag - This is just like paintball... If you took the guns and ammo away and replaced them with a bow and arrow. Archery Tag is mad, bad and dangerous to know, "let's play darts!"

Best bars in Newcastle
Best bars icon

Best Bars in Newcastle

Pleased to Meet You - With one of Newcastle's most delicious menus, a range of mouth-watering ales and an incredible cocktail menu, we're sure you'll be pleased to meet this bar too.
Madame Koo - This ultra-cool bar is a low-lit party paradise where the locals love to let loose on a Friday night to relaxed tunes in unique oriental surrounds.
No. 28 - When was the last time you drunk in a bar with a Dalek in the corner? This brickwork bar and bistro is booming on a weekend with the Toon's beautiful locals and unusual décor all around.
As You Like It - In the trendy Jesmond area of town you'll be hard pressed to find a bar as unique as this. Vines crawl across the ceiling but we think you'll pay more attention to the menu of craft beers and the gorgeous girls that frequent this stylish watering hole.

A taste of Newcastle
Taste icon

A Taste of Newcastle

Eats - If James Bond came to Newcastle, Babucho is where he'd be eating. This high-end brasserie has a delicious menu to dabble in and once night falls, the trendy surrounds transform into one of the hippest lounge bars in 'Toon with more cocktails than Alan Shearer has Premier League goals.
Drinks - We've all heard of Newkie Brown Ale but if you've never come across Wylam Brewery before then pay attention. This Newcastle based brewery is fast becoming a tour de force on the craft beer scene and their pints are certainly worthy of your big weekend, whether your tastes lean towards a refreshing Jakehead IPA or a hearty Häxan Black Wit Beer.  

“I could have signed for Newcastle when I was 17, but I decided I would be better off at Carlisle.
I'd had a drink that night.”
- Peter Beardsley

Newcastle districts
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Where to Head...

For great nights out in Newcastle head to The Gate. Packed full of pubs and action and well worth a visit. For trendy eating and drinking both The Quayside and Jesmond (in particular Osbourne Rd) are vibrant, recently regenerated areas frequented by the city’s young urban professionals in need of a night on the toon.

Must see: St James’ Park - Football is the very lifeblood of Newcastle. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of one of English football’s most famous grounds.

Newcastle event calendar
Event calendar icon

Event Calendar

April – Gateshead Beer & Music Festival. Pour yourselves a pint and relax to the sounds of Newcastle's best local bands.
July – SummerTyne Americana Festival. Prepare to party like the US of A as Gateshead brings the best of Americana to the banks of the River Tyne.
June – Jesterval. There's plenty to laugh about in the North East's premier comedy festival with local upstarts and big name acts you've seen on the telly.
October – Oktoberfest. The Toon goes all Bavarian in celebration of beery gut times. Don't forget to pack your lederhosen.


Greggs was founded in Newcastle in 1951. Incredibly there are now more Greggs shops in the UK than there are McDonalds. So as a nation we are indeed eating all the pies.

Getting around Newcastle
Getting around icon

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Newcastle

Newcastle's underground Metro system makes getting about the city a doddle. Bus and rail routes are also an easy budget friendly way of getting around.

Check out Nexus for destinations and timetables.


"Ya'aalreet?" - How are you?
"Aye that's canny like." - Yes, that's jolly good.
"Ha'way man ahm gannin to the poob." - Come on old chap, I'm off to the pub.
"Ah'll have a pint of tha broon, tah pet." - Yes please, I'll have a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale, thank you madam.
"Haddaway, the toon wor propa shite a'day." - Oh bother, Newcastle United FC weren't very good today.

40 Reasons Why Newcastle is so Great

Toon Army - The Toon Army are without doubt some of the best football fans in the UK. Always well informed, fiercely passionate and with an unbreakable sense of humour (well, being a Newcastle fan you have to laugh really), they have suffered through King Kevin's second coming, the rise and fall of Shearer's brief managerial stint, Big Sam, Joe Kinnear and the Wally with the Brolly.

