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The Latvian capital is a top party city; and like any visit to a growing European capital, staying in the right accommodation at the right location at the right rate makes a real difference to the trip. When it comes to your Riga stag hotel, StagWeb consistently provides a highly professional, financially protected, and 100% reliable service - we've been booking groups in to this city since 2002.

Important considerations when thinking about your stag accommodation in Riga include

  • The location (absolutely key for enhanced enjoyment, making the most of your time, and avoiding hassle and unnecessary extra expense)
  • The quality (Trip Advisor reviews can only take you so far - you need a judgement you can rely on)
  • The facilities (do you only need the bare bones or do you like your home comforts?)
  • The value (exactly how much do you want to be paying for those home comforts?)

Luckily, StagWeb can help with all of those things.

Where are your Riga hotels?

All over! From hotels in Riga Old Town to slightly further afield - if you're mainly interested in the activities and don't want to be in the centre of the town with all the noise and bustle, we can find you some quieter locations not centred in the main nightlife areas. If, on the other hand, you'd like to be right in the middle of the nightlife, we can certainly manage that, too, with plenty of hotels within easy walking distance of the top clubs and bars.

Are they decent quality?

The best. We've been in Riga a long time, so we've had plenty of experience sorting the wheat from the chaff and separating the good from the bad. That's across the board too, not just the higher end hotels - we know there's a difference between hostels without any locks on the doors and no hot water, and the ones that take care of their guests, and we know exactly which is which in Riga. We take all crucial requirements into consideration every time we book a hotel for one of our groups, we have an unrivalled hotel background having delivered group and individual accommodation for many years, and we wouldn't place you and the boys in any hotel we wouldn't stay in ourselves.

What range of facilities can you offer us?

We've got a huge selection of group friendly Riga stag accommodation options for you and the boys to test out - we've got everything from budget hostels to incredible 4* hotels. When it comes to stag weekends, the city certainly delivers plenty of choices, and we've narrowed down to the absolute best in each category so you can be sure of getting the most for your money, whatever your budget.

Our hostels are right in the centre of town, close to the nightlife and transport for easy access to the activities in Riga - and close to most of the main tourist attractions too, in case you fancy a bit of sight seeing. They've also got extras like kitchens to save on eating out, free wifi, and - in one case - a sauna.

Our midrange Riga stag accommodation is great for slightly larger budgets, or lads that are happy to splash out on something a little more upmarket - there are facilities like TVs, terraces, and mini bars to make your stay a little more luxurious, and some of them even have bars or breakfast options onsite.

If you're willing and able to splash out on some top of the range Riga stag hotels (lucky sods), we've got a handful of 4* hotels for you to choose from - including the largest hotel in the city. Centrally located, with all the amenities and extras you'd expect from 4* accommodation, this is for stags planning to do Riga in style.

But are you good value?

Not to toot our own horn, but yes, absolutely. Multiple decades in the business gives us a lot more pull and negotiating power than the average bunch of lads have, so we can work out better deals with hotels than you could alone. We've also developed excellent relationships with the hotels and hostels around Riga, which means we can often help you escape the premium rates that stag groups so often get charged.

When should we book?

Well, ideally you're going to want to book as early as possible. Riga has plenty of hotels, but you don't want to be stuck with the leftovers when there are higher quality, better value options around - and you definitely don't want to be left on the outskirts of town trying to navigate the trams and buses every time you want to go for a drink. Remember, StagWeb can hold your booking for a few days, whilst you alert the Facebook group and talk them in to coughing up the cash.

It's simple just send us a brief ... we're ready to help.

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Planning a Stag Do Solo

Planning a stag do solo
  • Not ABTA bonded (you're at risk)
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  • Awkwardly asking your group for money
  • The hassle is endless!

Booking with StagWeb

Booking with StagWeb
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