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Belgrade Accommodation

Working out where to stay is simultaneously one of the most important bits of a stag weekend, as well as one of the most boring bits. If your stag do is any good (and in Belgrade, it should be) you won't be spending much time inside the hotel at all - and yet if it's a disaster, it's liable to spoil the entire trip... not to mention lead to enormous amounts of ribbing from your mates. Tourism hasn't yet hit Belgrade in a major way, which means good things for you lot. Hotels are still cheap, much better costs than elsewhere in Europe, and you're not going to have to fight your way through throngs of families and children - or worse, gap year students. That said, there are still difficulties finding Belgrade stag hotels. There aren't exactly thousands of them - less than you'd expect for a capital city, due to the difficult relationship Serbia has had with other countries in the past. Things have improved immeasurably over the past few years though, and now there's a lot more choice around for discerning lads in Belgrade.


More than you could possibly want - Belgrade might not be so hot with the traditional tourist, but the incredible nightlife alone keeps party seekers coming back to the city again and again and again, so there's plenty of choice for cheap accommodation for you and the lads, if you're open to bunking down in a hostel for your stay.

Mid Range

Particularly around the Terazije and Dorcól areas, there are an increasing number of good quality 3* hotels. You're not going to get round the clock room service or your own personal butler, but you will get a good standard hotel room for good value, that gives you everything you need to set up base camp on a stag do, plus a bit of additional comfort.


If you're looking to get some high class Belgrade stag hotels, it's worth splashing out on one of the cities many 4* hotels. Our favourite is ideally located for stags planning to enjoy the city, close to the main railway and bus station for easy transport around Belgrade. You'll also get all the extras that are missing in hostels and hotels with lower rates - like televisions, telephones, free wifi and mini bars. With additions like 24 hour reception, onsite bar and restaurants, and room service, you won't ever need to leave the hotel - though we'd still highly recommend it.

What areas should you look for a Belgrade stag hotel in?

Generally, to get the best of everything on offer in Belgrade, you're going to want to set up camp somewhere in the Old City area, known as Stari Grad. It's the south side of the river, and where all of the best nightlife is, as well as most of the restaurants and cafes for when you get peckish during the day. Terazije, Dorcól, and Skadarlija in particular are good if you want to narrow it down even further. Terazije is the centre square of Belgrade, and one of the most famous areas - you'll also find the biggest McDonald's in the Balkans here, if you miss the taste of home too much. Skadarlija is the bohemian district, full of quirky and eccentric bars, and historically the home of the artists and writers of Belgrade. Mostly Serbian and Yugoslavian writers that we're admittedly unfamiliar with, sure, but allegedly Alfred Hitchcock gave up his diet here, so that's got to count for something. Dorcól, in contrast, is the slightly more upmarket area. It's a bit of a contradictory area, with some of the oldest buildings in Belgrade, and Strahinjića Bana, one of the busiest bar areas in the city. Most importantly, though - all of these areas are very close to the Danube, meaning very close proximity to the Splav... an iron cast requirement of any Belgrade stag hotels!

So why StagWeb?

In case it wasn't clear yet, we know the area - and we know it well. More than that, we also know how important a good hotel is to a stag do, and how much of a disaster getting stuck in the wrong one can be - there's nothing worse than having to walk for miles to get to the nearest pub. Those two facts, combined with our 11 years experience putting stag dos together, means that whatever sort of accommodation you're looking for, we can help you find the ideal match in the ideal area, saving you hours of trawling through Trip Advisor. We've also had the time to develop good relationships with hotels and chains in the area, meaning that we can help you negotiate for better rates and deals than you'd get by yourself, saving your money for that all important Rakia. Whatever you want and need in a Belgrade stag hotel, we can find for you more quickly and cheaply than anyone else.

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