Fat Hippo - If there is a finer burger bar on the planet then we've yet to see it! Shakes, puddings and chips that are mini works of art and onion rings that will allow you to die happy, this is indeed food heaven, proper man food served in proper man-sized portions. Artisan burgers with all the trimmings and none of the pretentions.

St James Park - A real cathedral of the modern game, it is one of the few premiership stadiums that really retains so many of the grass roots fans that have been with the club through celebrations and relegations. Survived a failed attempt at changing the name, the stadium will always be St James Park to the loyal black and white striped fans.

rage buggiesRage Buggies - Just about the most fun you can have on four wheels without seeing flashing blue lights in your rear view mirror, rage buggies are nothing short of epic! Designed to overcome any obstacle. they're 1,000cc of complete off-roading madness and Newcastle's rage buggy site is one of the most testing in the UK. Come and 'ave a go if you think you're 'ard enough! See our rage buggies...

Stephanie Lorraine - Not only is Steph unbelievably hot (a former Miss Northumbria), she also happens to be a brilliant footballer who played for Newcastle United Women's FC. A proper Geordie lass who could share a pint, talk football and probably beat you in a game of keepy uppy. She's quite possibly the dream girlfriend.

Gazza - Reckoned by some to be England's most naturally gifted player of all time, Gazza was as unpredictable as he was brilliant. Worshipped by the fans and celebrated by the press, one minute he was winning a game single handed the next he was falling off busses and wearing plastic boobs. A one off, a true footballing legend and properly bonkers! "I never make predictions and I never will." Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne.

The Fog on the Tyne - According to Gazza it's "all mine all mine". And while he might have been one of the nation's greatest ever footballers, he has to be one of the world's worst rappers. Judge for yourselves...

The Accent - "Hohway man..." You can't dislike anyone with a Geordie accent, it's "purely belter" and according to numerous polls considered the friendliest in the UK. Plus it would be impossible to do an impression of Big Brother without a Geordie accent "Day fourteen in the big brother house..."

Ross Noble - Mad, bad and hilarious to know, the scatter gun approach Ross takes into stand-up is madder than his hair! While more conventional comics have finely tuned and timed acts, Ross appears to just saunter on stage and let his mouth do its own thing with very little guidance from his brain. The result is genius and has made him one of the most loved live acts around.

Assassin's Creed - Yes, the worldwide smash hit game phenomenon owes much of its success to the Ubisoft design studio tucked away in its secret Newcastle location. Newcastle is quickly becoming a major setting for web-based and computer design companies adding even more brains to the cities beauty (sorry Peter Beardsley, not you).

The Police - One of the biggest bands of the 80's, The Police were also hugely self-destructive. Backstage fisticuffs, recording studio meltdowns and even brawls midway through interviews the three members did manage to make some superb albums and went on to sell over 50 million albums.

beersThe Red House - In a city renowned for its love of pies, The Red House is a cut above and the undisputed king of the upper crust. Pie, mash, liquor and fantastic ales are served up in a trendy retro setting. But don't expect pretty cutlery and silver service, this is good honest food served properly... With beer. Visit The Red House.

Whisky Festival - Newcastle's superb whiskey festival does create one very interesting question... Why doesn't every city have its own whiskey festival?!? Some of the UK's best Whiskey producers head to Newcastle to taste test so you can sample their wares before picking up a few bottles to take home.

Alan Shearer - Before becoming bezzie mates with Gary Lineker, Shearer was a premiership and England marksman of some standing. One half of England's deadly S.A.S. (Shearer & Sheringham) he scored 30 goals in 63 international appearances and was national captain through a number of major tournaments. Shearer is also the Premier Leagues record goal scorer having hit the back of the net 260 before wheeling away with his one handed goal celebration.

Dumper Truck Racing - One of the most hilarious racing experiences known to stag-kind, these suped-up dumper trucks are the perfect way for any stag party to finally decide exactly who is the fastest driver. This is heavy metal wheel to wheel action of the highest order! May the best man (or one of the other stags) win. See our dumper truck racing....

