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why choose StagWeb?

The best in the business and committed to your success!

As an ABTA bonded group leisure specialist and well respected tour operator with an unmatched portfolio for dedicated stag weekends we put your leisure travel first. Since 2002 we've set the standard for stag weekends in the UK and Europe. StagWeb are absolutely financially and professionally committed to your stag weekend success, our pedigree is second to none.

We appreciate you, the groom and your fellow staggers deserve to get the best pound for pound value and experience available - we want to make that happen and deliver you the Rolls Royce of stag weekends at great value; with StagWeb's programmes unforgettable events are closer than you think.

We're aware you have a range of potential choices, but we work harder for you, stag weekends are important lifetime events - please don't settle for less. The sooner you start to prepare with StagWeb the better, don't leave a great weekend to chance.



What will we deliver?

That's up to you it depends on your preferences, we'll be as flexible as you need us to be, providing a dedicated service to ensure you achieve what you want for the stag weekend, but you can rest assured our programmes are tremendous value. Programmes and events are coordinated on a quality first basis, we won't let you down. So remember to get us to secure your weekend as early as possible, there's no time like the present!

Our commitment to your enjoyment is total, send a brief now with no obligation by completing the convenient order form, you can't lose. For even faster service just reach for your phone and call our dedicated events specialists on 01225 474200, we're ready to assist

18 reasons why you should book with StagWeb ...

  1. Expertise: Unbeatable stag party experience
  2. Sensitivity: We understand what stag parties want (and what you don't)
  3. Client Orientation: We’ll do everything we can to make your preferences work so you enjoy the best possible event
  4. The Highest Standards: We deliver the best programmes available and the highest levels of supplier assurances
  5. Financial Flexibility: We have probably the most generous booking terms in the business
  6. Financial Protection: With StagWeb your money’s always 100% safe and that’s guaranteed, we can even guarantee your deposit
  7. Range: Huge range of options, we’ll work with you to satisfy your appetites
  8. Quality: We exercise quality control in selecting our programmes
  9. Reliability: We source only the most reliable services
  10. Constructive: We chase and review feedback from every single client
  11. Formatted: We coordinate optimal formats so you get more out of your experience
  12. Convenience: We coordinate convenient locations, we’ll make the stag weekend logistically simple
  13. Safety Conscious: We care about what you’re doing & your safety
  14. Value: Tremendous value, clients get more from their budget with us
  15. Familiarity: Our sites have great experience of our groups, as a StagWeb group you get the best treatment
  16. Hassle Free: No surprises, we put you in the best positions to enjoy your experiences
  17. Structured: Apart from your own dedicated event manager, lots of background support staff & systems support your event
  18. Total Service: No-one works harder for you!

What will we coordinate for you?

The best stag weekend activity programmes available, just tell us what you want or ask us for recommendations. Activity sessions are coordinated on a first group first serve basis, and because we run the best programmes we get very busy so remember to get us to secure your stag weekend activities as early as possible.

What happens if stag activity numbers change?

(1) number reductions - that's no problem if we have enough notice
(2) number increases - again no problem provided we still have availability
Whatever happens we'll work out the best solution.

How will I have the best time and get the most value from my day?

The first step is to get StagWeb to organise it for you, we’ll work closely with you on the detail, for example guest names, any special needs, time constraints or preferences. We consider everything from climate and clothing to times and transfers, so to really have the best time send us a brief.

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