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Newquay stag do

Newquay stag do

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Newquay stag weekend -
20/06/2014 -
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Newquay Activities
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Action Stations!

If you're heading to Newquay it really is all about the beach; Surfing, Zap Cats, Coasteering, Blo Karting, Ribbing, Paddleboarding and the hilarious Cornish Challenge ("Are you man enough?") which will see the whole party get all 'Hasslehoff' with your own Baywatch beach action.

Best bars in Newquay
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Best Bars in Newquay

Belushi's - "Sun, sand, sea and sambucca…" are just some of the great things you'll find at this superb venue in a great location overlooking the beach.

The Central - One of Newquay's most stylish bars. Good food, good music, good times!

Fistral - Situated right on the beach, Fitral's is a real slice of beach life. A great place to chill out during the day or kick start any big night out.

Newquay event calendar
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Event Calendar

May - National Surf Championships. The UK's greatest boarders take to the waves.
July - Night Surfs. Chill on the beach in a really relaxed and cool beach party.
August - Boardmasters. Quite simply the mother of all beach parties! Surf, beach sports, BMX and more…
September - Newquay Beer Festival. Great live music and food washed down with some of the finest pints in the South West. 

Newquay districts
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Where to Head...


Newquay is a really compact town, you'll know your way around within a morning (anyone who is still struggling beyond that probably needs "L" and "R" written on their mittens anyway). As you would expect, the lifeblood of Newquay is the beach with great bars and restaurants dotted along its golden sands.

Must see...

If you're looking for wide open spaces for a game of beach football or just chilling out Watergate Beach is well worth a visit. If you need something a little more windswept to cure those hangovers, Carnewas & Bedruthan Steps, is a great stretch of stunning coastline to cure even the toughest tequila tremors.


The influx of tourists and Newquay's population grows by 400% in the summer.

For a number of years many Cornwall residents have been pushing for a separate Cornish nation. Claims that they will be entering The Wurzels for the Eurovision song contest are as yet unconfirmed.

Fashion Police Enforcement Notice; Local authorities have banned the wearing of mankinis. So don’t give the groom an over-the-shoulder-budgie-smuggler to wear or he could face an instant fine.

A taste of Newquay
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A Taste of Newquay

Eats - If you're looking for real man food head to Senor Dicks, no really, it isn't what you think! This great Mexican bar and restaurant has a superb menu and friendly staff. The chimichangas are certainly a worthy inclusion to any stag supper.
Drinks - If you're heading way out west then get yourselves around a bottle of Atlantic Beer. Brewed exclusively in Cornwall this great beers are a real taste of the South West. In particular their Blonde Beer is particularly welcome on a sunny day.

"Newquay is one of the most beautiful places with great people. There's no downside to it."
- Tori Amos

Getting around Newquay
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On Ya Bike! Getting Around Newquay

Stick to "Shanks's pony". Newquay is a really easy to get around, no need to squeeze into taxis or wait around for the last bus. Alternatively if you really want to get out and about Yellow Bike Hire is a superbly run service for active visitors.


 "Cakey" - A lack of intelligence
"Ee wor proper cakey 'n that" - He wasn't quite the full ticket.
"Chacking" - Thirsty
"Five points please my lovverrr, we're chacking." - Five pints please madam, my chums and I are rather thirsty.
"Proper job" - Spot on.
"Ansum" - Very good (handsome)
"Ah that point was proper ansum." - That drink was jolly refreshing.
"Oiroight there me luvverrr?" - How are you?
"Praps" - Possibly
"Wozzon?" - What is happening?
"Oi'll do it dreckly." - I'll attend to that presently (Cornish version of "Manana").

City image of Newquay "Tonight we're going to party
like its 1929!"

Local signs state "No pukey and Behave in Newquay".

A guide to your Newquay stag do

You're busy assembling the troops in preparation to say goodbye to the groom in your own suitable style, his costumes and suitable pranks have already been decided but where to gents? Picking your stag playground can be a tricky thing but by thinking of a stag do in Newquay you are already well and truly heading in the right direction.