Zapista Burrito Bar - If you like your food on the go but are tired of the same old high street chains, the Zapatista Burrito Bar is the answer to your lunchtime prayers. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chilli, shredded beef and a whole mouth-watering load more, all served with their own amazing sauces. Fast food with fresh ingredients and plenty of kick. Definitely one of our favourite Newcastle eateries. Visit Zapista Burrito Bar.

The World's Hottest Curry – Think you like spicy food? You ain't seen nothing yet! How about a curry so hot it even made Gordon Ramsey choke on his F-word? Yes, it's 'flaming' hot but there only one way to find out and that's to head along to the Rupali on Bigg Market to try the world's hottest curry for yourself. Watch Gordon's attempt here.

Chris Ramsey - Another of Newcastle funny men, Chris Ramsey is a true everyman comic, the kind of guy you watch on stage and can then imagine meeting up for a pint afterwards. We all know someone a bit like Ramsey but no one actually as hilarious as him.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Yep, if it hadn't been for Newcastle, Sydney would look very different as the Aussies took inspiration from the Tyne Bridge to help design the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Of course true Geordies would argue it isn't a patch on the original and "...if your bridge is so good, how come so many of them Aussies are over here serving in our pubs man?".

The Sausage Emporium - This superb diner is exactly what it says on the tin, a whole venue dedicated to worshipping the noble banger, a variety of which they make on the premises. Bratwurst, triple chilli, Moroccan, black pudding, ale, curried sausage, all your banger dreams come true in diner so good it's worth the trip to Newcastle for alone! Visit The Sausage Emporium.

Sir Bobby Robson - Newcastle born and bred, Sir Bobby lived and breathed football and gave England one of their finest hours with a World Cup semi-final which was only lost on penalties. As much of a genius on the training ground, Robson was sometimes incomprehensible in the press room but always brilliant viewing. "We can't replace Gary Speed. Where do you get an experienced player like him with a left foot and a head?" Sir Bobby Robson.

nightlifePubs - Newcastle is renowned as being one of the best places to party in the UK and we can faithfully state all the reports are true. When it comes to nightlife, Newcastle really does make a night to remember with some legendary venues.

Ant & Dec - From Saturday morning cheeky chappies to Saturday evenings making former world champion sportsmen and ex popstars eat wallaby willies, they have become two of the best loved faces on TV. And while we are happy to celebrate their PJ & Duncan roots you'd have to question their England World Cup anthem. We're on the Ball.

Newkie Brown - Selling 100 million bottles in the UK every year, Newkie Brown has gone in and out of fashion but the one thing that has never changed is it's fantastic rich flavour. A king among beers, Newkie Brown is a star of British brewing.

The Windscreen Wiper - Driving back from the FA Cup final in the howling rain Gladstone Adams had the brilliant idea of using moving rubberised blades to clear the windscreen and thus the windscreen wiper was born. Which then became a convenient place for wardens to place tickets. Yeah, nice one Adams!

Lucozade - Originally called 'Glucozade', Lucozade was invented by William Owen in his Barras Bridge chemist shop in 1927 as a source of energy for patients suffering from common ailments. He sold his invention to Beecham's in 1938 before footballer John Barnes went on to extol its praises as a fitness drink.

Joseph the Dancing Monk - Both staff and customers at a former Newcastle nightclub reported seeing a tall dancing monk in full robes hitting the dancefloor. The new club had opened close to a cemetery where an abbot by the name of Joseph had been buried.

Johnathon Edwards - One of our greatest Olympians, Edwards has won enough precious metal in his time to open his own jewellers; Olympic golds and silver, Commonwealth gold and two silvers, two World Championship golds and European gold. His 1995 triple jump record, 18.29 still stands over 20 years on. Jonathon is now a major part of BBC the sports team.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - Pop-star, perfume pusher, TV talent judge, and business mogul CFV has so many wondrous asserts to admire and we most certainly do. Quite possibly one of the sexiest women on the planet, she is an inclusion on many a man's "top 10 women to find yourself stranded on a desert island with..."

