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Riga stag do ideas

Riga stag do ideas

Action, adventure, outdoor, indoor, we've got the greatest range of activities in Riga!


...What a great weekend we had thanks to StagWeb! The lads were most impressed and more importantly the stag, what he can remember of it! Thanks again....

Riga stag weekend -
16/03/2013 -
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5 star rating
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City image of Riga "Tonight we're going to party
like its 1929!"

Latvia's most popular sport is Ice Hockey.

A guide to your Riga stag weekend

A Riga stag do has everything - exceptional activities, outstanding nightlife, great hotels, terrific restaurants, reliable services and of course beautiful Latvian ladies. Exciting any time of year ...

For a lively international weekend away with the boys it doesn’t come much bigger than a Baltic stag. The Latvian Capital has been a top Euro stag destination for the best part of a decade and been partying hard since the entire time. Going out is a different experience to anything you'll find in the UK - the venues are fantastic and when we’ve been there at the weekend there are more beautiful women per square foot than we’ve ever seen anywhere else! With the “iron curtain” well & truly pulled back access is better than ever and the range of quality activities and entertainment puts many other top destinations in the shade. Ask anyone in the know and they’ll tell you Riga’s definitely one of the best stag destinations in Central Europe. You’ll love it!

Why go? 6 simple reasons me an Riga really delivers

Plan it well and a Latvia stag do is one of the best quality, greatest value, most memorable boys’ weekends you’ll ever go on. With the right venues and properly coordinated ground services you’re in for a very special trip. Here are 6 of many great reasons to get you started …

  1. Easy to get to for a brand new experience
  2. Great value
  3. Fantastic nightlife
  4. Amazing activities
  5. Beautiful locals
  6. Top hotels

How to get the Riga stag weekend right!

'The ready back gets all the loads.' Latvian Proverb

First off make sure you know your dates, then look at flights, preferred activities and the ground services you need. As easy as it is to get over to Latvia these days, with Riga’s city break popularity airfares can still get away from you on price so try and secure them asap, (see our flights page for more info – remember going direct early usually always gets you the best deals). After that, you can sort the accommodation and the fun bits like the activities and nightlife. Once the itinerary is arranged all you have to do is wait... for one of the best weekends of the year! So by way of a recap...

  1. Tell the lads you're going to Latvia. Hooray!
  2. Pick & confirm Riga stag do dates.
  3. Book flights & let us know you're starting the ball rolling.
  4. Get your itinerary sorted (with StagWeb).
  5. Confirm numbers.
  6. Make sure everyone turns up.
  7. Party.
  8. That’s it.

The Riga stag do - Recommended action

Riga image 2 Riga Paintball

Well, everything we do is recommended - we don’t offer anything we don’t like, or don’t think is good enough to keep you and the boys entertained on a Riga stag weekend. That said, Riga has some really fantastic winter sports options, if you want to try something you can't do in the UK - bobsleigh, snowmobiles, and husky dog sledding are particular favourites of ours. There are also a few things to be enjoyed in Riga that you can’t try anywhere else, like a yacht with strippers, or a short prison stay. There are also some excellent opportunities for stag pranks - like the stag arrest activity! All of these offer a really high quality experience and probably exceed what you’d normally expect on a stag and that means the lads will be impressed - even before you double take on our great value.

You can trust us - year after year we help clients plan better weekends in Riga!

With pretty matchless Baltic experience, financial protection and professional preparation we’ve been delivering quality Latvia stag dos for the best part of a decade, rest assured you and the boys are in safe hands. Check out our reviews from past clients, if you need proof your stag do is in good hands.

Learning Latvian

Latvian 'Black Balsam' is 90 proof & looks like crude oil.

Chances are good that most of the people you’ll speak to in Riga will know at least a little English, but it’s always polite to try and learn a few phrases – and it gets you much further with the ladies. We’ve got some of the essential phrases right here to make learning Latvian a little easier.

  • Hello! (to women): Sveika!
  • Hello! (to men): Sveiks!
  • Where are there a lot of bars? Kur te ir daudz bāru?
  • May I have a bottle of beer / wine? Vai es varētu pasūtīt pudeli alus / vīns?
  • A pint, please: Pinte, lūdzu.
  • Whiskey: viskijs
  • Vodka: degvīns
  • Rum: rums
  • ...and mixer: ...un mikseri.

Riga stag do planning - Next steps

This could be one of the best decisions you ever make... let us help. You’ll be dealing with a dedicated, expert team that will work with you to make sure your trip is well prepared and planned to give you and the boys an outstanding trip. You'll be supported all the way both in the UK during the planning process and on the ground when you get there. We want you to have an amazing time in Riga and with StagWeb helping you put everything together you will. Just call in or send a brief and we’ll get you started, quickly, easily and with a professional reliability you can count on all the way to Latvia!

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