Why should we book a Newquay weekend?

While some adventure men might talk of Bali, Hawaii or Bondi as being the playground for the surfing stag they are forgetting one major factor… Scrumpy! In fact it might be the local amber nectar that has put Newquay well and truly on the surfing calendar but it is now a well established surfing Mecca for British surf enthusiasts, beginners and the surfing glitterati who turn up on mass every year for one of the world's premier surfing events.

Not only does it offer some great nightlife but for open air, high octane adventure Newquay really is hard to beat. If you're looking for real action and wanting to get away from the stuffy, workaday, hazy city then a Newquay stag do really will provide a breathe of fresh air.

Is there plenty to see and do in Newquay?

Newquay's population grows by 400% in the summer!

The Cornish coast offers some spectacular scenery, famed for its golden beaches and rugged coastline there are no end of challenges awaiting thrill seeking stag parties. Sat astride a quad bike with your engines revved and ready to rumble you won't be disappointed as you survey the coastal topography with an air of "Look at the dunes on that!" excitement. It really does offer some quite spectacular natural challenges for the more outward bound, thrill seeking stag with all the creature comforts when its time to relax.

And inland you won't be disappointed either, without wishing to sound to indelicate chaps we can assure you that Newquay seems to attract more than its fair share of sun kissed beauties who are drawn to the laid back charms and bohemian beach bar lifestyle that has made Newquay such a fantastic destination for summer fun seekers. Day or night, Newquay knows how to party.

When's best to go west?

Newquay image 2 Newquay - A surfer's paradise

We would love to tell you that it's a great place to visit all year round and it is still a stunning place to visit even in the depths of winter but to be perfectly honest if you're going then the summer is the time to be there. While the winter months sees the town's population level out at 20,000 once the clocks go back and the spring kicks in this coastal gem starts to awaken from its winter slumber and numbers swell to 100,000 during the peak months.

As the Gulf Stream brings in the summer breeze and great sunshine, so the beaches bars and clubs all start to come alive with a great summer party atmosphere and while there a fair few family holiday makers and blue rinse bus trips around Newquay is very much a  town geared for the younger holiday maker. If nightlife is top of your agenda for your stay, Newquay won't disappoint.

How can we get our towels on the best sun beds?

If you are planning a Newquay stag do, it's best to book early for this coastal gem. If you're currently undecided as to the final farewell destination for your soon to be fallen comrade then send us a quick enquiry, we'll help build the perfect package to suit all your stag needs and make sure you are sorted well ahead of time to get prime spot in your preferred location.

If it's a popular location does it get expensive?

The Beatles filmed part of The Magical Mystery Tour in Newquay.

It's your party so you call the shots. When you tell us your budget we can let you know the best options available to you and make sure you get the best deals going. With 11 years experience sending stag groups to Newquay we have built up unrivalled relationships with local hotels and activities which means exclusive rates and deals we can pass on to you along with great choice.

96% of our groups tell us they would happily book future stag dos with StagWeb, this is a statistic we attribute to our attention to detail. We check out all our activities and hotels and won't send you somewhere we can't personally vouch for, so if we haven't seen it we won't book it, its as simple as that. And as with anything variety is the spice of life so we like to give you as much choice as possible to tailor your weekend to your needs. We don't let ourselves lose sight of the fact that this isn't just an average holiday, this is the main man's last hurrah with his closest mates. As such it should be truly epic so we've lined up over 30 activities ranging from watersports, motoring madness, extreme, excessive or just downright bizarre. For the more discerning gentlemen you can also choose from our platinum selection.

Equally we will find the accommodation to suit your budget and tastes. Our priority isn't to sell you to a package we want but to help you build the package you want so that your stag do goes from memorable to legendary and with one simple phone call we can start you on that journey today. 01225 474200

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