Tyneside Cinema - Situated in a grade II listed building, the cinema has been restored to preserve and celebrate the grandeur of its original 1937 art-deco design while screening films using state-of-the-art cinema technology. Tyneside Cinema is now one of the country's best independent movie houses. As well as catching new releases, the Tyneside shows fantastic seasons of vintage movies. It also happens to be fully licensed so you can enjoy a movie and an ice cold beer at the same time. Visit Tyneside Cinema.

paintballingPaintball - A real life 'Call of Duty', Newcastle has one of the UK's top paintball sites. Utter stag party carnage is guaranteed. With 20 different scenarios and game zones to choose from this is not so much a battle to survive but a chance to give your mates a complete Dulux makeover in a fight to the death pub. See our paintballing...

The Great North Run - Brainchild of former Olympic medallist and commentator Brendan Foster, the annual event stretches from Gateshead to South Shields, is one of the biggest events on the city busy calendar and has become the biggest half marathon in the world (most number of competitors, it's not a longer course). The first run was staged in 1981 and has since gone on to raise millions for charity. Visit The Great North Run.

Friendly As Folk - Geordies have been voted the friendliest people in the UK in numerous polls. It certainly is a fantastic place to party with friendly locals, great customer service and a real feel good atmosphere.

Get Carter - Based on the 1970 Ted Lewis Novel, Get Carter has become one of the coolest British Gangster movie of all times. Staring the steely Michael Caine and Gorgeous Britt Ekland it tells the story of Jack Carter who travel's home to Newcastle for his brother's funeral. If you haven't already seen it you really should, if you don't want to see it, please turn in your man card on the way out.

Lightbulb - While America celebrates Thomas Edison's many lightbulb moments and inventions, one thing he didn't invent was the lightbulb. This was actually done by Joseph Swan of Newcastle. Edison had tried and failed to solve the issue of electric light and then the company he was working for bought the US rights to sell Swan's invention in the US and set about changing history to attribute the invention to Edison.

Michelle Bass - One of the hottest stars to come out of both Newcastle and the Big Brother House, Michelle Bass has won a legion of fans with her winning curves and stunning smile. After emerging from the BB house Michelle become a model, and columnist and is still HOT!

Tyne Bank Brewery - Newkie Brown might have moved on (now produced in Yorkshire) but beer production in Newcastle is in fantastic shape thanks to the superb work at the Tyne Bank Brewery. If you're heading to Newcastle any time in the near future grab a pint of Single Blonde and raise your glass to the fantastic brewery. Visit Tyne Bank Brewery.

Blackadder - One of the finest comedy shows of any era (and it covered a few), Blackadder himself might talk with an Ox-Bridge accent but the man behind Lord/Captain/Duke/Esquire Blackadder himself, Rowan Atkinson, is a Geordie who has gone on to create some of the most loved comedy characters of his generation. And that's before we even mention the huge global hit 'Mr Bean'.

Greggs - Opened in Gosforth in 1951, the UK now has more branches of Greggs than McDonalds. However the company's routes are in Newcastle, a city that has indeed eaten all the pies.

Viz - The cutting edge burst onto shelves in 1979 and is still going strong. It created some hugely memorable cartoon characters who become cult figures in their own right, Roger Mellie, Nobby Piles, Buster Gonad, and the non-PC Fat Slags courted as much controversy as they did laughs but they're still funny to this day and the magazine continues to make men laugh over 30 years on.

City image of Newcastle A night on the "Toon"

The 3rd largest match attendance in the Premier League.

Should there ever be a fight for the title of Northern England's most popular stag do destination then Manchester's cobbled streets would probably go toe to toe with the Geordie shores with the smart money going on the Magpie loving, perma-tanned contender. It has long been recognised as a great, if not THE, party city which makes a Newcastle stag do a sure fire winner when going “ha'way the lads”. Ok, yes, we recognise that any stag do will come complete with its fair share of poorly executed attempts at a Geordie accent but its definitely a StagWeb Top Ten 10 destination, we have venues throughout the Toon and surrounding area which is famed for its friendly welcome and great nights out. Its simply one of the busiest, funniest and best destinations in the UK. Send a brief now.

