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Prague stag do

Prague stag do

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Prague stag weekend -
28/03/2015 -
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Prague Activities
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Action Stations!

White water rafting is nothing short of spectacular. Racing through grade five rapids desperately holding on to your oars so that you and the lads don’t find yourselves up a brown creek without a paddle. You’ll need to work as a team on this totally exhilarating ride which is a sure fire winner with any stag party.

Best bars in Prague
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Best Bars in Prague

The Pub – Have you ever been queuing at a bar for ages wishing you could just pour your own pints? Well now you can! Not only is The Pub one of the coolest venues in Prague but you can actually pour your own pints with beer pumps on every table.

Hooters – Imagine a pub where all the waitresses look like bikini models… Welcome to Hooters! A great place to spend an evening exclaiming "Look at the buns on that!" as a succulent burger and ice cool beer is brought your way.

Ice Pub – A pub so chilled out, even the glasses are made of ice.  A drinking experience like no other with sub-zero temperatures and beer that really does hit the spot.

Prague event calendar
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Event Calendar

April - Witches Night. A strange mash-up of Halloween and Bonfire Night.
June - United Islands of Prague. Prague’s largest music festival.
June - Prague Fringe Comedy. Buskers, street performers and artists.
August - Barum Rally. A rally circuit that takes in the streets of the capital.

"Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws" - Franz Kafka

Prague districts
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Where to Head...


Very much the party district Vínohrady features a huge beer garden as well as great bars, clubs and restaurants.
Zizkov is reputed to have more bars per capita than any other city in Europe. That fact alone makes it well worth a visit for any group of travelling stags.

Must see...

Beer Spa – An entire spa where the treatments and therapies are all enhanced with beer. Now while you might think "Well that’s just a pub isn’t it?" No, this really is a beer based spa. Brilliant! Read more...
"…but is it art?" – Prague has some amazing sculptures that really are well worth a nose at. Gather the lads round for a few stag weekend snaps.


Per capita, the Czech Republic consumes more beer than any other nation on the planet. They even have a beer museum. Now THAT’S what you call "pub trivia"!

A taste of Prague
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A Taste of Prague

Eats - Pizza Nuova. All you can eat pizza on a quite spectacular scale. Fantastic food and a nifty colour coded, ordering system means food will keep coming to your table until you just can’t take anymore.
Drinks - Czech beer is toasted worldwide. However if you want to try something a little different try order some Becherovka, it’s not for the faint hearted at 38% ABV.

Getting around Prague
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On Ya Bike! Getting Around Prague

Getting into Prague from the airport is very easy with regular buses which are much less expensive than taxis. Once in the centre you’ll have no trouble getting around the city, two thirds of Prague residents rely on the excellent public transport system. There’s a metro (underground system), trams and buses.


"Dám si jedno pivo prosím." - I'll have a beer please.
"Ještě jednou, prosím." - Another round, please.
"Zdravi!" – Cheers!
 "Všechno zaplatí tento pán." - This gentleman will pay for everything.
"Šplouchá mu na maják." - It's splashing on his lighthouse.
"Moje vznášedlo je plné úhořů." - My hovercraft is full of eels.

City image of Prague Enjoy a night on the "pivo"!

Semtex, plastic surgery, robots are all Czech inventions.

A guide to your Prague stag weekend

Ahhh yes, the beautiful "Golden City", perhaps gentlemen the pinnacle of lads weekends, certainly one of Europe's greatest cities and year in year out one of Europe’s most popular destinations. There’s a lot more to this great place than the sensationalist stories, and you can genuinely plan a high quality weekend on a relatively low budget, here are a few of the best reasons to go...

  • Beautiful historic city
  • Fantastic pubs, restaurants & nightlife
  • Superb pivo
  • Great value
  • Easy to get to & around

"I’ve been to a lot of places but Prague is right up there with Europe’s leading city break destinations. And for a stag ... well, if you’ve never been you’re in for a genuine treat." - Steve Roddy, Director

Anyone who’s been on a stag do in Prague or "Praha" as it’s locally known, will tell you the Czech capital is a legendary destination to visit, the boys will love it. Make the most of your weekend by organising a decent, well thought out itinerary and you’re on for an unforgettable trip! We’ve been sending groups here for over a decade, our Prague stag weekends and range of services are the best available and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the value!

Stag do in Prague anyone? Why go...

Skoda means "Pity" in Czech. 'To je Skoda!' = It's a pity.

For so, so many reasons but in short the historic Capital of the Czech Republic has a unique and addictive vibe about it. Amazing pubs, charismatic and trendy bars, rocking nightclubs, gents clubs, fantastic food, top restaurants, casinos, great hotels, incredible beer, some of the Europe’s best micro breweries (which also serve terrific food by the way) and if that wasn’t enough there’s even the occasional oompah band! You get the idea – pretty darn awesome! And that’s even before you get into the exciting range of activities including some of Europe’s best shooting. If you do want to take the Prague stag do a little easier, the city has centuries of rich culture and plenty of more relaxing activities like a boat trip up the Vltava River. In short a stag do in Prague covers all the bases and plenty more besides, gentlemen you can believe the hype ... you won’t be disappointed.

