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"Where should we stay?"

Like many Polish cities, Gdansk's best nightlife has erupted from the remains of its cultured Old Town, creating a cool blend of the old and new as party-loving people from across Europe come to experience its amazing range of clubs, pubs and bars every weekend. So, that's exactly where we'll be putting you, within walking distance of this buzzing district and all the stag party laughs that come with it.

We've been helping stag groups get away since 2002 and in that time, we've built up some great relationships with Gdansk stag hotels, so we know you'll have the best time, at the best value for your money. It's as simple as that.

"How do we get around?"

The Polish like their cities to feel open, easy-going and fun to explore, so naturally in Gdansk the best way to travel is often on your own two feet. That way you'll get to see all the quirky architecture up close, as well as discovering some of the unique bars that could become a regular feature of your stag weekend. Although if you took a shot too many of Polish vodka last night, you can take the weight off your feet and travel on the excellent public transport network of trolleybuses, trams and local buses.

"Is it cheaper to book hotels with StagWeb?"

In a word, yes. If you decide to book your Gdansk stag accommodation yourself, you'll pay the going rate. Whereas if you entrust StagWeb to do the hard work for you, you'll often find that we have special deals that help you squeeze even more value out of your stag budget.

How do we do this? Because of our strong working relationships with the best hoteliers in Gdansk, we're often offered mates rates, the savings of which we can pass on to you, leaving you with more zloty for the city's famous range of clubs and bars.

"Couldn't we just book ourselves?"

You could, but as we've already said, if you do, you'll pay the going rate and potentially miss out on some fantastic stag party deals. But far more importantly, hoteliers can often throw inflated prices at larger groups in an attempt to put them off. With StagWeb, not only will you dodge these unfair premiums, but we'll also work to drive down costs further on your behalf.

Also, life is busy, you might not have the hours it takes to trawl through the web, finding the perfect Gdansk stag accommodation for your group, only to find that they won't even take a party of your size. We've already got the best hotels, prices and locations lined up to make planning your big weekend, quick, easy and most importantly, fun.

"Is our money protected?"

When you book with StagWeb, your money is held under the highest standards of financial protection in our industry. We're ABTA bonded that means that instead of worrying about managing everybody's funds you can relax in the knowledge that you're in safe hands. Our goal is to take the stress away so that you as Best Man can have as much of a good time organising the groom's last hurrah as the rest of your guests (while taking all the credit too, you legend).

Still not convinced? See what 1000s of our awesome stags thought of us here.

"When should we book?"

As soon as possible. We hear too many horror stories from stag parties who took too long to make a decision and lost out on their preferred Gdansk stag accommodation and ended up paying far more to get far less. We don't want that. You don't want that. Nobody wants that. Get your booking in early and revel in your own genius. You deserve it.

We can occasionally hold your place in the hotel of your choice if you aren't sure on final numbers, giving you a chance to work out who's coming, who isn't and who still needs to pay up.

"How do we start?"

It's easier than downing a flaming shot of Polish vodka, just send us your enquiry and let us do all the hard work. Then, while you're messaging your group chat, to let the guys know you've got it all in hand, we'll be putting together your custom-made stag party package. It's fast, simple and best of all, doesn't cost a penny until you're 100% satisfied and ready to start booking your legendary StagWeb weekend.

You can also talk to one of our expert destination specialists today by calling 01225 474200.

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Planning a Stag Do Solo

Planning a stag do solo
  • Not ABTA bonded (you're at risk)
  • Hours chasing hotels, activities, bars, etc
  • Bigger upfront costs
  • Awkwardly asking your group for money
  • The hassle is endless!

Booking with StagWeb

Booking with StagWeb
  • ABTA bonded (your booking is protected)
  • Book it all in one place (save 13 hours on average)
  • Smaller deposits
  • Your group pay us directly (no chasing)
  • Zero hassle stag planning
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