Why: Reasons to be cheerful, preparing for Newcastle

It's a belter. How can a city that gave us Blackadder (yes, Mr Bean is a Geordie!) possibly be wrong? The surrounding area is a veritable playground waiting to be explored by those looking for adventure with arguably some of the best outdoor activities in the country, marry that with the city's famed nightlife and you're already well on your way to a stag weekend of epic proportions. And forget the clichés created by the TV shows and Viz magazine of boozy women with orange skin and dyed black hair, you and the lads will find a genuinely cosmopolitan city with a touch of class. Whatever your budget or musical tastes you will have a fantastic night out in a city always buzzing with a great vibe which is why we have helped book so many Newcastle stag dos. 

When: When's the best time to visit for Newcastle?

Alan Shearer scored 33 goals in 63 appearances for England.

According to most hardened Geordie fans, wearing a jacket makes you “a bit of a girl” and going shirtless to watch United or ladies determinedly dressed for the tropics is par for the course whatever the season. Cold weather is never enough to dampen the partying spirits of the inhabitants and certainly won't get in the way of a great time but when booking outdoors you should take the weather into consideration from November until late January. Also with some of the most loyal fans on the planet, the football season's big news and it can get busy when the “Magpies” are at home but if you're a football fan this will only add to the experience.

How: Going to "Toon"

As one of the biggest cities in the UK, Newcastle is really easy to access either by car, coach, train or even plane and has its own underground system for truly Metro-sexual modern stags to get about. However, like any major city it can get pretty busy during rush hour, so always allow plenty of time to get across to your booked activities.

Where: Location, location, location

Newcastle image 2 Action stations!

Take a trip down to the city's cool quayside area, which is packed full of a wide variety of bars and pubs or head to trendy Ouseburn or Jesmond for fancier bars, cafes and hotel restaurants. We have a great selection of 2, 3 and 4 star hotels available in Newcastle but book wisely as no matter the time of year it's always a popular destination and you won't be the only stags in Newcastle. So book ahead of time or let us help you and take advantage of unique deals we have with a few of our favourite hotels.

Action Stations: Newcastle stag weekend sports and activities

It's not just the nightlife that's impressive; Newcastle activities aren't too shabby either. The North East is blessed with some of the best outdoor activities in the country and boasts a wide variety of sporty, extreme testosterone flowing and active options, such as our incredible outdoor karting, extreme rage buggies, clay pigeon shooting and woodland paintball, as well as more relaxed ideas, such as cocktail mixing sessions, fishing or a river cruise. Or if you fancy something a little unusual such as gladiator duel, sumo wrestling and human table football you'll find it all in Newcastle! It doesn't just have to be all about clubbing and pub action - Speak to our Newcastle event manager if you'd like recommendations on combining certain activities!

On the money: The Newcastle budget

'Joseph the Dancing Monk' allegedly haunted La Dulce Vita nightclub.

It's not expensive, but that's not to say you won't spend a few quid - you'll be having the time of your life! The key preparation costs should be well within reach. Nothing's too costly on its own, but accommodation prices can ratchet up as dates get busier and occupancy rises. Newcastle is certainly one of the stag and hen capitals of the UK but it's also a massively popular city break destination. We've been delivering stags here for over a decade so we know what works. We build bespoke weekends for a lot of groups, but we also have a selection of proven ready made packages starting at £99 and going through to £239 per person. However if you're looking for a rough budget for a stag do, if you aim in the region of £165-175 per head, you'll be well catered for.

What to do next: How to book

If you're interested in holding your stag do in Newcastle and are looking for ideas, have a browse of our website and the kind of packages available and send us a Newcastle brief. Our friendly team will take the hassle out of it for you with a variety of ABTA bonded Newcastle stag weekend packages to fit your budget and individual requirements.

Looking for information and stats about Newcastle? See more info here.

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