Prague ideas, sport & activities

As you’d expect there’s more than enough quality action good enough to rouse the lads out of their slumber after an enthusiastic night on the Pivo. Our target shooting for starters is highly recommended because of the quality of the range and weaponry, and if you still need reviving you could splash about whitewater rafting afterwards! If sport’s your thing you could play or watch football, catching either Slavia Praha or Sparta in action. Still on sport one activity that would be an incredible event if you’re up for it is playing ice hockey, a rare experience. If you’re after something unique and don’t mind a bit of a transfer you and the boys could even enjoy a very unusual event, a beer bath! From crazy to cultural, energetic to easy going, we’ve listed over 30 specially selected activities to choose from. The nights will be big so the activities serve not only to provide a great experience and add some very welcome content to the weekend but they also wake the boys up, get them refreshed for the night ahead and build great momentum. To get you started have a look at our activity recommendations here.

Prague stag weekend scheduling - when to visit...

Prague image 2 Wenceslas Square

Truthfully there’s really no bad time to visit the ‘City of a thousand Spires’, it’s that good. High season visitors get great weather, lots of charming alfresco options and a bustling, beautiful city packed with energy; low season it’s colder but there’s the advantage of fewer tourists plus the winter gives it a different kind of atmosphere that’s every bit as appealing and often great deals! There are numerous festivals and celebrations year round, though the bride-to-be might not see the funny side if you plan your trip to coincide with Witches Night (30 April), chances are for a lads weekend the Beer Festival in May just might be one to consider. Genuinely, it’s not a destination that offers any less at different times throughout the year, it’s always a treat to go and the flight schedules (see more below) are consistent.

Where: on location, hanging out & bedding down

In the 1950's the city centre had a "sobering-up station".

Prague’s a decent size Capital and while you’ll be able to negotiate most of the city pretty easily you’ll definitely benefit from being well located. The neighbourhoods to aim for are stunning Stare Mesto (Old Town), Nove Mesto (New Town), Vinohrady, Mala Strana (the Little Quarter) and if you want it a little quieter head over the Vltava River to Hradcany (Castle District). Throughout these entertaining districts you’ll find outstanding pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants, in the centre you’ll find fantastic clubs, casinos and of course the well documented gents clubs. You can see more about ideas for the evening here. Whether it’s staying or going out, each neighbourhood offers something special, knowing the city very well and working with Prague stag groups for over 12 years we have our own favourites and recommendations and we’ll be happy to help you get more out of your trip. Have a squizz at our guide page for more info.

Prague stag logistics - travel Czechs...

The popularity of the Czech Capital and the advent of the budget airlines means Prague is more accessible than ever before and that popularity shows no signs of slowing. So you’ll be pleased to know you can arrive daily on numerous flights from all over the UK, we’ve listed 7 airlines on our flights page alone. But keep in mind that with somewhere as popular as this it’s worth booking your flights and your trip early.

My Koruna: the Prague stag do budget

If you consider first that Prague is the near pinnacle of international stag events the value starts to show up in spades. It’s not the Central European steal it once was but it’s still fantastic value, especially the local pivo (beer)! It really doesn’t have to be expensive but you pay for what you get, (remember cheap can still seem expensive if there’s no value), with our expertise value’s assured we have high quality, professionally supported and ABTA protected packages that start from as little as £119 for 2 nights. Depending on the time of year and how far in advance you book allow £75 to £150 for flights (the longer you leave it the higher the prices), and you'll get a good idea of what you need to get started. Planned well and with good notice you should be able to get a very decent itinerary, accommodation, airport transfers and flights sorted for under £300. Even at £400 it’s likely Prague will still be one of the very best (and greatest value) stag weekends you’ll ever go on.

Prague pre-planning - what to get sorted in advance...

Coordinating the advance platform for the weekend is key, it means you leave nothing to chance and with something as big as the stag do in Prague, why would you?! Flights aside (which you should book as far in advance as possible for best value), based on a Fri-Sun weekend visit we’d recommend you sorting the following in advance ...

  1. Accommodation (see our recommendations here)
  2. Airport transfers (we usually include these as part of the weekend)
  3. Friday night entertainment (great venues to break the ice and create the right momentum)
  4. Saturday activities x 1 or 2 (incl. transfers)
  5. Something for Sunday morning (unexpected and always makes for a strong finish)
  6. Any guide services

We’ve got loads of suggestions and plenty of expert knowledge to ensure you and the boys are set up right. Hey presto you’ve done an amazing job with the Prague stag do prep and you’ll be looking like a legend. We’ll also give you very useful advice, guidance and recommendations on what else to do and where to go, including what you can do for free. Rest assured we'll help you prepare an itinerary that befits a legendary weekend!

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